Politics & Pints with Andrew Yang

Politics & Pints with Andrew Yang

hello and welcome thank you so much for joining us tonight on Jacqueline radio we're here launching a very exciting new series in conjunction with the 2020 New Hampshire primary we're gonna be sitting down with as many Democratic candidates as possible talking to them about their campaign their platform and why they think they're the best choice to beat Donald Trump in the 2020 general election our first time with this segment called politics and pints is with a new candidate who's never run for office before a newcomer to politics mr. Andrew yang Andrew how are you I'm doing great thanks for having me thanks for being here so how's the campaign going the campaigns going phenomenally well I was just included in a national poll for the first time and I'm tied with people like Kirsten Gillibrand and wholly-owned Castro and here in New Hampshire the crowds are just getting bigger and bigger there's our message about the fact that our economy is being transformed forever by technology is getting out there in March solution which is that every American adult should receive $1,000 a month sorry on age 18 is very very appealing to people as they realize what that would mean for them and their families right and that's kind of one of the things that you're going to be using to set you apart from the other candidates and what is gonna probably be a crowded field of at least 15 to 20 Democrats this idea of a universal basic income or as you call it a freedom dividend explain that a little bit to us well if you look into our history you find that the freedom dividend is a very deeply American idea where Thomas Paine was forward at the founding of the country he called it the citizens dividend and then decades later Martin Luther King was for it Milton Friedman and a thousand economists signed a letter saying this would be great for the economy and society and it passed the House of Representatives twice under Richard Nixon and then 11 years later one state passed a dividend where everyone in that state now gets between one and two thousand dollars a year no questions asked that states Alaska where now they fund it with oil money and what I'm saying to Americans is the oil of the 21st century is technology you know what we the they do for Alaska we can do for people here in New Hampshire and around the country absolutely and now you were sam Harris's waking-up podcast I think last year or somewhat recently yeah and you had a quote that said the reason why Trump is our president today is because we automated away 4 million manufacturing jobs in the swing states do you want to maybe elaborate on that and and where then tell us where you think that trend is heading sure so I start an organization called venture for America that helped create several thousand jobs in the Midwest and the south and I became convinced the data confirmed it that the reason why Trump won in 2016 is that we automated away 4 million manufacturing jobs in Ohio Michigan Pennsylvania Wisconsin Missouri Iowa all swing states that he won and my friends in Silicon Valley know that what we did to manufacturing jobs we're now going to do two retail jobs call center jobs fast-food jobs and most disastrously truck driving and taxi driving jobs in the next number of years we're in the third inning of the greatest economic and technological transformation in the history of our country and the third inning brought us Donald Trump all of the media explanations are ignoring the facts on the ground and this isn't just like you know like a people picturing like Arnold as a robot this is like software and self-checkout and and you know items like that yeah it's exactly right where if you look around New Hampshire you look around the country thirty percent of Main Street stores and malls are closing and you don't think of that as robots in AI but the reason why they're closing is that Amazon is sucking up another twenty billion dollars in business every year and if you go to an Amazon warehouse their fulfillment center that place is wall-to-wall robots and Amazon is investing billions of dollars and artificial intelligence so it's not like Robocop's gonna start walking down the street and then until then then everyone's like oh no problem I mean the robots are with us they're just not in our day-to-day line-of-sight it's not like an iRobot scenario and Will Smith where they become you know self actualizing take over that's right and there there are some misconceptions about this for example AI artificial intelligence we are years and years away from what's called artificial general intelligence where they can walk and talk and seem like they're sentient beings yeah but we are very very close to AI that can do the work of call center workers and bookkeepers and accountants and on so what is it about your background I mean obviously when Trump ran in 2016 he pitched himself as this outsider a business guy savvy on business not being entrenched in the system which obviously you're not what is it about you coming from a business background that makes you so appealing and makes you believe that you should be the next president well some of my supporters have taken to saying the opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian man who likes math and so Donald Trump became president because he diagnosed correctly a lot of the problems but his solutions are unfortunately totally backwards his solutions are build a wall turn back the clock bring the jobs back and where I'm saying is we have to move the clock forwards we have to accelerate both our economy and society and broaden our definitions of both work and value we have to treat ourselves like the owners and shareholders of this great country and so when you talk about my background to tackle Donald Trump I'm focused on trying to solve the problems I got him elected and voters can sense that I've had many people who come up to me and say I voted for Donald Trump and I'm going to vote for you because you're talking about the same problems and you really want to solve them yeah and you recently rode shotgun with a truck driver or several truck drivers and they're kind of at the heart and soul of what you're talking about with automation because if they lose their job when they're 45 or 50 or 60 they're not being trained to do something else yeah I was with the trucker in Iowa this past weekend and if you look at the reality of truck driving there are three and a half million truckers in this country it's the most common job in 29 states average trucker is a 49 year old man with a high school education making about $50,000 a year so if you displace let's call it even a fraction of these truckers let's say half a million of them and then we have these fantasies that we're going to retrain people to do software engineering or whatever like the made-up new jobs going to be when in reality these truckers did not like school 30 years ago and they're not excited to get trained for some job that might not even exist the effectiveness rate of government-funded retraining programs according to independent studies is between zero and 15 percent so this is a made-up solution that politicians irresponsibly are spreading around I looked at the real numbers of what happened to the manufacturing workers in the Midwest when they lost their jobs about half of them never worked again they must left the workforce and of that half about half filed for disability so we have these these lazy irresponsible images where it's like everyone's gonna get retrained for some new job but the reality on the ground is very very different and that's exactly what's going to happen to the trucker's that's why I'm spending time with them to get a sense of both their working lives now and what the future may hold and I'm sure obviously this is a big question to you and everyone I've told about your campaign too and the universal basic income where's the money gonna come from you know what kind of taxes are gonna be in place who's gonna be holding the water for coming up with the money for freedom dividend yeah so the trap the American people are in right now is that a handful of companies are going to be the big winners from all this new technology we're talking about Amazon Google Facebook who were like the biggest tech companies in the world and those companies are great too just not paying a whole lot of taxes Amazon's move we'll say didn't make any money this quarter no taxes Google will say it all went through Ireland nothing here in the US and so we're gonna be looking around being like where's the money going where's the money going as the value is gonna flow right out of places like New Hampshire honestly it's gonna go right over to Seattle it's gonna go right over to the right over to Silicon Valley so what we need to do is we need to put a new tax in place that actually harnesses the gains from artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles and big data and robots and everything else and puts it in the hands of the American people and the most effective way to do that is to pass what's called a value-added tax which is something that every other major economy has already done and this way the American people would get a sliver of every Amazon sale every Google search every Facebook ad every robot truck mile and that's where we get the the funds a value-added tax because our economy is now so vast at 20 trillion dollars up five trillion in the last 12 years would give us enough to fund that was not a dividend for every adult so can you point to you say every other developing or major economy can you point to one right now in the planet that has been successful and is working right now that has the value-added tax and a dividend the entire Europe Union Canada China all have value-added taxes and then in terms of putting it into effect in a dividend the closest thing are some of the middle eastern countries in some of the Nordic countries but if you look at the northern European countries in particular they have very robust social safety nets where people actually do root for automation there because there's an actual retraining set of programs that works I mean that that's a very very different situation in some ways but the value-added tax has been well established in many many parts of the world and the dividend is in effect right here in the US and Alaska and in other parts of the world and I know recently you debated with Jeffrey Myron who's a libertarian economist Austrian School of Economics he was an advisor to my buddy Gary Johnson who I worked for last time around sounds a good guy did a lot of people I know it's pretty Gary's a good guy he doesn't know where Aleppo or what Aleppo is but that's either here you know where you know what Aleppo is I do know it a lot but the only means I know Aleppo is this because Gary Jordan oh yeah because Gary Johnson got high and didn't know what we know we shouldn't bomb it yeah we should we don't know where it is we can't bomb it right that should be a rule but can't find it no bomb right yeah so Jeffrey Myron obviously is Austrian school how was that debate how was it going into a room with a lot of libertarians and people of that mindset in pitching a universal basic income and what kind of response did you get from those type of people well if you look at the footage of that debate you'll see that me and Jeffrey agreed on most things and that many many libertarians are for the freedom dividend in part because Milton Friedman who's a patron saint of libertarian economists was Ford he called a negative income tax and what libertarians like is economic freedom is individual autonomy which the freedom dividend would make possible for more and more Americans what libertarians don't like is a giant bureaucracy making everyone's decisions for them and so we can lighten up the bureaucracy and increase economic freedom and autonomy and the majority of the people at that conference agreed with this vision and me and Jeffrey if you look at it again we were aligned on many many things do you think businesses would raise the cost of goods and overall prices for services with this they're like Oh everyone's getting thousand dollars a month we're just gonna raise our prices that's one that's one question I my friend wanted me to ask you oh yeah of course yeah I know it's a very common question so if you dig into what's happening with prices and inflation in our economy most consumer goods where the markets are pretty efficient things are getting cheaper staying the same price so this is like median electronics food clothing automobiles like there are they're getting better and staying the same price or they're getting cheaper even in some cases now what's going up in price that's driving us all crazy there are three things housing education and healthcare those are the three main areas of inflation in our economy they're going up and up but most of the consumer goods staying about the same so what I tell people is like look if everyone in this town in New Hampshire got a thousand bucks a month and let's say this bar decided to double the cost of their beer like you know right now it's three let's say the next day at six or seven or you know it's not like you'd be like oh I'm made of money now I'm gonna pay that six or eight dollars you would say wait a minute this beer was four dollars yesterday and then you'd start looking around be like is there another bar in this town well I'd probably pay it it's pretty damn good beer well if the beer is worth it so that the reality is that there's going to be price sensitivity among consumers still like you're selling you're looking for a bargain and there's going to be price competition in every vertical you would need every firm to simultaneously raise their prices on every comparable good and then have to make it so that no one lowers their price to get everyone's business which is impossible the reality is that we would keep the vast majority of this money the causes of inflation this education and health care and housing are because those markets are dysfunctional for a variety of reasons and if anything putting money into our hands helps us manage the crazy inflation in things like health care and education and have you heard the criticism that if you're everyone from 18 to 64 it's just going to get a complimentary thousand dollars every month that's going to play into a culture and an atmosphere of not wanting to work in dependency on government and just becoming lazy and satisfied with not working and earning money this is the biggest misconception that somehow the freedom dividend is anti work it's pro work it would pump eight billion dollars into the economy here in New Hampshire and would create about fifteen thousand new jobs here because if everyone in this community had a thousand bucks a month what would you do with it you'd come to this place and buy more beer you'd get your car repairs that you've been putting off you would get tutoring and food for your kids you know you might do some home improvement you've been putting off that money just goes right back into the economy and every business here that has any growth is like oh I need to hire a new server mechanic tutor and on and on no one's gonna quit their job in a thousand bucks a month that's below the poverty line in this country that's one thousand seven hundred seventy dollars on the flip side it will enable more people to do the kind of work that they want to do and it also helps reward and compensate though the work that's right now ignored and one of the examples I use is that my wife is at home with our two sons one of whom is autistic and that right now gets valued at zero and with the freedom dividend that sort of work would actually at least begin to be measured and rewarded in our society so this is an anti work at all there's actually pro work and it brought into the definitions of work and changing gears a little bit here you have a or you're part of a documentary on Netflix that we watch called generations start oh yeah what you think I liked it I thought it was really cool it's it's cool to see young people in post grads throwing themselves into like a housing situation where there's no pretty hairy moving with cockroaches and there's no I was I was in that house yeah I was in that house I did not sleep there but I was like holy cow yeah man yeah they're really good guys I was just I just thought to myself man their parents are gonna kill me I thought well it's like summer camp you know sink or swim in the deep end Andrew yang summer camp I mean eight mile it was cool to see that though so how has that program helped those young people I mean have you seen since that documentary you have they kept kept it going and built their businesses or well it's just like real life man where some of them have succeeded and some of them have found new things to do but like I will say that venture from America's alums have raised tens of millions of dollars and helped create hundreds even thousands of jobs around the country which I couldn't be prouder of and the thing I'm proudest of is that venture of America is still thriving and growing even though I am no longer a CEO and that's one of the highest accomplishments of my career is that as an entrepreneur you create something that then grows without you so venture for America you're looking to try and get some startup experience around the country and you're you know coming out of school like check it out you're not afraid to rough it a little bit you have to rough it it's true but you know I mean a bro but but you guys know that that stuff can really help prepare you for great things in the future oh yeah yeah it definitely builds character and helps with the realities of business where we're trying to take our podcasts here to the next level and this interview with you is our first launch of politics and pine-sol politics and pine look at this Andrew yang breaking new ground like always job is for you not even president yet yeah we're gonna create a lot of jobs and we started distributing that dividend so Andrew you're you're you're on okay so you win the Democratic nomination this is hypothetical I like where you're going okay so you win the Democratic nomination and it's you and geo de Scott emperor of the United States aka the Emperor the king megalodon the Donald Donald Trump yeah the Big Kahuna what's your first line out of the gate and that debate to Donald Trump in front of the whole world you know I'm not someone who tries to prepare zingers you know you're gonna have to though you're gonna have to because he's gonna be ready for you I need to get to the prime we want to see you on the stage of the primary yeah absolutely well I'm gonna be there so on the way to win the nomination I'm gonna just talk look we got to solve the problems like Donald Trump elected and people are suffering 57% of Americans can't afford an unexpected $500 bill 78% a living paycheck-to-paycheck which we saw the shutdown you know of freaking government employees like going on and affected my sister she works she's a contractor for the US Marshal she did not get two paychecks it was horrible yeah it's horrible it's horrible there was honorable there was a whole town in Iowa that shut down because they're based upon the Herbert Hoover Museum and then that shut down and then Owen shows you some irony in that though Hooverville you of course he does and there's a national park that too it also said a queue but I heard you mentioned you know you would like to preempt Donald and your nickname would be comrade yang well that's what we were guessing he's gonna call me is comrade yang because it's sort of a little bit racially tinged and letter makes me seem like a socialist even though I want to say the freedom dividend is this capitalism more income doesn't start at zero it's good for business good for consumers it's very much a continuation of capitalism then when the economy grows we get some of that money back because all the new business and then that generates new tax revenue so we get back 400 billion a new tax revenue give or take and then we save hundreds of billions on things like incarceration and homelessness services an emergency room health care there was a prison guard here in New Hampshire who said to me we should pay people to stay out of jail because when they wind up in jail we just spend so much on so much wasteful institutional cost and then the last part that's really also beautiful is that if everyone had a thousand dollars a month kids would be stronger healthier mentally healthier of higher graduation rates there was one study that showed that alleviating poverty would increase our GDP by 700 billion dollars by making us more productive healthier and mentally healthier so they're all these wins you talk about like domestic tranquility like the studies show that lower domestic marriages would actually be better and younger people wouldn't be getting divorced and having as many issues not as much circles like what's the number one stressor in a relationship are you guys married money money money huh I'm not no we look actually lived together this is a womb to tomb scenario twins if you couldn't tell I could tell that no weird you know we were not married but we're single ladies single this can't last forever ladies you got to get over to wherever they should get a president I can find a wife I'm just saying I owe you know you guys writing about finding a wife to me is an inevitable inevitable 'ti you know cuz like you know that's right if we get that thousand dollar dividend and we have a job we look better on the market we look better on plentyoffish comm and tinder or Grindr yeah Christian singles a part part or really is like what is one of the single biggest causes of relationship stress by well yeah like couples argued all the time friends that's what they say absolutely yes so it's gonna improve relationships the other thing is it improves relationships just by like everyone having a thousand bucks a month coming in then if you have a partner that's twenty four thousand that's a really good foundation and if one of you works maybe the other one is like home with the kids I mean like this would be a game-changer for many many families and one of the points that your book the war on normal people discusses is that relationships would be better and perhaps suicide rates would even go down because people are that the destitution and depression yeah I had – I had a supporter write me and say that this would have saved his brother's life because his brother took his own life because of financial stresses I mean this is very very real if you look at what's happening in this country we are falling apart we are disintegrating our life expectancy has declined for three years because of a surge in suicides and drug overdoses you know here are the things that record lows right now marriage rates child birth rates people starting businesses people moving leaving their parents house yeah all record lows sure record highs suicide addiction drug overdoses depression like all of those things are record highs so we got to look around and say we are sick and we are falling apart and we need to build a more human centered economy that actually serves our needs I mean what the heck are we serving right now this like bantam GDP number that's gonna go up and up even as more of us get kicked to the curb and you know speaking to that when I heard you speak a couple weeks ago up in Manchester you mentioned you have some friends who work for the military-industrial complex as we all do everybody knows somebody who works for them and they're there they I mean you could say what you will about it it's it's a vapid black hole of waste so for the ubi would that tap in to some of that and redirect some of that resources towards people well I think it would be immensely helpful and it would help your people better economic options but we need to start channeling some of the military spending we currently have into infrastructure and things that are gonna solve the problems of this era the stuff Trump said he was gonna do but it's like not happening the fact that we didn't at least get an infrastructure bill out of Trump is crazy to me the guy literally built stuff he was putting his name on things it's bipartisan it would have created jobs it would have solved a problem any community couldn't even do that I mean it's nuts like this is the biggest no-brainer Democrats would have been on board with that it were like we don't care who proposed it if you want to build called infrastructure just call it infrastructure and then Dems would have gotten behind it and I kid you not I feel like the reason why he didn't do it was because he just thought that not doing it what's up oh oh like sticking to someone so the fact we can get infrastructure out of Trump is crazy I mean you know he still has a little bit of time but doesn't matter he's just leaving me more to do when I'm president we're gonna have the rebuild America infrastructure fund that goes for over a trillion dollars over a number of years because we're living on investments of decades ago now in terms of our highways and bridges and like we're falling apart it's it's nuts there are so many things in this country that we know we can do much much better and I know obviously senator round your campaign is the freedom dividend I haven't heard you talk a lot about foreign policy where are you foreign policy wise in specifics to our drone program and what we're doing around the world and in the Middle East right now especially nation-building and occupying all these Middle Eastern countries yeah nation-building is one way to describe what we've been doing I think we've gotten ourselves into all these messes because American leaders have deluded themselves about thinking that we could do things that we could not do and many people have paid the price our own soldiers other societies the fact that we've squandered hundreds of billions of dollars I could have been spent on pretty much it's money that could have been kept in house yeah and so what I've been saying to people is that our foreign policy reflects our strength at home we are falling apart at home so now our partnerships and alliances are fraying and people regard us as erratic and unreliable and so what we have to do is we have to become strong at home and then we'll be much better able to project our values and goals abroad and also rebuild relationships and alliances that people regard us as someone they can rely on over time so that's my goal as president I would certainly be much more restrained and judicious about actual use of force if we get involved in a situation we have to know what our goals are we have to know what our time frame is and we have to be able to say honestly to our men and women and service look we're gonna equip you to succeed and I'm going to take care of you when you get back right yeah me imagine if we had that six or seven trillion we spent in Afghanistan in Iraq the last eighteen years you know what you could do with that you could find a freedom dividend for quite some time and one of the things I want to say is look we have the money like that there's a strange mentality it's like oh where's the money where's the money we have the money our economy is up to 20 trillion dollars up five trillion in 12 years it's just a matter of priorities and if the majority of citizens in a democracy let's say let's declare ourselves a dividend you don't even need us like some supermajority you just need 51% of Congress to make this a reality all right well we're down to our last couple minutes here I want to thank you Andrew for joining us I want to thank post-and-beam brewing and we have to put this up here we were partnering with post-and-beam brewing I want to give Andrew yang the floor here for his last pitch to the voters of New Hampshire and everybody Andrew why should you be President I want to be President to solve the problems that have made Donald Trump president in the first place so we have to build a new trickle up economy from ourselves from our people and our families and our communities up and I have to say to the voters of New Hampshire you all have an awesome power and historic responsibility where most of America is looking around saying what can I do to change things and they feel like their vote does not matter because our political system is a set of pipes that are just clogged full of money hundreds of millions of dollars and the sad thing is they are right their vote does not matter but if you're here in New Hampshire then your vote does matter and if you get behind an economic vision that puts you first that puts us first then we can take that to the rest of the country and to make it a reality in 2020 it sounds good all right well ladies and gentlemen thank you for joining us tonight I'd like to thank post-and-beam brewing this is our first politics in pint Andrew yang good luck to you sir thank you for joining us thank you

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