Post Match Press Conference Australia vs New Zealand | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

Post Match Press Conference Australia vs New Zealand | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

all day mitch is sick game playing targeting the stands it's worked wonders feared all the way through his attic in today and is that is that being the sacred 224 wicked – haven't even taken so far it's part of my game plan again it was a warm week at today so well fortunately since you want to toss and we got to bat first look that bold well to start they they kept the tide and we had to rebuild through the middle there that it was a great partnership with was Ian and Alex there so I guess we keep learning from from the opposition when we do bowls second and I guess that full length and that straighter line for me attacking those stumps it is very much part of my game plan so I think as a bowling unit today we were were fantastic to keep such a good side to her to what under under 160 I think it was so it was a great performance bravery which is the bowling group clicking at the right time do you think and have you sort of found the right combination now with yourself and Jase opening the ball in it it all sort of flows ball from there I think it's worked very well for the last two games obviously but I think that the fantastic thing about our our 15 guys is we've got guys that several guys that can open the bowling but several guys that make up good combinations we've had all 15 take part so far in the tournament guys are ready to go if called upon so the guys that were picked today did another fantastic job and I think we've quite we've quite got the I play the perfect game if you like you especially as a bowling group I guess we could say but yeah we're finding ways to to just scrap and to restrict teams and and we keep improving every game I think the turning point was probably that Indian game when we had a good shot as a bowling group in a batting guru and we've just continued to improve as a whole whole group of plays from that game so it's been fantastic 172 dot balls he bowled today how much we put down to the pitch on how much towards the good bowling from you guys probably 5050 as I said a warm wicket so we probably had the rubber the conditions bowling second on that they bowled quite well as well to have his five for not not a lot there very good side batting him batting and bowling so we knew we had to – probably knew we had to take wickets at the start and threw way out over there a powerful banging side and again in fact Cummins was fantastic today his economy rate was pretty low I guess he's been a lot spoken I think about him not taking many wickets the last few games but his economy rates been fantastic and that's part of our our bowling set up is is – at times he's had to restrict guys and bring us back in the game like that I think Jace is spelled today his second spell was fantastic again a long spell there and didn't go for many runs so yeah I guess it was part of the plan was to try and restrict them early obviously try and take weeds throughout and and it really paid off today Mitch can you talk us through the confidence in the bowling group right now – almost get on top of any situation no matter what your target no matter where they are you seem to be finding a way to win games how strong is the confidence that you can just get through it as a group yeah we're we're finding ways to win I think it a big part of that is our calmness and I think that's probably led by finchy he's been fantastic as a captain obviously changing up who's bowling when and where and throughout the innings and I think everyone's been very common and we've planned really well we've executed really well especially the last few games and as I said before we're improving every game not only with the ball but with the bat as well and I guess we didn't start probably the way we wanted today but – skrappe – a good score there we thought on that honor one week and have that partnership of Alex and AWS was fantastic from the from the middle order there and gave us a really strong target to defend we were pretty confident we could but what did you make of new zealand's tactics and the chase and because they seemed to shut up shop fairly early and does that make it easier for you guys to put the foot on the throat I think we've seen them take games pretty deep in the last few that I've I've seen anyway and they've they've gotten the result in those so whether that was a plan from them today or not I'm not sure again I thought we bowled quite low and as I mentioned before Pat's bill there and and chase to really restrict the rounds with a was fantastic for us and put the pressure on that way and if you do get one or two we could switch will fortune off to do it puts a lot more pressure on those new guys coming in so yeah I'm not sure I'm not sure what their their plan wants throughout the innings but I think we've bowled very well as a bowling unit today make sure no team success is obviously another one priority but I think you're only three away from going past glamour girlz all-time record for most week it's in a World Cup what would that mean to you to do that not much if we don't win the World Cup no I'm I'm just stoked to be playing a part in this in this group and continue to to contribute yeah I think I'm really proud of the whole bowling group the way we executed the last few games and as I mentioned before we keep improving as a group we're planning really well but it's that execution where we've been fantastic as a whole bowling group it's not just the guys who played today whether it be around training or all cults and and and rich shows come in and out schwarber as well we're just we're we're talking not just talking but what we're showing what we're capable of on the field so I'm just really excited to be part of this Bhangra Mitch Dave Warren is likely become a dad again tomorrow of all the players excited for him yep that was he packed his bag pretty quick I think he's up there enjoying the win and tomorrow he'll be a dad for the third time so good luck to the the Warner's and I think when we see him in Manchester his hands full again you have a couple we all do have a couple of days off I believe I find out when I get back we do travel tomorrow and then we've got a couple of days off away from cricket so that's gonna be fantastic for everyone to freshen up how do you feel about Australia's chances of winning the World Cup now compared to before the tournament it's a good question I wasn't part of the the group for the last few tours before before we got together for the World Cup so for more reports it's been a fantastic feel around the group in the in the UAE in India and to play some fantastic cricket heading into that that April break was probably the momentum that the group was after heading into this tournament so I think you our chances are as good as any other team we we've always spoken about peaking towards the back end of the tournament and we're still searching for that perfect performance where we're not quite there yet we're showing glimpses of what we're capable capable of with the ball with the bat and in the field but we've still got room to improve and that's exciting for this group and and if we can do that obviously we've got to make a farmer first but if we can play our best game what we got to play this game and semi now and then hopefully better that in the final and that's what tournament play is all about that meets with Jason's of bowling I guess generally in the first 20 overs does that sort of a relief you have a bit of pressure having to strike up front and you can come back a bit later and pick up a few widgets I'm not sure I felt that pressure to strike early it's probably a game plan but as I said before we've got guys who can whether it's Jason I or pattern oil patent chase or kolten rich or if they come in next game as well it's we've got guys who were ready to go at different stages of the bowling innings and the way chase has been the last two games especially he's been fantastic he's really taken his opportunity with both hands and been a really important part of these last two victories so he's yet he's continuing to improve and I thought he's spell his second spell today was was fantastic to to really restrict the runs and put a lot more pressure on you sealing and it does help the whole bowling group when we're all executing the way we want – the way Jase was the last two games Mitch what's the talk out there when things aren't going your way it just seems like the group's always finding a way to win just just if you could give us some insight in the belief and the chat between the guys yeah I think as I said before it's more the calmness I think we didn't quite execute what we wanted to in that Indian game and we spoke a lot about the execution and wanting to improve and and we have every game since and I think a real sense of calmness around the whole group not just the bowlers but from finchy to all the fielders even when things aren't quite happening for us it's still very calm we still know what we want to do it goes back to the execution so I think it's just that calmness and cleanness as a whole group out on the field it is what's probably instilling that confidence in the bowler – so execute what they want to do and yeah I think that's that probably the biggest part for our cricket the last few weeks but you think is a wee bit to play at year but I think you guys are potentially on track to make the Black Caps in there and I see me does what if it does play out that way would today give you a bit of a I mean – advantage yeah I have not I think so the two series of different conditions completely it's Edgbaston in Manchester so very different conditions could be different team make ups we're just as I said before we're still searching for that that perfect performance and if we keep continuing to prove improve every gun whether we play New Zealand or or India or anyone we're gonna have to plan really well and and then execute on the day so great result today but it's one wing today is not gonna when you woke up I think since that game we've taken wickets through the middle fairly regularly and and whether it's attacking more or I think the biggest part was was the execution we're all probably a little bit off in that Indian game and I had wickets in the shed and exploded the end so we've continued to improve since that game through execution and being really calm and we can do that again next week against South Africa and take that in take that momentum into the semi-finals it's going to be great for the whole group you I guess the first question cane as what went wrong and very broad question I suppose we could be here a while and it was look it was a very good start with the ball after losing the toss which okay I think at the end of the day Australia outplayed us on that surface but it would have been a nice one to one and we did have them I think it was 94 5 which was a really good start to our bowling innings the CMAs were threatening the spin was threatening obviously taking a lot of turn and and I think that partnership between khawaja and Kerry was superb I don't like anybody hit the ball well on that surface all day except for Gary and they managed to put on 100 which certainly got them a very very competitive total and you know we were I suppose one wicket away if you're looking at positives and in terms of our bowling performance and trying to restrict them to a much lower total but it wasn't to be today okay can you just explain the tactics around when you had them 90-yard four five and why didn't bring back someone like Trent Boult yeah I mean like I say it was turning a lot and offering a little bit with the with the same as and as the ball got softer and I felt that the spin I would have certainly would have liked to have imagined that it would have been a lot more difficult but the the matchups kind of didn't really fall our way with with both hospitals turning the ball into two to left-hand batters hence why I bought a few more overs again and but once again credit to the way that the Australian batters sort of fought hard to get them to a very good score really on that surface gain how restrictive was the Australian bowling because it seemed like that struggled to got to get the ball away in the early part of that chase yeah you know they they exploited the conditions beautifully well and I suppose having played on the surface previously means that they knew exactly what they were doing and in that two lads hitting a wicket hard and there was some variable bounce and their natural as the game went on it started to take that turn that we all expected so they bought really really well now I suppose if we're being critical and we would have liked to have obviously taken that that sex look at which perhaps may have restricted them to below 200 and them I'm sure it would have been a really tough battle but once again they they outplayed us in all facets today and it wasn't to be and from our perspective once again it's a it's another surface that's been really challenging and different to other ones but we do need to move on really quickly to our next match which we know will be different again okay just an extension of that I guess and the combination of Mitchell stark and Pat Cummins how formidable threat is that in this World Cup yeah I mean they've been world class and I guess on some of these tired surfaces when the ball starts perhaps I guess getting a little bit rough on either side someone like Mitchell stack with the way he can get the ball reversing and towards that middle back in and that is how they use him and that's one of his big strengths and he showed that again today on on a dry wicket and obviously Pat Cummings has been brilliant for them for a long period of time so I think as a as a side as on a whole they're a very well balanced side with a number of threats with that amble to defeat Sandro in England to come now was there any any point this evening thought about net run-rate obviously that it is with Pakistan winning again that is that gap is narrowing a wee bit is that something that's on the teams mind or no look I think that's sort of one of those outcome things that if we are playing our best cricket and then the net run-rate perhaps the opportunity to win there are all factors and that's what we want to be focusing on so when the game was slipping away we did want to build a partnership we did want to try and take the game to a position where we might be able to fire a few shots which obviously would have helped in that instance and and also giving us more of a chance to to perhaps have the opportunity to get over the line that neither of those were a possibility today so once again it's just it is about moving on and and going to Durham and looking forward to a new service in your position where as us as a side need to be really positive and play with that freedom because when we do that that is when we play our best cricket and and that's the sort of mindset we need to have came just with the Steve Smith we had a very specific lakeside field when he came in to face Ferguson just explained the thinking behind that plan yeah we've done it a few times before obviously Steve's a world-class player and I suppose tried to be a little bit creative but it certainly took something pretty special despite that planned to hang on to that catch one of the best catches that you'll ever see so yeah I want weather is there for a Porsche I can't quite reveal that but but he was there for something in the year so that was nice and he'd count onto it beautifully so yeah it was a good start with us with the ball but yeah once again just unfortunate we couldn't restrict them to a much lower total kind um you face I guess most of the I guess most of the bowlers in his tournament so far and you touched on which start before where does he rank in terms of the hardest bowlers you face in the tournament yeah look obviously mr. stacks often mentioned among the the top bowlers in the world and I often look at conditions in terms of who are the the biggest threats but in any conditions he's a wicket taker and and obviously shown that over a long period of time and I suppose coming into this tournament a lot of people expected certain conditions they probably haven't quite been what people have expected and they have been a lot drier and which is which is fine that the contest has been perhaps a lot more for the bowlers and and the lower scoring but at the same time everybody has a role to play there's some other little stack with the ball that he can get reversing and after that new ball spell is a definite weapon for herman and a really great thing for the Australian side because at times working through the middle can be a tough thing to come by but they've obviously got a number of strengths in there their lineup whether I would have called able to achieve that okay no it was all going pretty smoothly not too long ago now two speed bumps how do you regroup and do you need to do much with the side to get back to winning ways and yeah I suppose if we look at Pakistan there were a lot of positives and the the result part is kind of secondary to the focuses that you want to have and and the sort of cricket that you want to be playing and you know this there's so many variables in the sport but I think we've seen so many already in the World Cup you know whether it's the conditions that are deteriorating whether it's on the surface against an opposition that may have strengths in a certain area it's it's all I guess trying to be well-planned and say then you can go into a match and try and execute execute those plans as bish you can and I guess that's one of the great things about tournaments board as opposed to maybe a series where you play each other on some of the conditions for a you know five or five games or so where there are so many variables so much more perhaps and even in those series so for us it is about moving on keep taking on the challenge with that that great attitude that when we do do that and play with that freedom that gives us the best chance of having success but at the same time respecting the fact that anybody can beat anybody in this tournament despite having perhaps some success early and that that doesn't change as we've seen we've had two losses as well so it is about moving on to the next game and appreciating that but planning well and like I say taking on that that that match that we have lost and with that really positive attitude and playing with that freedom just as I guess a follow-up from guys question can you're the master of recalibrating the team regrouping it and focusing on the future on I guess I just want to know what these last two games have done for the momentum of your team the momentum in the confidence I guess of your team and and how are you gonna how you know recalibrate the team going into this final group game against England yeah I don't I don't think recalibrate is what we'll be focusing on it it's familiar there's always small margins and I think we touched on maybe that six the wicket today and things potentially could have been quite different you get one partnership with the bat much like they did and their first innings things could be quite different again so I guess rather than digging too deep because often when you do you're pretty much analyzing something in the past when in fact the challenge coming up can be quite different so the the challenge I guess is the fact that you you perhaps have lost a couple maybe there's a dent in momentum but then at the end of the day it is coming back to the cricket that we want to play playing with those smarts I think cricket smarts throughout this tournament has been perhaps the most important thing and even perhaps more than something like the word freedom which everybody wants to be able to achieve day-in day-out but on these surfaces that are varied a bit which which has been great great viewing and but you do need to be smart and adapt really quickly on them to give yourself the best chance of success okay a couple of good motors with a ball like a Ferguson took two wickets up front and he looks like buying with good hate and obviously Trent Boult now with the head trick at the end because you get a quick word on their performances yeah Lucky's been outstanding throughout this whole tournament for us and I guess you know he's got the the ability to pick up wickets at any stage of the innings so it's a really good weapon for us and same with someone like Trent so I mean it's always pretty pretty special moment when you can get a hat-trick regardless of when and when and where but both of those two have been big performers for us for a long period of time and you know it's important that they both freshen up and look forward to the next challenge ahead again Singh just on a positive note what was your reaction when mud and red that catch could you believe pretty pleased that was an epic cash from that say yeah I guess he had a couple of practices at some Tuffy's and then he took the fiddle underneath which was good

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  1. Bad Captaincy by Williamson cost the Match.I can't understand why he didn't used Sodhi against left hand batsmans both Khawaja and Carey??????It's a myth that leg spinners can't bowl to left handed batsman and that's where Kiwis lost the match.Williamson failed as a captain in both Pakistan and Australia match and he was very defensive when lesser bowlers bowling and he didn't put slip when he was bowling in turning pitch and Khawaja and Carey both got edged and which they could have grab it and bowled Aussies under 150 runs.

  2. If India win tomorrow then this will be the semi final line up
    Semi final 1 🇮🇳 vs 🇵🇰
    Semi final 2 🇦🇺 vs 🇳🇿

  3. Aus bahut tough team h and NZ ko toh ish se semi final bhi khelna h but Ind k liye accha h ki chuttad Pak se semi final hoga easily jeeth jayege Eng ko hrana se Pak ko hrana bahut easy hoga 😂😂😂
    Kyoki Baap k saamne Pak ka mut nikal jaata h

  4. Is Khawaja discriminated in the Aussie team?

    He made his 50 before Carey and there was only a few Aussie players on the balcony applauding him and there was a minimum applause in the crowd

    However when Carey made his 50 there was much standing ovation at the balcony…

    Khawaja did mention that as his career developed he did face racism at county level.

    Is he having the same fate again??

    I have been noticing how the other Aussie players dont embrace him on the field and leave him out and he has that odd school kid look on his face….

  5. Australia and India are the teams to beat in this tournament. Would not shock me if this was the final.

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