22 thoughts on “Powerful Storm Brings Rain, Snow, Howling Winds To Southern California

  1. 6 news reporters: 5 women and one man. I guess that this station does not believe in diversity and inclusion. Another thing. They got the man out in the worst weather. They figure he belongs there, I suppose.

  2. Damn global warming, make sure you give Gavin and his un-elected EU buddies your tax dollars for their mansions and yachts. PENDEJOS! šŸ˜‚

  3. No amount of money can buy the rain and snow which is badly needed in California. This is thanksgiving and holiday weather it makes dinner with our family more cozy in some ways. Time to wear your coats.

  4. I wonder how much these people get paid for getting on TV and talking about whether it's raining or snowing outside. Ordinarily, I can get this info pretty cheaply by looking out my window. Thank God they also interviewed those people about it. Where would we be without this info? Now there's a question for ya'.

  5. "Snow is so cool and awesome"

    LOL THAT'S HILARIOUS šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ Try living in the midwest where it snows a lot more with colder weather.

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