23 thoughts on “Politics in the Animal Kingdom: Single Transferable Vote

  1. So no matter of many years go by the tarsiers and lynxes will never get a representative even though that's the only thing they ever really wanted? Doesn't seem fair to me… Way better than other systems though. I this case putting them in an order doesn't matter because we don't know if they think one of the is the best and then randomly put the rest because they want them all to lose as much or something like that.

  2. I think the United States would benefit from this. I bet you there are tons of voters who don’t really like their respective party, but can’t stand the other, so vote for a party they don’t like. With this, there can be several parties and more people are happy.

  3. I've just realised, what counts as an "unused" or "extra" vote for a candidate? Like how is it decided who's vote are for their 1st choice and who's are for their 2nd because the 1st choice has already won.

  4. Or you could just eliminate local representatives altogether as they are pointless and let everyone vote for any candedate.

  5. 4:52 How do you decide which ballot papers are looked at to see where "extra" votes are moved to? Surely withing a Party, there could be good reason 1 tiger won that many votes, many voters disliking the 2nd tiger as he's a massive racist. In that case you could end up with voters hating the 2nd tiger candidate, especially as most didn't vote for him.

  6. After first place is locked in with 65%, how do you determine WHICH of the extra 32% get transferred? Presumably there will be some diversity of second favorite candidates. How do you determine which voters wasted their votes on a landslide winner, and which of the 65 voters will be allowed to affect the runoff vote?

  7. Just recently, a couple kids from my school got our school to use STV voting for our student government elections, as far as I know it went great.

  8. This is much better than the current system but it is still flawed when everyone's second choice is the same but no one's first choice is that one

  9. 5:40 how do we evaluate which White Tiger vote is "core" and which one is "extra"?

    Let's say that of all the White Tiger voters:
    1) 50% White Tiger voters voted #1 White Tiger and #2 Tiger
    2) 50% White Tiger voters voted #1 White Tiger but hate Tiger so they voted for Silverback as their second choice.

    How do we decide who to give the extra White Tiger votes to?

  10. How about (purple) tiger giving its votes to white tiger and then giving white tiger a double vote as representative

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