PREGNANCY UPDATE 18 WEEKS – baby bump & symptoms ✨

PREGNANCY UPDATE 18 WEEKS – baby bump & symptoms ✨

hey guys it’s Nancy and welcome back to
my channel for today’s video I want to share with you guys my 18 week pregnancy
update if you like it’s been a while since we caught up and I feel like a lot
has happened within the last few weeks so I thought it’d be a good time to
share with you guys what’s been going on I dried down some notes just like remind
myself of like everything that I’m experiencing so once I enter week 14
from week 14 to week 16 like I had really bad headaches they started to
kick in a lot throughout the day and I would wake up with headaches most of the
time and it would be like the throbbing headaches right here and I just couldn’t
seem to get rid of them no matter how hard I try so eventually I kind of
figured out a way to kind of like mediate them they didn’t go away
completely but I would use peppermint essential oils I love the one from sage
I’ve mentioned this before it’s their peppermint halo one so I’ll put a
picture of it right here and I just kind of put it on my temples I put it right
here kind of almost like a halo effect the back of my neck on my shoulders to
help with any tension I would use eye drops because I find that when I have
headaches my eyes kind of throb a little bit you know when your eyes are just
really sore from looking at a screen or you’re just exhausted so once I started
using eye drops that helped a lot with the headaches I also would hydrate drink
a lot of water and then what else I do I would just sleep whenever I can but the
combination of all those things seemed to really help with my headaches so if
you are also experiencing bad headaches during your pregnancy or just headaches
in general hopefully some of those tips can help you guys out too but eventually
the headaches went away I felt like it only lasted just two weeks a few days on
and off so I’m grateful for that because they were not fun at all and then last
week when I hit week 17 I had my first dream that I was holding our baby and it
was so crazy because it was those dreams that felt so real and I was I just know
that I was holding my own baby and it was a girl and so I was holding her like
oh my hip like right here I couldn’t see her face but I knew that she was mine
and so she was around like six months and then
think you know she’s like running around I being around like one and a half and
she was just walking around running around her kitchen and I just felt so
happy and that was the first time that I realized that this baby was my own child
I’ve had dreams before where I’ve seen other children but I knew they were mine
and I know there’s like so many different ways of like predicting the
gender whether in your dreams or like the Chinese gender predictor so it was
just really crazy to have a dream knowing that this was my baby for once
so I’m not getting my hopes up it’s obviously a 50-50 chance and we find out
the gender in two weeks so I can’t wait to share with you guys the news then but
for now it was just so crazy how real it felt the week 17 also came with itchy
skin especially around the belly and then around my back I found myself
waking up at night like feeling so it she even though I would lather a bunch
of lotion everywhere but now I need a like double or triple the amount I put
on so non reapply lotion even more I haven’t gotten any stretch marks yet and
I’ve just been using lotion non-stop I’ve been using the mama B lotion from
Burt’s Bees and then also this Nivea firming lotion I use that all over my
body and then I really concentrate the mama B butter all over my belly and my
back so anywhere that’s like a lot of stretching is happening so so far it’s
been really good it’s not irritating my skin but it’s just started getting itchy
in certain areas now that I feel like everything is really stretching and baby
is growing another symptom I started to experience was congestion in the morning
and I was really paranoid because I wasn’t sure if I was catching a cold or
not but in the mornings I find myself being congested a little bit more and my
ears would be kind of stuffy but throughout the day it would kind of fade
away so I don’t know if you guys are also experiencing that too but I was so
paranoid about catching a cold because obviously I don’t want to get sick and
now that like we have a baby in here I’m like I have to be extra careful so that
kind of went away it would kind of come and go
here and there I would still get congested a little bit and the big news
is I started feeling baby move that has been like the highlight and that
happened I think that’s right around the end of last week right now we’re in the
middle week 18 and I was just laying in bed right before we go to sleep so I was
more relaxed and then I put my hands on my belly and I was just trying to feel
for movement and I started feeling like this tapping sensation and it was the
craziest thing because I’ve been trying so hard to figure out whether it’s like
my own gassy self or is it my stomach digesting food or is it the baby
and oh my gosh it was so cool because I started feeling like tapping and I’m
like okay this is the baby and then earlier this week I started feeling it
even more like it’s not like punching like that it’s not that strong yet you
could kind of feel tapping all over the place and it’s so subtle but it’s
stronger now that I know that it’s baby moving around and man hanging out so
that was super exciting I know I put my husband’s hand on my stomach to try to
feel but he can’t feel anything yet it’s too early but I can’t wait for the
moment what he does cuz that’s just so cool like what else has been happening
week 18 I feel like my bump has grown a lot since the last time I showed you
guys that hasn’t like fully popped out yet but whenever I finish eating at the
end of the night definitely see the shape of my Mis stomach more and I’ll
show you guys a belly shot at the end of this video so stay tuned but it was so
cool I was just staring at my stomach one day and I was wondering I could see
it move and it moved a little bit like it kind of like went in a little bit on
the side so I’m like oh my gosh that’s baby moving and so I showed my husband
I’m like I’m not crazy just stare at my stomach real fast and he was staring and
he’s like oh my god I saw it move so that was a huge milestone too because
it’s so trippy like there’s a baby in here I’m still in shock a little bit I
know it’s been 18 weeks but I’m still in shock that I’m pregnant and then the
most recent thing that’s trying to happen this week where charley horse
like cramps and oh my gosh they are the absolutely worst that happened earlier
squeak and I was sleeping and around like 5:00 a.m. and I think in my dream I
was moving my leg I was walking or something and I actually moved my leg in
real life and once I did that and woke up immediately and my left leg had
shooting pain like it starts with your calf and your muscles just like clench
up really tight and it hurts and then the pain went all the way up to my thigh
and I couldn’t I was trying to stretch out because they say that you’re
supposed to stretch out your point your toes up and kind of tilt it back just to
relieve the pain but I couldn’t even do that and then all done the pain went to
my right leg and the same thing happened so I couldn’t move both my legs and I
woke up in tears I was just sobbing because it was hurting so badly then I
woke up my husband he’s like freaking out like what is happening to you why
are you crying I just told him I couldn’t move my legs and there is no
way to wake up at all because those cramps are not fun and no one should
experience them and I was looking at up like why do these things happen and a
few things I read it’s either I’m dehydrated I’m lacking calcium what else
I need potassium I need eat more bananas or you just like had a weird dream and
you’re moving your muscles kind of spaz in a weird way and it just like major
nerves all crazy that’s why your leg is experiencing these bad cramps and I was
reading the baby app and they said this week is when you start experiencing bad
leg cramps so it’s weird how accurate that is and it happened two times and my
legs still hurt and it’s gonna crazy because even after the spasm happens and
you’re like moving again your legs still feel so tight so I’m having a hard time
walking down the stairs so I’m taking it really easy because my calves are still
so constricted so I’ve been trying to massage it out because it hurts so badly
and I hope it doesn’t happen again but you really don’t know so I’m gonna go
buy some bananas I haven’t even eating a lot of bananas
hopefully that will help I need to up my water intake and get some more calcium
and I think when these things happen it’s just your body telling you like
what you need and what you’re lacking so I’m just gonna take that as a sign
because I don’t want the leg cramps to come back if you were experiencing this
you are not alone it’s a really overwhelming because they always tend to
happen at nighttime I notice when you’re sleeping whether you’re having a very
peaceful sleep and then here comes a charley horse pants and they come and
attack you and I’m like why so I thought I would share with you guys a fun fact
of what’s happening this week with baby I’ve been using three different apps
still to like keep track of this pregnancy the what to expect when
expecting pregnancy app the bump and then there’s also this new app I
downloaded that’s called pregnancy and I mainly just use that one because it has
a cool chart will like where it will show you like what we what trimester and
what month you’re on because I I get really confused as to what week of month
I’m in so looking at that chart is really handy so when I go to the bump
app this week it says baby n is the size of an artichoke I don’t know if you guys
can see that I feel like it’s always so fun to see what fruit or vegetable it is
this week so it’s a size of an artichoke it is five and a half inches and it’s
six point seven ounces that’s so crazy and then there’s a really cool tool in
here where they’ll show you your baby in 3d just to get an idea of what’s going
on in there so I don’t know if you guys can see this but when you download this
app you can move it around and it shows you like a 3d view of baby and then just
fun facts right here on what’s going on with baby this part is really cool
because I’m always curious to know what baby is looking like in there right now
because I haven’t had an ultrasound and the last one we had was at 11 weeks so
it’s really cool to see in an app and just to kind of guess and I’ll tell you
like fun facts of the week so right now baby’s fingerprint and toe prints are
developing and then baby can now react to loud sounds whether it’s an alarm or
car honking and then sometimes these noises can also startle the baby that’s
really cool and also kind of crazy at the same time it also says that the
umbilical cord is getting stronger and then baby’s eyelids are still fused shut
his or her eye are starting to dark side to side and
another cool part is that it has a section where it will show you your own
body in 3d so you can see like what’s happening what’s moving around what’s
growing whoo so another fun fact that I learned this week is that baby’s fists
are the size of an M&M that’s so tiny and cute that’s so crazy
and then right now it says on this day that I’m filming this your baby weighs
as much as a hamster I’m so cute a little hamster so so much has happened
last month I think the big one is that I’m finally able to start feeling baby
move around in there and it’s just so comforting knowing that like he or she
is moving around and hanging out in there and we can’t wait to know the
gender we’re gonna find out in two weeks again like I said and we’re gonna be
doing a gender reveal so all that will be documented I can’t wait to share that
with you guys and I’m thinking of filming a fun video where we try out all
these different like gender prediction tests so let me know if you guys are
interested in seeing that and I would love to know what you guys think the
baby is I’m so excited it’s gonna go by so fast and we’re gonna find out and
it’s gonna be a boy or a girl okay guys so now it’s time to show you my baby
bump this is my 18 week baby bump and then right now I’m just wearing regular
jeans but I have a hair tie right here the hair tie trick because I just need a
little bit of space so let me show you guys the baby bump oh this is my bump
for 18 weeks and here’s beet beef from the front and
then from the side I think baby has grown a lot since the last time I showed
you guys and I feel like it hasn’t completely popped yet but it’s
definitely there I definitely feel more pregnant these days thank you guys so
much for taking the time to watch this video it’s been amazing being able to
share my pregnancy journey with you if you enjoyed this video make
sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe for new weekly videos and I
will see you in the next one have an awesome day bye guys

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  1. Download Pregnancy+ app too! It has a similar interactive view of the baby in the belly but also shows the size he/she is relative to your phone as well as the way the heartbeat is supposed to sound 🙂

  2. Awe, so sorry about your headaches. I will send you a message on instagram about the essential oil blend i just got specifically for headaches and it actually making a big difference 😉

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