Prashant Bhushan  | We Should NOT Have Confidence in Modi's Government (7/8) | Oxford Union

Prashant Bhushan | We Should NOT Have Confidence in Modi's Government (7/8) | Oxford Union

I now look crush ambition to continue the case for the proposition tonight thank you madam president as I stand here to advance this motion I don't know where to begin where to begin to talk about the havoc that the Modi government has wrought to India should I start with the economy which he has erect with his absolutely ridiculous and thought-out policies like D monetization I could name many others I was asked facts now this is another unique thing that the Modi government has given us it has destroyed all institutions whose job is to find out the facts the National Sample organization which is supposed to come out with the figures of unemployment that was prevented from putting out the figures for the last two years when finally the figures which they had collected leaked out which showed that far from creating jobs he had actually destroyed more than one her old jobs in the last one year alone that is more than 10 million jobs in the last one year alone then the heads of these statistical organizations which were responsible for creating these figures they were attacked by the government and they had to resign so all institutions whose job is to find out the facts and put them out on the table are under attack and then we are told to rely only on propaganda as I said I could start with the economy but what he has done to Indian society to to our Constitution to our thought itself is something far more insidious today we are told that there is no such thing as fact we are told that there is no such thing as science there is no such thing as reason that everything depends upon the will of the people if the people say that black is white then black is indeed white this is what we are being told if the people say that in ancient India as modi said we had developed plastic surgery and lord ganesha strunk was a fine art of plastic surgery in the past all as he said or as he said that turn from Mahabharata from this ancient epic Mahabharat was born as a test-tube baby he was an example of inverter of fertilization or has he said that clouds do not allow the radar to see the planes and therefore I asked the Air Force against their wishes to go and strike bellacourt when the weather was unfavorable etcetera I mean do we do we just disregard reason critical thinking do we just disregard facts merely because we have been told to believe certain facts for certain fiction because of the propaganda that has been spread that's the other damage that he has done that he has reduced the media by controlling large sections of the media through inducements through threats etc to just instruments of propaganda instruments of spreading hate against Muslims against minorities etcetera so there is an attack on reason there is an attack on science there is an attack on civilized values themselves civilized discourse itself for example if you say anything against mr. Modi you are likely to be lynched by mobs on the streets if you are a Muslim you are going to be lynched on the mock by mobs on the streets with the police just looking on if you say something even on the social media against mr. Modi you are going to be lynched on the social media by being given threats of rape or if you are a woman threats of rape otherwise threats of being killed etc and this whole social media lynch mob as I call it is controlled by no other person than mr. Modi himself you only have to read a book called I am a troll written by one of India's finest journalists watt each other already to find out that this whole social media lynch mob whose job is to spread fake news false information hate and to abuse its opponents is controlled by mr. Modi himself who on a daily basis gives instructions who is to be attacked today who is to be trolled today etc and it's an attack on all institutions of governments all institutions of democracy we have never had a situation where four senior judges of the Supreme Court addressed a press conference saying that this government has put democracy in danger by controlling the Chief Justice who is using his power as master of roster in order to decide critical cases assigned critical cases to particular favourite benches etcetera the Election Commission for the last 30 years the Election Commission was thought to be independent today for the first time after 30 years we are saying that the Election Commission is condoning gross violations of the code of conduct by the Prime Minister and the leader of the party Xanthippe RC the Comptroller and Auditor General gave a report on this Raphael aircraft deal defense deal scam recently which was predicted three months in advance by the government three months before this report was given the government told the Supreme Court in a sealed cover in a note given in a sealed cover which was reproduced by the court in its judgment that this report had been given that it had been placed in Parliament it had been put out in the public domain and the pricing details had been removed later when it was if everybody pointed out that there is no such report then the government filed an application saying that no he meant will be given will be placed in Parliament will be put out in public domain but how did they know that the report would redact the pricing details it has never happened earlier in the last 70 years of the Comptroller and Auditor General auditing hundreds of defense deals in not one defence deal has the pricing details been redacted but the government knew in advance that the pricing details would be rejected by the Comptroller and Auditor General showing that even the CAG has been made into a case parrot all anti-corruption institutions have been wrecked the Lokpal was not appointed for the last five years the CBI when it's the CBI director when he wanted to investigate the RAF I'll deal he was removed in an overnight coup at 2:00 a.m. a contingent of 400 policemen were sent to take over the office of the CBI and the RAF I'll deal was not allowed to be investigated the anti-corruption act the Prevention of Corruption Act has been destroyed by saying that every corruption investigation would wreck why're the permission of the government that means you have to take the permission of the thief to investigate a theft I say in the name of democracy in the name of the Constitution in the name of science and reason in the name of civilization itself the Modi government must go you

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  1. Watch the full debate here:

    Where are kejrwal, Anna, bedi , bhushan, yadav , India against corruption campaigners?

  3. I just watched for 10 seconds and immediately felt this guy is an asshole the same same way felt great about Sashi Tharoor similar speech

  4. Bikash will say where is pappu's paisa banane wala machine #bhakuda we will talk about it latter. I left this here for you

  5. Lond fakir Bhusan tell why you have had knocked supreme court door at 2 am midnight BHOSADIKE.
    If you are right then fight against MODI with your agenda from KASHI.

  6. Look behind…no one is interested…btw, you are sounding repeatative and childish….
    Btw, why are you talking dirty in front of firangs? What good is this doing??

  7. Trying doing this until ur death, maybe one day you and your boss Arvind Kejriwal might get lucky. Why go abroad and deliver a speech when you are in-capable of winning a case in supreme court. Don't make fun of yourself. Have guts to face Modi and the people of India head-on.

  8. Now this is the image of India that is Created by Selfish Party Worker. Is it not a shame for all Indian who is Working their best to make India best?

  9. Don't act innocent Mr.Bhusan we know about you, by money you have tried to stop our court from hanging one terrorist.

  10. How unfortunate Mr.Bhusan first you give us Delhi Jokers and instead of putting that party in order you left, and now as someone is doing something of course you are going to get hurt, we know who went to SC against punishment for a terrorist.

  11. He is a true patriot.
    We all understand what level of threats, abuse, danger he must be under to stand so furiously against all the wrongs that is being done to our country by this govt.
    You will be respected as our freedom fighters sir. True Indian. A human with a backbone.

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