Politics of Climate Change

Politics of Climate Change

hi I'm senator Sheldon Whitehouse Congress's failure on climate change is related to political dark money and I hope you'll watch and share this less than five minute film every week the Senate is in session I bring this increasingly beat-up poster to the Senate floor to talk about climate change and the steady rise scientists are measuring in global temperatures year after year the earth sets new records for heat year after year Nature herself changes in response to the global warming we are measuring year after year those changes spin off as floods and droughts wildfires and rain bursts species moving about or dying out and oceans rising and acidifying yet year after year nothing happens in Congress that's new when I came to the Senate in 2007 there was lots of bipartisan action on climate change every one of these Republican senators was the co-sponsor of some kind of climate change legislation but then came 2010 in January of 2010 heating the appeals of big business interests five Republican appointees on the Supreme Court decided in a case called citizens united that those big special interests could spend unlimited amounts of money in politics the fossil fuel industry sought this anticipated it and was quick to react virtually instantly all Republican work on climate change stopped the heartbeat of bipartisan work that preceded Citizens United flatlined and the money poured in fossil fuel Titans like the Koch brothers poured seven hundred and fifty million dollars into the 2016 presidential elections and a promise to spend up to 400 million in the 2018 midterms this Citizens United decision is at the heart of Congress's failure to act on climate change it is a national disgrace as big fossil fuel companies polluted our atmosphere and oceans they propped up a battery of deceivingly named front groups to pollute our public debate about climate change climate denial the original fake news the web of denial organizations and dark money is large and complex this diagram of it was created by an academic researcher professor Robert Brule at Drexel University other good research has been done at Oklahoma State University Michigan State Harvard and Yale credit should also go to press outlets like inside climate news and best-selling authors who have shined spotlights into the web of climate denial and dark money this all may seem like a lot of trouble and expense for the fossil fuel industry to go – until you understand the stakes the International Monetary Fund very bright people with no apparent conflict of interest put the subsidy to fossil fuel each year in the United States at 700 billion dollars each year to protect a prize like that an industry can put up a lot of front groups and spend a lot of that citizens united unlimited money there are corporate good guys on climate like these that supported a strong Paris climate agreement but they don't show up in Congress to lobby for climate action in Congress the political pressure from the fossil fuel industry has no corporate counter pressure this guy cares Pope Francis has eloquently called for climate action and climate justice but in the Senate this guy decides and he holds his position because Ken's of millions of fossil fuel dollars have been spent to buy him his Republican Senate majority so it will take more than my weekly speech to wake Congress up we need you to get involved thanks for listening you can make a difference

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  1. Don't give up.  It might seem impossible.  It must be very frustrating facing professional liars.  But the truth does matter.  Our children and our childrens' children future does matter.

  2. So…..you actually were elected? Hate to break it to you bub…..but you are the dark money, big business interests etc.

  3. It's interesting to note that Citizens United was the major turning point for the end of bipartisan action on climate, and almost everything else that corporations might oppose. Loyal Republicans don't recognize the obvious conflict of interest that has corrupted their leaders and dumbed down their base, who are more likely to believe in a fictional liberal conspiracy that has somehow made the world's smartest scientists collude in some massive ploy for funding.

    That's quite a desperate straw to grasp for, especially since deniers put themselves in league with flat-earthers, chem trailers, white supremacists and anti-Semites. You still think the earth's fastest temperature change in human history has nothing to do with the 40% increase in carbon that took place over the same period?


  4. Trump's erratic, unpredictable, self-serving management style is being protected and perpetuated by the GOP-controlled U.S. Congress. The quickest and most expedient way to resolve this problem is for tens of thousands to camp out on the steps of the Capitol demanding:

    1. The impeachment and removal of Trump and Pence for failing to honor their Oath of Office in that both have failed to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States, and

    2. Demanding that Congress must create a precedent for resolving the crime of foreign interference in U.S. elections by scheduling a new presidential election to elect a president and vice president to serve out the remainder of Trump and Pence's term, and

    3. Demanding that Senator Mitch McConnell and Congressman Paul Ryan by replaced as Senate Majority Leader and Speaker of the House respectively.

  5. When comments are made by those who revert to foul language and name calling, it readily points out how ignorant they are, either unknowingly, or deliberately. It further proves how much politically motivated industrial rhetoric has pulled the wool over so many eyes. It happened in the tobacco industry and is happening again by the fossil fuel industry.

  6. Isn't congress supposed to make laws to govern the people? Seems these days, the people have to govern themselves, because the congress is just looking out for their own pocket books. And maybe it wouldn't even matter if everyone boycotted the government by not paying taxes. Their lobbiest would probably pay money to keep the system running.

  7. When you people that say humans are responsible for the changing climate can get mother nature to stop erupting volcanos I'll believe you.

  8. It is very likely that everyone who watches this will know many people whose death is brought closer, or even directly killed by air pollution, it is just as likely they won't know anybody who dies from climate change. Scratch the surface and the anthropogenic climate change hypothesis reveals itself as just another scam to control and rob the people.

  9. Start infiltration of the Democratic party,they will talk about climate change, Republican party deny,since the Kochs bought them.

  10. You can call your congressman and senator and tell them do vote against Trumps budget cuts to the EPA and his dangerous trashing of carbon emissions regulations. Vote for congress people who believe climate change is real and will support wind and solar

  11. You are so full of shit. We know the data is manipulated, and we know whenever we are told it's the "hottest year ever" it's always within the margin of error. So yeah you are full of shit.

  12. The Earth has been changing since day one! You've just been listening to a bunch of bullshit from a know nothing politician. The planet has regularly gone through warming and cooling cycles throughout history. A quick look at ALL historical data, not just the leftist version of select data, will quickly show that the Earth remains the same.

    Politicians are people who create a crisis and then make a career out of telling you that only they can save you from it. Notice Al Gore's flooded coasts by 2000 claim and cities underwater by now never happened. Nope, same old Earth; just more political bullshit from those who wish to control you.

  13. This needs a part 2 – what's the most effective way we can "get involved" and "make a difference", as you say?

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