have you been there for the ceremony with the cremation of care frankly that I don't think that's something I need to talk to you about really that's right I'm Alex Jones and I snuck in there in 2000 I'm the guy that blew it wide open well I disrespect you for that the Bohemian Grove is a camp in Northern California where 2,000 of the nation's most powerful men in politics media and various other industries meet and spend two weeks together every summer people like George W Bush Richard Nixon and Walter Cronkite are admitted members there is some very odd and occult like practices that occur at the club including a mock human sacrifice called the cremation of care that has been recorded on video by Alex Jones and Jon Ronson I encourage you to look it up and research it for yourself the rest of this video will show you every time a politician has been confronted and asked about the Bohemian Grove the politicians responses may surprise you I'll tell you a couple of stories about fraud the Bohemian Club the as you say the Bohemian Club that's where all those rich Republicans go understand an action against redwood trees right I've never been at the Bohemian Club but you ought to go and be good for you get some fresh air I get a quick autograph here what's this picture of actually don't remember let's see what the Bohemian Grove you told me that I'm delusional you know it's nice to know that there's some people have fantasy lives nothing interested there so you were there can we talk to you about it there's no question involved any question any answers on the Bohemian Grove you never want to talk to me about I'm not gonna stop asking what do you think that might be a good person to consider for when are you gonna open up on the Bohemian Grove bye-bye you might as well just answer the question it's gonna be a lot easier peepers is gonna it's gonna be on YouTube he Birds is going to speculate that there's something wrong unless you tell us there's nothing wrong come on I'm just trying to be transparent and open that's all I'm trying to do new and you're kind of making yourself look kind of guilt yeah we thought you know it looks like there's not a lot of people here we could at least you know have a conversation talk to you that's okay we just want to end all the speculation and theories we want to end that but by not answering you kind of make you look bad just a question thank you I try we don't know what's happening at the Bohemian Grove there's all these theories out there the only way to get the truth is to go to somebody and to ask them the question well when they don't answer the question it's kind of sad consider yourself a Catholic but what happens when you worship Molech at the Bohemian Grove New York Post says that male prostitutes are shipped in into the Bohemian Grove can you tell us what happens there you actually believe all this junk Bill Clinton said that Republicans run around naked in the woods they're excited about human club that's where all those rich Republicans go all the standard action against redwood trees right I've never been at the Bohemian Club but you ought to go and be good for you get some fresh air and you don't want to know what Richard Nixon said about the place place you attend it it's a secret society can you tell us something sue invited you you know it's nice to know that there are some people who have fantasy lives that have nothing there you can't answer the question David gird top presidential adviser the Ford Reagan George Herbert Walker Bush and Bill Clinton we couldn't believe our luck it just so happens that David Gergen is also a prominent member of the Bohemian Grove the offshoot of skullenbones this insider of insiders a staple of the White House for 22 years got very upset and we brought up Bohemian Grove Xia he didn't deny its existence he didn't deny that he was a member he didn't deny the rituals he just became angry and didn't act very gentlemanly one last question I read at Washington Times article many years ago where you've had a comment about the organization and then now it's been in the Wall Street Journal spent a lot of different newspapers and that's the Bohemian Grove and back in what was the 1996 when you joined as a Clinton adviser they were the Republicans were criticizing you oh what about Bohemian Grove and then you calendar up and then you countered them by saying hey I don't run around in the woods naked what does that mean here is the before-mentioned Washington Times article where he said I didn't run around naked like they do I don't know what I don't know what clothes you're referring to I'm not aware of any quote like that listen up I am a a happy member of a Negro by like the folks who come there and it's really inappropriate for me to talk about a the group beyond now thank you have you been there for the ceremony with the cremation of care frankly that's a that I don't think that's something I need to talk to you about have you been there for the ceremony with the cremation of care frankly that I don't think that's something I need to talk to you about really that's right I'm Alex Jones and I snuck in there in 2000 I'm the guy that blew it wide open well I disrespect you for that you took it I don't know anything about you and I don't know any about your film but if you go in there with an understanding you violated that understanding by releasing that film and I don't respect you for that really I'm sorry you took an understanding when you went in there that you would not do that film and you did you have an understand when you went in there No did you crash it yes yeah and it has no trespassing signs or two doesn't know I'm sorry sorry I've been there before I know I went circumstances are and I'm sorry you got violated the understandings it was not that was not a gentleman anything what about the ritual is the ritual genuinely [Applause] sir everything III don't owe you this comment ah yeah you you have you this is what's called ambush journalism and I disrespect you for that as well so thanks for everything goodbye an original that's the leave your damn business oh listen listen you go around and make understandings with people and violate them you use ambush people on the streets and that's that's an appropriate form of journalism if you wish to practice that test fine but don't answer others who respect you for it if you wanted to you can do your free American like anything you want if you want to be uncivil and rude and ungentlemanly that's up to you but don't expect the rest of let's just say oh well you're mr. Gargan I'm sorry nobody says policy in there we try to be gentlemen and obviously you don't belong there weaving spiders coming out here that is a three-pointer whoo ha ha here's a call I made to rush limbaugh trying to get him on record about the Bohemian Grove where he also played dumb not in San Diego you're next on the eiv network hello since the heavy on the wine rush have you seen the video of the Bohemian Grove ceremony that Alex Jones produced that's on Google Video no but invited Bohemian Grove but I've never been ever been there and I've not I've not seen the video now at first he plays dumb but then when I press him again you can see he gets quite aggravated and then goes on a rant showing that he does know all about the Bohemian Grove do you know about the activities within the Grove can you talk about that no because I don't I've never been there oh here's all I know is that it's a bunch of elitist and power brokers who conduct secret meetings to take over the world and they run around nude it's all men know women are allowed and they run around and then you can finally go to bathroom on the side of trees and so forth and they have people come out and make speeches to them and all that and I know it was started by members of the San Francisco Symphony way way way back who were shunned from San Francisco Society so they formed her own little Club there up up in Northern California and it's yeah yeah I've where do you where do you find these people hey David just just really quick do you think it's a conflict of interest that you're part of the Bohemian Grove and also reporting no why not Society tonight the big test is tonight and we'll know after tonight and what are you looking for tonight what if he gets a home run of his speech doesn't the attorney the devil had a terrific convention we'll wait until your answer that question what about to be human grosser David can we get some transparency about the Bilderberg Group can we get at least what happens now Rosie no I'm not crazy but what happened how – no idea what you're talking yes I do the Bohemian Grove you attended there's a lot of weird stories coming out about the Bohemian Grove we just want to know what happens there seems interesting the most powerful people come together in secret New York Post says male prostitutes are shipped in another publication parts our first question yeah I'm sorry you gave a keynote speech at the Bohemian Grove Club sir a club which openly has mocked child sacrifices and satanic worship sir can you answer my question sir please I was very pleased I was very pleased with my performance debate it was a good debate what about the Congressional that's very important they do mock human sacrifices their sign you reported the illness that was very pleased with my reporters debate so what they're doing nor my question deserves and we have gotten tired look if you want to be President let's have an open dialogue about if you just ignored me sir it's not nice running up a storm about the Bohemian Grove over there human sacrifice is a male prostitute ship then their yearly I should like to know what goes on over there that's respectable stuff I know isn't it disgusting what you're doing is not it's all I'm sorry I thought you're talking about with what the governor does over there year later he said this is a path to debate this is not an open news conference with the governor there's never an opens news conference he talks about AIDS and healthcare and the same stuff over and over well he mangrove actually you said before that you did you did it did you or did you not attend Bohemian Grove in San Francisco you've been doing this question for three and a half years governor just one last question last time we talked you're kind of like sweating up a storm when I brought up the Bohemian Grove why is that that what Bohemian Grove nothing he knows everything about Bohemia indeed all of its odd group of naked man it means nothing being invited to the Bohemian Grove I've always wanted to say it it's usually almost every president this is connected to some of those secret societies Richard Nixon in this Nixon tables no I mean other Democrats have also got a thousand sample right now know about blow up everybody does they've been articles about it a friend of mine went there twenty years ago and wrote an article to spy magazine about it it's a fucking joke mangroves a total fucking joke that's just naked idiots who gives a shit without sacrifices do you don't give a shit what's in Dick Cheney's heart or mine what do you care you get to vote – my canvas psychos are in guns your who's having say time satanic rituals you what here's what you get what you get and you know to get in politics everywhere in the world is egomania you know and so they're they're all egomaniacs so you get to choose from this brutal egomaniacs that's it there's no other choice and that's who you get to choose from that's the deal you know it's not unique to this country they're bigger maniacs everywhere else ladies and gentlemen the very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies to secret oaths and to secret proceedings we decided long ago dangers and excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it


  1. This is do weird.. alex might be working with them in the first place.. they only acted just to make it known to people. Lol.. thdy can kill iraq people but didnt kill those sho exposed bout them?

  2. How do people still not believe stuff like this? Just look at there faces when asked about it. Stuttering, looking helpless, getting angry etc

  3. These politicians suck at lying.. if they want to do something sick and vile, they should practice lying more to get away with it.
    They keep stuttering and and avoiding eye contact.

  4. Do you people realize that these disgusting people are actually ruling the world? The most powerful people attending Spirit Cooking dinners, attending Bohemian grove.. tf?? Hey! Don’t miss your chance to vote! 😂😂

  5. Alex Jones was a seriously ground breaking journalist it’s sad he’s went slightly crazy but he’s seriously intelligent and all of this media BS today tries to discredit everything he’s done

  6. You are not exposing anything.. I know you like to wank off to the thought of you doing that, but your not.
    This been on youtube for 15 years..
    But good job copy pasting, you are really sticking it to the man lol

  7. using bill clinton’s joke and a new york post tabloid-style gossip piece as evidence lol. newts a piece of shit but cmon

  8. In all seriousness I'm fairly sure this is just a generic "boys club" that was set up for wealthy and political elite that has absolutely nothing of value going on inside, but is made to appear so to create the illusion of consolidated power.

  9. Honestly I think its possible Jones was/is controlled opposition. I'm skeptical about pretty much everything that comes from that vine; however if not he is a living contradiction and parody of what honest and conservative values could and should be in people; his apparent interest in trannies that was "accidentally" blasted during his broadcast, his extreme and absurd demeanor and "gotcha" attitude is like a reflection of the modern far left. Its like he's pulled from the spot light completely, then those that do follow him away start to see him mockingly take off the costume and quit the act.

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