28 thoughts on “Precision Anchoring for Catfish: Advanced Tactics for Trophy Cats

  1. Seeing fish on the screen is a huge confidence boost. If I don't see any fish in a hole or on a ledge that is usually good, I have no confidence when anchoring up. Sonar can be a hindrance at times as well, I've scanned an area and not seen much, only to watch a boat anchor up and catch fish there. Sometimes you just have to go old school and anchor up on a hole or log and wait.

  2. Any tip on anchoring in 30mph wind on wheeler lol. i drug 2 for 200 yards trying to get them to bite lol passed way over spot i wanted to fish 2 times.

  3. Mr. Douglas is there any way you could give an instructional video on this in a lake? I've learned a lot from watching your videos but the only water I have to wet a hook is a lake that has 2 very slowly flowing inlets. Great catfishing from the bank and pretty good on trotlone but i just bought a boat and you dont have a lot of info on lake fishing. Its a pretty big lake w a small channel down the middle but lots of flats and coves. Any way you could shed some light on this?

  4. Hey Steve! great video as always enjoy watching it I wish you did have a guide service that would be awesome to fish with the legend Steve Douglas I would like that catching the big catfish with you learning all the knowledge you know of catfishing keep catching the biggins keep the videos coming

  5. thank you for your videos. i love cat fishing and try to learn as much as possible about having better success. you have a fan down here on the arkansas river at redfield. thanks again. take care my friend

  6. Another great and helpful video SD! Best of luck with your snow melt and the rains upcoming. Hope the Ohio or other rivers in your region don't get too wild. Tight lines!

  7. For sure …Best boat best rods and reels…best boat and best fish finder CANT tell ya if they are hungry!

  8. I've been in the boat several times with Jason and a couple times marked fish that he was confident were 100+ but like you said, you can't make em bite but knowing they are there sure is a confidence boost.

  9. Hey I have another question for you. All my buddies always want to go catfishing at night and and all of your videos I see are during the day do you only do that see you can see better in the videos or do you like catfishing more during the day time?

  10. Glad you posted this video. I installed a new gps/depth finder unit on my boat this winter and tips like this will sure help out when I can get back on the water.

  11. It would be a dream come true to fish with you Steve I live about 30 mins from wheeler lake I go out there during the summer I go to Guntersville lake to both are great areas to fish  YOU should do A ( Steve Douglas Guide Service ) !!

  12. Im only 15 and I like old school fish. Its better than the tech we got. Its in ur gut not a gps or a computer or phone

  13. sometime if you could ,do a show explaining why he was changing the modes and what the different modes do as you all were motoring around. I'm not to up on all the electronics and what your seeing 

  14. with the new sonar d/s image finders now a days  finding the fish so mush eazyer, 

  15. Great Video, Jason spent more for that Hummingbird than I could for a boat lol. Hope Y'all did some good. I am Not a cold weather fisherman. Can't take the cold any more 🙁

  16. my problem is …..i can read the manual all day but still get lost in the buttons and doin
    it the right way…..i need a class on how to use them LOL !!….
    P.S love the videos Steve i learn something  every time i watch ..God Bless and keep on Fishing

  17. Great video Steve.  That Humminbird 1198 sure does a nice job.  It really helps when the operator understands how to use his electronics.  I won't ask if you caught that big cat.  I am sure if you did you will show mw later.  Thanks as always.

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