Power BI Update: Top 5 New Features! October 2019

Power BI Update: Top 5 New Features! October 2019

These are the top five features you must know about in the latest Power BI update of October 2019 now these dawn 5 features are gonna help you in a lot of ways my friends. So this is gonna help you make it easier to create new reports. It’s gonna let you display your dazzling dashboards in a whole new way and not just that it’s gonna help you understand your data quicker. It’s gonna make you Run your queries faster and oh my god the number one feature this time I think Power BI team has outdone themselves and I am just speechless so we will talk more about that. Let’s start with number 5 and this feature is gonna make it easier for you to create new reports But before we start that, let me point out to our monthly update playlist which you can use to catch up on all the recent Power BI updates and you can access that just by clicking in the corner and Also, if you are just getting started or keep getting stuck in power bi then make sure to check out our complete step-by-step Power BI tutorial. My name is Avi Singh I’m a Microsoft MVP and best-selling Power BI author. And if you want to become a Power BI pro, make sure to subscribe and click that bell. So you are notified Whenever I go live to answer your Power BI questions. So here you are Let’s go with our number 5 which is to make it easier to create new reports and this Microsoft power bi team has enabled us to do that using a new file format called the BB IDs file format now this file format kind of looks like this and Microsoft has more documentation about this but really This normal end-user wouldn’t have been messing around with the syntax. Don’t worry about that Your administrators will create these files and essentially what you’re gonna get is probably I don’t know some sort of a Library of files which they’re gonna publish in a shared folder Or some someplace like that and the idea is that the end user doesn’t have to worry about like what’s the server name was support? And all of those other intricacies, they just have these files which let them easily connect and get started by using these sources So I’m just gonna and so I’m just gonna show you how an end user is gonna use it, right? So your administrator is gonna create it and an end user will just pretty much open this file Alright, so open how the second screen but it you know It’s it’s it’s got a power bi file open and if if whatever the connection is It requires some credentials it is gonna ask for those credentials. So let me just type down em in and Once they do that Then it’s gonna take them through the dialog box and they’re gonna get the usual get data experience But again, they don’t have to trip over. So here we go so so again my administrator had already set up the sharepoint link in this case, and now I can just jump and and select the the list that I want to bring in but again, you can think of other examples where users are connecting to or have to connect to a lot of different sources and Administrators can just make it easier for them by creating this BB i.d.s file now We’re on to number 4 and this is gonna help you display your dazzling dashboards in a whole new way and that is this feature is Automatic page refresh for direct query now often you can build dashboards And I have an example here and you can tell that it’s a direct query by the fact that I noticed that there’s no data Being there I’m directly connecting to sequel server. So there’s a whole host of Data sources, which do allow the directquery mode Secret servers one sequel Server analysis services one, but their whole host of other sources, which you can connect to using directquery mode Now again, I’ll admit my default is import because I love the model and so forth But but again for a lot of scenarios you using direct query but often One of the reasons that directquery mode is being used is because they want to show kind of a live Live data and have an update and that is now possible using a new preview feature So hey, make sure to turn this feature on so go to options preview features and within that you’re gonna find This guy Automatic page refresh but once you have enabled that you may have to restart power bi Then on this side you’re gonna see this option. Let me expand that so you can see it better There you go Right. So so page refresh and he can turn it on and then you can choose the duration as you like of course and you can see you can set it in seconds minutes hours and days now there is a caveat here, which is that You know in here you can set it to as small as one second But make sure I mean that’s your data source can handle that right, so you don’t want to do something crazy like one second and have your Database administrator come knocking at your door, right? So so be reasonable or whatever talk to them if you need to so this you can set it as Frequent as one second if you wanted to but if you publish this report So this is right now and probably I desktop as you can see But if you publish this report then on the service, it is only you know The lowest you can go is really 30 minutes. So hopefully if that works for you, that’s great Otherwise you wouldn’t have to consider Going for power bi premium and I’m gonna link to another video which talks about the power bi licensing and bar We have premium and that’s gonna let you lower it But otherwise you’re gonna be restricted to 30 minutes, but you know That’s still really good and that lets you display this dashboard in you know Large TV screen and a hallway and it’s gonna be continuously refreshing So again, unless you display your – was a whole new way in hallways conference rooms or whatever maybe media boots on conferences, so Certainly a really cool Feature here. All right. So let’s move on to number three and this is gonna help you understand your data quicker and this feature is about Enhancements to data profiling let’s take a look so data Profiling has been around for a while and it can be so useful Now remember to turn it on if you need to and you can do so by checking these boxes So the int data profiling has different components it can tell you about calling quality call them distribution Calling profile and it lights up these different sections on here, right? So and you can turn each one of these on now the new features here are are this so if you go to actually it’s best seen if you select a date column, so if I go to birth date, oops somehow it’s trying to drag it and By default it shows you a value distribution So I’m talking about this section over here and well, I mean, it’s sure I mean a mistake a look So what is value distribution doing? So it’s saying that oh, there are three records with a birthdate of nine three 1963 But that’s not really interesting and maybe that’s not how I would want to see it And that’s where the new features come and that it’s a little bit hard to find but hopefully you’re used to finding these these three dots in Here and they usually pointing to something good. So if you click on these three dots then you’re gonna have options and you can group by year month day week or your day week and That is gonna be much more interesting. So right so now I can see okay. I mean, wow look at that. That’s how my You know birthdate of the customers are kind of spread out. Now remember this is preview data So this is not operating against a complete data set but still as you’re exploring data as you’re starting to create a model And sometimes are stepping into a data set which don’t even know so often whether I was working within my company and working with somebody new a new group or working as a Consultant going to a new company often. I walk into data set which I wouldn’t know at all and Profiling data like this can really help you understand and focus on kind of the key key values and how there’s one cool thing here which You can also Kind of hover on it and and then select use that to filter as well. Say hey I want to You know kind of filter down to it Maybe because that’s the only data you want or maybe you just want to look at the records for that date So it you know, it just makes it easy and you can say yup Well, give me give me you know The birthday equal 1960 and it’s gonna filter down adjust that and notice it added a step there For that so really cool and certainly makes our life a whole lot easier As Barbie I developers. Let’s move on to number two And this one is gonna make your queries run faster And this is an amazing new feature and Barbie. I team just keeps on backing Part, we have a new functionality. By the way guys if the you find a little bit overwhelming If you’re starting out and you find a lot of this stuff overwhelming I would caution you that Instead of following and monthly updates go start with my tutorial because that grounds you in the core concepts Alright, so and again that’s linked in the corner as well But this is a cool new feature for those who have been around power bi and it’s gonna make their lives a whole lot easier So let’s take a look and see what query Diagnostics is about. So here I have a demo file and I’m gonna take you to the query editor and I just tweaked the the query a little bit. I just added this this line. So initially I’m bringing in all rows I’m connecting to the complete data set but then I just added a simple filter here To do this and of course for those who are familiar When the data source is sequel Power power bi often tries to fold this query up if you if that doesn’t make sense just ignore that Alright, but if it does then you know what I’m talking about, right? So so basically query what query Diagnostics does is it lets us peek under the hood as to what happens? So often in a complicated query on a switch to something that is a little more interesting Yeah, there we go right so you can see for bugs yet or of course calendar table I mean often in a complicated query there lots of different steps and you want to Understand that. How is barbie I really working. When is it issuing the query to the data source What kind of queries is it is is you’re seeing and of course if data refresh is taking way too long Then the sort of information can be valuable really really valuable to help you debug this So, let’s see this in action and it works really easy. I think this is a preview feature as well So you would have to turn it on in the options, which I showed earlier But once you do turn it on then here in tools You basically start diagnostics and stop diagnostics If you’re familiar with kind of sequel profiling this reminds me of that when you start a trace and stop a trace, right? So I’m gonna start diagnostic and you have to turn it on in the query editor dialog box, right? So so again, I invoke the query editor dialog box and went to the tools pane And now the Diagnostics is well I clicked on this to start it, right. So and now I can go back to my data set What I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna refresh this one table to not and that’s what I recommend Don’t refresh the whole data set because then it’ll be way too much information. So instead of that I’m gonna Refresh just this one table and let it run. It should be pretty quick Mmm, and all right cool. It’s back and then I’m gonna go back to my queries and now I can stop Diagnostics So watch what happens once I stop Diagnostics as soon as I stop Diagnostics Barbie eye has been monitoring that collecting that information and it’s is really really interesting That it kind of dumps it out into well, the only constant Barbie eye nose Which is a table so dumps it out on the table, and I haven’t even beat them Oh, wow, so it does link to a JSON file. Oh, wow. That’s pretty interesting You could connect it directly as well but it dumps this file out and does some stuff and And you can study it here but really what makes sense is to load it now by default it is not loaded, which is probably a good thing because You know, it’s a conscious step. Otherwise, it’s gonna clutter your model. So You can study it here. But I think that would be pretty useless. And by the way, this is a pre new feature So so far Microsoft’s instructions are to kind of ignore this table This is trying to summarize the detail, but they’ve said that well for now just use the detail and let us know Give a suite back on this table whether this makes sense or not So I’ll just follow their advice and focus on the detail table So what you want to do is right click and click enable load, right? So you want to check that? Let me do that enable load and I’m gonna give it a good name. I’m gonna rename it to Just something so this was my sales table refresh. So that’s named and it’s enabled load So now when I hit close and apply It’s gonna be loaded back to my model and now I can slice and dice that Information using of course the strength of power bi now I will say that this does have a little bit of nuanced information and I copied step by step exactly What Barbie I team was prescribing in their video. So they advise or that the stairs style of using this information was Kind of a column chart and a detailed table chart and I added a query for myself as well Let me just show you you know my cheat sheet. So this is exactly what I use so I used I dropped these columns, right the access legend value in tooltips into the colon chart and This is from the table you can pause the video if you’d like to and when you’re building this table We’ll come back to this later now so let’s come back here and and and so basically so obviously this is a very simple query but basically It’s got like one step and the second step and you know, you can kind of click and examine Exactly. What happened in there? And what kind of queries were issued and you can see these are not really data queries These are not really quitting my sales table. This is some kind of prep that or some exploration that Barbie eye does and that’s okay And this is the what took the most time anyway any this is where you can see This is my real query and if I were to select this row then I use another visual here where I can examine a query and by the way, you can see that how the This query was folded up to the server and my filter Clause was sent back to them So again a really simple example, but of course in complicated cases This can help you debug. You can step by step You can visually see which step took a longer time and use the use that debug and optimize into new queries So again really useful information now. Hey, I couldn’t do justice to this Microsoft Barbie i-team has has covered this In really good detail in their video. So we’re gonna link to that and it’s gonna jump you right into the query Diagnostics So you can check out that video Later on at the end by clicking at the corner. Alright, so while we are at number one, and I’m breathless I’m sorry, if you know just by talking about all these amazing features so far, but this one just Blew me away and it’s it’s not a new feature. Right? So it’s evolutionary you’re not revolutionary, but it definitely rocked my world So this one is about Q and a let me pull up that demo. All right, so let’s start here So first of all power bi team has created a brand new visual and this is the Q and a visual which is Right here. And I think there’s a you see that small light bulb. I think the idea that this has AI Powering it. That’s my guess but it’s really cool Well, I love ya I mean, I love any help that I can get from anywhere to help me analyze my data So when you add this visual man, and and friendly, it looks beautiful from the get-go I mean it has these questions to get started And of course it has this data here and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna come back here But I’m gonna point out some of them. So again, this is this is Q&A as such is not new functionality This is a new visual and I think it’s it’s really powerful It puts the QA it allows you to put Q&A front and center in in your report right justjust We have it be as big or as small as you need to it’s pretty responsive. So, you know, I mean if I were to Move it around it’s pretty responsive So it’s that’s great, but you can have it as big or as small and users can just come in here and type stuff in So I’m and so I’m just gonna use bookmarks to jump do that and by the way, of course I mean you saw that that this the state of this visual can be bookmark so you can use this in conjunction with bookmark So some of the new things that are there is that it’s very clearly highlights that hey what terms is it understanding? So this is a great feedback for users oh, hey, you know this is how to talk to me like I mean I got sales I got country and then using the information icon here. It tells you that hey, this is what I made out of it query right so in English right in normal English. It’s like oh by the way, I mean you what have you has what do you typed in? This is what I understood. So I’m trying to show you a country that their days are in and sale, right? So that’s kind of one example. Let me just make it. Oh That’s beautiful. Right? So so so you saw that and highlights those things and when it doesn’t oh, this is beautiful, right? so so notice here, it didn’t understand there was a typo or something and it didn’t understand that but one of the improvements is that the Q&A engine is also using You know kind of is leveraging the rest of the Microsoft’s AI Infrastructure built in office and building bing. There’s a lot of stuff that’s already done there So I think it goes out to those services and say hey I couldn’t understand this word in this context What do you make of it? And maybe Bing or office Indian comes back and says well that’s probably country And so you see it already guesses that and it’s still showing me the right graph to you know, really really good Well-read. I didn’t understand it. But this is what I’ve made out of it and let me know if that’s right, right So and of course user can edit it. Now the next one is gonna be amazing. All right. Are you ready? You better be sitting down for this my friends. This is crazy. This is this is just nuts, right so So let’s say I say, let’s say summer sales. Perfect, right? so that is twenty nine million, but then I say Oh, what about just oh just for the costly Products Okay, so it’s nice to type with Great. There we go. Right and it says that hey, I don’t I don’t quite understand cost Is it showing you something in some sales or whatever? But it’s not understanding costly and this this is where you can just click on This gear icon here If you’re the model author and it takes you to the QA experience, and of course There’s a lot of cool information here You can review the questions that people have been asking On the model that can be really useful but we’re gonna go to this teach QA rights at each QA and you say well this didn’t work and You click Submit and it says well, okay. I got this part, which I don’t quite understand can you help me understand this and I said, yep, you know, so I’m gonna I’m gonna go in here and I’m gonna say standard cost Oops Standard cost Great great, perfect and greater than let’s say 1000 right. So these are costly so I’m gonna save this one and This now gets saved into these manage turns which you can also come, you know Kind of clean up and redefine later on if you need it to So now let’s go back and I think you have to like type it type it in. Yeah and and bingo so notice that it it understands it now so it Underlies it blue and of course while I was having some trouble with this somehow it starts to town but if we go to sales and mount Perfect now you can see that it is a smaller number I mean the overall number we started twenty-nine million, but now it’s only doing the costly products and that is 24 million So so guys again is not a new feature, but man, it’s just crazy how far this has come So hey if you’re using kind of Q&A or Planning to use Q&A just drop in a comment and let me know before you go and go ahead and click to watch our next videos You can watch our monthly update highlights playlist to catch up on all the other exciting stuff that has gone on in the past monthly updates which you might have missed and of course if you’re getting started barbie, I And certainly if you feel overwhelmed With these updates, I would highly encourage you to go back to the basics go to the core concepts covered in our tutorial That’s a 20% that’s gonna give you 80% of the results So, uh, well I was supposed to show you the slide earlier, but that was number one you know two gets a crown Q&A improvements and Again, the Microsoft power bi team did a great job of covering Q&A in a lot more detail So if you care you can also click here to jump to the video which is gonna start at the Q&A so folks these were the top five features in October 2009 teen and Let me know if you think they delivered on this promise. Do you think they’re gonna help you do all of these things? Well, that’s it I’ll see you next time until then all Ron you can click to watch the next videos and you can click on the circle do You subscribe

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