40 thoughts on “Political Correctness Puzzles Police

  1. Um I am a person who likes to eat common dishes from other place and my mom's grandpa is also from a different other place making me three cultures and this video made me uncomfortable, ban it

  2. My god.. I am a human being who wears pants!
    *Jumps out the glass structure* You are very unlikely to gain on me among the beings-!

  3. As an organism (or not; being a rock is a-ok!) that exists in the universe (or other places) that has mass (or not; being light is okay in my book), I find this extremely offensive. I'm unsubscribing. You people make me sick.

  4. Sadly, this has gotten worse in 2019. People can choose not to be offended, especially for other people. "You would feel discriminated! You would offended!" Since when does someone else dictate how I feel or take people's comments?

  5. My humorous side wants to laugh, buy my realization that this is society now dictates I cry inconsolably.

  6. There is a "wanted" poster for Sirius Black on the corkboard. This means I have watched the sketch so many times to actually examine the posters.

    What am I doing with my life.

  7. Sounds like uhr a fed to moi, whoa political correctness ok, ok EX FED. So, if UPS&Fed ex merged might that be fed up? 😉

  8. I just realized Stephen is called Peterson in this sketch and in “The Real Bully” sketch haha

  9. Maybe it’s just me, but if someone did this to me, I’d find it more racist tbh 😂 and annoying. But this script is amazing and funny but sadly what a lot of people think to be true. I’m black but if someone call me an African American, I wouldn’t like it. Seeing as not every black person is American or African. My ancestors were African, not me. So I’d rather you just say it as it is and call me black. But that’s me sooooooo

  10. I just noticed that there are Wanted posters of Niko Bellic from GTA 4 and Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of Caribbean on the board at back, neat.

  11. As a person with a skin color matching something, and have the weight of a certain animal, and one of the two genders, I am offended.

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