42 thoughts on “Portable Streaming Media Server (For Emergencies)

  1. I like this. I want to do this for a small portable device that has all my movies that will fit in my pocket. 2tb? is that possible might be a little fat but that's okay

  2. @tinkernut your written instructions and your video instructions are not the same. I tried to follow the written instructions and when I got to the end I ran "sudo systemctl start hostapd" and I got an error saying : "Failed to start hostapd.service: Unit hostapd.service is masked."

    I ran "systemctl unmask hostapd.service" and that then let me start the hostapd. Then rebooted. Cannot see the ssid I set up.

    EDIT:: After a lot of searching I found that you have to set up hostapd to start up automatically on boot by entering:

    $ sudo update-rc.d hostapd enable
    into the terminal.

  3. please reply"can you make a mini computer like the mac mini but (braspberry pi P.C mini) and or can you make a prototype computer if you did link me the video

  4. Just get a tp link portable router costs less than the pi and insert a USB and then connect to it and baam 😂

  5. Went through all of the steps but still not able to see my RPi3B+ on my other devices. Possible suggestions?

  6. Why not use thumb sticks with otg cable nice project but I don't see t
    It's value. If I'm not correct pls tell me the antvantages. Just like all the projects and not gatefull just curious about if it's benefiting or just something cool to have.

  7. Could potentially find a USB LTE modem (if those exist) and find a way to give legitmate internet acess to the devices connected. UK mobile networks such as EE have dedicated devices for this such as the EE osprey. Would probably also use a more standardised user freindly media server such as Plex since non tech savvy people (such as family members) would probably be connected in a circumstance where youd be using this

  8. You can use youtube-dl and an Android app, so that you can add an option called "Download on Pi" in the YouTube share sheet.

  9. Any plans on making a video showing how to make it a full wireless hotspot for people who would want to take in a bit of web access to more remote areas? It'd be great to figure out a system so that I could stream video while camping in a park or out in the woods.

  10. I use Rachel-Pi from Worldpossible to run a local internet for my kids when the real internet goes out. They love it.

  11. Great video but I would have preferred you made it 10 mins long and gave me more of a chance to pause and note the steps taken, commands entered 🙂

  12. can i do this with a separate wireless dongle? i dont have an ethernet cable because my router is in the basement

  13. Oh my god, This was actually something I was going to do on my own, I guess it'll be easier to do now with this tutorial xD

  14. I bough a low wattage Intel atom with a NAS build in mind. But current gen NAS operating systems don't allow for x86 (32 bit) processors. So check your hardware support before buying.

    These all in one boards are still supported, but you may get better milage from a newer x64 or ARM processor.

  15. This looks like a fun, and simple, one. Much like the pirate radio idea but expanded 👍

  16. Not only did I like this video, I offlined it and both links.

    You got the gears turning fine sir

    Good show

  17. I love your videos, but please, for the love of god… Stop using the "pling!" sound everytime you say anything..

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