39 thoughts on “POP CULTURE: What's wrong with the media

  1. please launch a hindi (indian language) channel i want my parents to watch each and every video of this channel. i know you'd say that even i can explain these things to my parents, but you may know it better that people with less developed mentality often trusts words from media more than from people from there own family. please do something 🙏

  2. thank you thank you thank you ! for informing us, for being an awesome and informative channel. keep up the good work!

  3. BTS are celebrities that are making positive world change through their #EndViolence and #LoveYourself messages.

  4. Aaron says look into the Koi pond and see a reflection of you, ladies drop bi http://www.thinkingwhiledrinking.org taking a break during Pride for the thinkers can go into the closet and embrace self hate, rage, and fear http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0FnxZAjoOQ For it is a struggle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5-yKhDd64s …

  5. This is why I don't click on news, I glimpse the headline and get a rush, but I try not to read it if I can

  6. Pop culture is affecting my life and i want to say fuck pop culture unless you're promoting good values rather than making people become dumber each day!

  7. Are you a sheep or a lemming? You buy it, they sell it. They shovel it, you eat it. Twitter is not a news outlet by the way…neither is FB or Yahoo. They are money makers and you all contribute. Fox, CNN, and the others who have large red "BREAKING NEWS ALERT" banners on their screen 24 hours a day renders them meaningless. Please don't be the sucker born every minute.

  8. And the snoberry behind ridiculing the public for being scared!! "their stupid ignorance allows the newspapers too control their minds, by keeping them scared" of say Islamist terror etc"!! but my problem is see how terrified the BBC became of right wing populism?? see all the ominous music and shaddowy mis- en -scene, bits on Wilders, Le Pen and co, complete with bourgeoise commentators, terrified of the rise of Nazism in our midst?? in essence you have to be scared, but you have to be scared of bullshit at the expense of reality!!

  9. notice the strong liberal metropolitan elitist bias of this video!! notice it was the Sun and Daily Mail being exposed and not the Guardian or Independent!! I really detest the idea that Murdochs prejudice right wing propaganda has brain washed the people, and rendered them "unthinking", especially when the BBC threatens you with jail or a fine if you don't buy their bullshit!! so which is more sinister guys?? because you don't go too jail if you refuse to buy the Sun!!

  10. The Sun and the Daily Mail are the biggest pieces of conservative trash ever

  11. It is very strange we idolize / (put huge huge value on)
    celebrities for their
    – quite superficially, good looks
    – ability to act like someone else

  12. in the era of the internet is mass media even relevant? I mean this Chanel itself is the new media.

  13. Well you crap journalism like the daily wail and then great ones like the economist. It is a personal choice.

  14. All you described is not relative to the "meanstream" media but to every media from person to person rumors to big channels. what are we most excited to discuss at a personnal level ? gossips, who did what with who, scandals … And not much of it is usually true. "Mainstream" media get a lot of bad press (the irony) as they appear as a classical villain that can be overthrown, but smaller media may not be better if gossip is an human nature and political owned ones will be worse withouth a doubt.

  15. Celebrities do deserve fame because they worked to achieve im sure Malalas goal wasnt fame but something else im i right?

    of course i am :d, u only ''deserve'' something if u worked for it specifically

  16. so profit motivates the media to compete for marginal increases in viewership? sounds like the problem is capitalism.

  17. But the official newspaper of Pakistan "Dawn" gives me everything I need (I suppose.) from humour to serious stuff…everything is made interesting for 19 year old–me.

  18. I think the free ad-based model that most news companies have taken now, especially online, has really exacerbated all these problems. I really think moving news networks back to a subscription based model, which doesn't need attention or ads to survive. I read two news papers, one is free (Sydney Morning Herald) and one is pay only (The Australia) and the Australian is so much better in terms of content and quality of writing.

  19. Very nicely done; I mostly agree, but not all the media are obsessed with scandals; however, quality information requires much more work, it should be paid for and people habitually consume cheap or free information, hence of bad quality. Scandals are covered and sold cheaply. Some of us became journalists because we wanted to change the world.You say that "the media are sanctimonious and prurient", and on the other hand that the media should be good. Isn't highlighting wrongdoing good? Even though I would prefer good role models. You also say that it is hypocritical because "most of the audience deep in the unconscious would love a chance to do what is being condemned on the surface". Where does one get the statistics from? How can you assume that most people are immoral? If that is the message people receive, that is where they may end up. Everybody manipulates in some way to lead the audience and convince them of the importance of their field, whether it is fashion or a deterministic philosophy.Thank you.

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