Power Leadership - Dallas 2016

Power Leadership – Dallas 2016

initial impressions of Dallas the venue's always get better and better we get the meet-and-greet soon as we come in and get the bags everything's branded got the new logos and everything it's just really nice to see all the people coming in and everyone smile and everyone's greeting one another I've heard the words family reunion a lot it really is you meet with guys that do the same thing you do all year and there's just something about when you walk in the door seeing so many faces it's it's a shot of adrenaline because my expectations always get thrown away all the time I never even like to guess what's gonna happen at night I just like looking forward to it every time we go out not only do we have fun not only do we get to meet new people but just everything overall is always first-class power just never cuts corners when it comes to these five million bits this company and the growth that this company has is a true testament to everyone in this room and it's really amazing what has already happened and I know what's gonna happen in the future what you guys are building is just something really remarkable everything that's here tonight everything that the company has become this is all because of you we're doing something that was unexpected and it's really taking shape and it's bigger than we thought it could be doing it with people that you love to be around is what this is about Dallas has been awesome I can't wait to see what they have for us in terms of you go speaker just to soak it all in and learn as much as I possibly can there's a different level of excitement for this conference than anything else that we do you get a better sense here in this room of what's going on with power than anywhere else you could possibly be at any other time we're here to discuss things that will empower you and power the organization to be the best you that you can be and through books and studying people and hearing from speakers the whole deal is how can we best serve our people and who do you need to become in order to best serve your people the book was read leaders eat last they talk about how when you have a culture of everybody has each other's back everybody cares for each other but he wants to see each other succeed you feel that much more comfortable going to work going to bed pushing yourself that much harder because not only is it going to be for the greater good of you but the entire office reading leaders eat last learning about these biological factors that influence our behavior it gives me more of a guided understanding of why we do the things that we do in terms of being a better employee or a teammate or a friend or a loved one the people come first and it's about making sure that people are happy and the people doing won't feel safe and secure it is so wonderful to be in the company of people that you feel safe around you actually know that everyone has the right intentions that everyone cares about the business in a very very similar kind of way and it's nice to be able to have like an open and honest discussion about that we want people to be safe we want people to be happy and we want them to thrive our sharing of ideas and resources and time and energy that is our defining characteristic that is what separates us from everyone else that is the key to our greatness so if you want to be great and you want to be influenced by great then who better to be around than the great one we make some noise for Wayne Gretzky please I never ever thought that I was a better player than anybody I played with it was a really really unselfish group of individuals that had one goal and a priority was to be successful and nothing was gonna stop us every question that was asked of Layne he never talked about himself and he just like would constantly talk about the people that he was able to lean on giving the credit to everybody else around him that allowed him to become the great one he makes everything very simple he laid it out very clearly that if you worked the hardest if you work harder than your competition then you're most likely going to be better than your competition it's not a big secret who the greatest athletes are those are always the days you look at yeah they're talented they're always the hardest-working guys people say how do you want to be remembered as a hockey player and it's real simple for me I want people to say I saw him play and he worked really hard every single shift it seemed like he was taking a page out of our book and it's so inspiring and motivating to know that the greatest hockey player that ever lived lizz by a lot of the same mottos and has the same mentality of attitude it's all power poison your leader has to be able to extend his arm oh genuinely reach beside you and understand that you're gonna help the person beside you I always made sure that everyone was comfortable when they came in the locker room way from day one and there was nobody there was a better player or a better person than the guy beside you I think it's imperative that when new people come in there's a lot of great milestones an amazing minutes for empowerment this is a great one so and this is a great one so make some thank you having Gretzky come into the room I mean I was awestruck I grew up those pictures of Wayne Gretzky all over my room and Mark Messier so it's like a dream come true this is such an incredibly unique experience for people to meet someone like Wayne Gretzky who is arguably the best ever at what he did and there's not a whole lot of people in life that you'll ever meet that could claim that so I wrote take my dad on the trip of a lifetime my dad moved to Florida about ten years ago and in that time I just don't talk to as much or seem as much and they're talking about taking him to Europe and maybe checking out the st. Andrews and some of the classic golf courses forever and I just keep putting it off and writing it on the board now it means like it's time to get it done I wrote spend more time with my kids I learned a short time ago that when it's over it's over and you don't want to live life with any regret this is an opportunity now to do just that to call them when my business trips to spend more time with them when I'm home and to breathe them in as much as I can when the opportunity arises I think we all change over this weekend we change as people we change as an organization who we certainly change as a group when people talked about the things that they regret it in their life there are all the things that they didn't do I regret that I didn't work harder in school I regret that I didn't learn a language I regret that I didn't ask my grandparents more questions before they died all of the regrets had nothing to do with the things that they did people's regrets were about the things that they didn't do people didn't regret their actions they regretted their inaction and I don't love the word regret we don't focus on what's behind us we focus on the road ahead clean slate feels a lot better than when we came here when we wake up tomorrow every single day we wake up with a totally clean slate a clean slate to act on all of the things that will keep us from regretting I could not be prouder to be part of this group cheers to the best place to work in the country cheers to the best group of people in the world and a humongous humongous thank you to each one of you guys for being my why I love you guys thank you so you

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  1. I desire to become a Power representative. I have applied many times to this corporation in Atlanta, Ga,
    and I will not give up until I achieve this goal. I am eager and intense in my thoughts to be the accomplished sales representative that I have been for years with fantastic results due to dedication to learning everything available to become a link in the "Power Train" team. I watch these conference documentaries with a passion to be a part of this family of dedicated teammates.

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