100 thoughts on “Poll: Democrats in battleground states prefer a moderate nominee

  1. The best way to figure out who we want is look at who we are giving our money to. And who has the most donors? Give ya a hint: he's not a moderate.

  2. That 31 percent. Dems would be smart to rally behind one person NOW.
    Sanders will split vote. Goodbye 20

  3. Republicans will call anyone the most left soviet socialist on the planet. Run and stand for what you believe in, its about authenticity

  4. Look, Sanders is the only candidate who is serious about getting Americans a better deal with health care. We need a public option, reduced costs and more comprehensive
    coverage. Nothing is actually 'free' but the middle class is paying way too much for HC right now.

  5. CNN, take note of the like/dislike ratio here. You are on the wrong side of history. Stop pushing the corporate choices. We, the people, actually do NOT want a moderate. We ALL want a progressive. We are tired of corporate media as well. Stop with this nonsense. Give some of the more progressive candidates fair hearings and be honest about the polls.

  6. Ranch, French, Italian, vinaigrette, honey mustard, gluten free nothing sauce, sugar/salt free nothing sauce, or maybe we can possibly toss it all up in a hand carved black walnut pre-olive oil infused bowl for you and chase away all the bad spirits before offering it to you as an option. What would you like? Would you like it to be delivered to your home so you can sit comfortably and read your cherished Patagonia handout? Whatever you want since it’s all about “your feelings”.

  7. Joe Biden looks more & more like Freddie Krueger in Nightmare On Elm Street with his crepey facial skin. He says he'll beat Donald Trump like a drum. More like Trump will pound him like the ground.

  8. LMAOyea put Michael in and see if that creature can tuck those balls Everytime it's on video!! LOL true humans wake up.

  9. Who the f wants biden. i travel the country, its either Warren, trumpo or BERNIE. the money will never let us have BERNIE and Warren is already starting to bend to the establishments will so what do we do to get BERNIE on the ticket

  10. I'm from WV. In 2016, Bernie won all 55 counties. You can lie to yourselves that the people want a moderate, but just know you're fooling no one. The people are done with the establishment. You've taken too much from us, and we'll have no more of it.

  11. here cnn goes hyping yet another corporatist as the front runner before they've even entered the race. i'm not sure i could get myself to vote for either biden or bloomberg, and i'm in one of those 3 states that handed trump the electoral college.

  12. Educated Millennials prefer not to pay back their loans.


    Tell them they'll be paying them back anyway…out of the Fair Share theory…and they'll quit being dumbass dimocraps real quick like.

  13. Fuck that. People want a true Progressive like Bernie and Warren for President. Not some Centrist hack like Biden or Corrupt Billionaires looking out for their wallets like Bloomberg and Trump. It's time for the Old Guard Centrists and Moderates in the Democratic party to step aside and let the Progressives take over. We don't need a repeat of 2016.

  14. We don't need another person running. The issue is we have so many great choices it's hard to decide. The issue is not that we need someone "stronger."

  15. Warren vs Bernie is real change. Butt and Bloom just like Joe worthless and want to keep statis quo. Let's wait for debates

  16. The corporate Democrats or really scared of Sanders and Warren aren't they let's keep scaring them and vote in Sanders or Warren for 2020

  17. This show that the Media think USA citizens🤦‍♂️ are all stupid.
    They can just LIE to us all…🙈🙉🙊
    Shame on you CNN.

  18. Stop pushing your right wing democrats as moderate. Centrist issues are issues everyone wants.

    Hey here's a thought what a crazy idea if the media covered all the candidates equally.

  19. DELUSIONAL demoClowns refuse to believe the TRUTH that President TRUMP is making America GREAT again. They are brain dead from believing CNN's LIES

  20. Harris has no place in the poll tulsi is ahead of her.
    How could Bloomberg be polled when he wasn't even a candidate until this week.
    And haha to her pointing out how the old popular vote card.

  21. Biden… you're lying. You don't beat Trump in every poll that's been run. We've literally been shown that this isn't the case. Are you trying to revise history so early?

  22. Progressive just means, you support tent city's, needle programs, late term abortion, illegal immigration, the deep state, communism and basically just don't like America. What leftist's don't get, do what you want. Its a free country, start a medical co op. Start a employer owned business. Have a hooker come pee on your wife, I don't care, just stop infringing on the rights of everyone else around you!

  23. CNN – Corporate Capitalists News Network. Fighting to protect the Corporate Status Quo /Economic Equity WAR against Average Income AMERICANS

  24. Build on Obamacare and add a public option for Medicare. This is common sense. Far left radicals will cost us the Whitehouse. It's the swing states that matter.

  25. Why are these talking heads saying that these candidates are showing a win over Trump, when Democratic leadership believe Trump will be impeached? Isn't this a ludicrous discussion? It leads me to believe that they all know that President Trump will NOT be impeached. That being the case, then I'm angry with Democrats for not accomplishing anything important during these wasted months, not to mention the loss of millions of dollars in taxpayer's money that could have been used to solve some serious problems in this country: infrastructure (highways and bridges); prison reform; solutions for rising drug prices (especially for seniors); enhancements to Medicare, to name a few.
    Instead we got total failure in proving Russian collusion, and NOW quid pro quo with Ukraine. Democrats need to get to work helping to solve America's problems, and quit playing politics as usual!

  26. If what is suggested… Bernie and Warren are the only two left at the top after the first primary/caucus results… were to happen — what does that tell you? We need a different moderate. What SHOULD that tell you? The people actually want Bernie or Warren. What the fuck is wrong with you people that you'd be faced with that reality and STILL think it's better to throw a billionaire in to tell people what they really want?

  27. Epstein was employed at Dalton, an all girls, school by Attorney General William Barrs father Donald Barr, and Epstein had no teaching credentials.

    I'll take a president who doesn't have multiple ties to the same pervert please!

    Andrew Yang for President 2020!

  28. While your a leftis like Bernie, Centrist like Biden or Romney, or a right winger like Trump, 2020 will be one of the interesting elections in American History, probably more interesting then the 2016 election and even more polarizing.

  29. Most want a moderate you say…

    Is that why in nearly every state if you put Bernies and Warrens numbers together you almost get 50% ?

    And that is without adding Yang and Tutsis numbers.

  30. It has to be said. With Biden occasionaly fluttering in the polling against Warren and Sanders there has to be an Establishment backup candidate if Biden drops significantly if the polling. CNN wants an Establishment President so they push the narrative that Sanders and Warren can not beat Trump. A savior in the wings is required if Biden begins to lose ground against them. CNN sponsors do not want Sanders or Warren. It will interfere with the cash cow.

  31. Yo I'm an always trumper BERNIE 2020 🇺🇸 but I feel sorry for u guys struggling for a liberal savior ok I'll give u inspired advice Bloomberg should just put his money behind buddachich and push him past warren to go head to head with my big man trizzy d IN 2020 BERNIE/BADACIC 😁

  32. "When we ask vague, meaningless questions, we get the answers that we want!"

    Somehow I doubt that you'd get the same answers if the questions were actually clear, like "Do you want to continue to pay more to receive a significantly lower quality of care than any other industrialized nation on Earth?"

    But you hire people who can talk endlessly while pressing buttons on a giant iPad, not people who actually understand the issues they report upon, don't you?


  34. I am not an American, so looking at this from the outside, it looks very much like the Democratic Party and much of the mainstream media e.g. CNN, do Not want Warren or Sanders, hence the theory that they are not electable. Of course they are electable. They are the only candidates that have a chance of beating Trump. The only reason for Dems and Media pushing Biden or Bloomberg is because these two, will not go after wealthy politicians, or their wealthy donors, or wealthy media hosts. It is very clear that Sanders and Warren are being driven out of the race because they want to put a stop to wealth inequality.

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