Pokémon Sword & Shield - Gym Leader Battle Theme Remix

Pokémon Sword & Shield – Gym Leader Battle Theme Remix

26 thoughts on “Pokémon Sword & Shield – Gym Leader Battle Theme Remix

  1. I really like the idea of different themes for the gym leaders while they also keep the main melody. The official theme is probably only meant for Nessa, but still it sounds awesome. Milo's theme was also really cool 🙂 What do you guys think about that?

  2. Nice remix! I really liked this theme and your remix made it so much better! Those guitars are 👌 Another amazing remix! #BliitzitIsTheBest #BliitzitRemixingLegend #LegendaryRemixerBliitzit

  3. I'm gonna feel pretty bad to fight a waifu like Nessa. She deserves to be loved not fought. I felt bad when I was fighting Sabrina in Let's Go, cause she's just an adorable beauty! But Nessa… she's gonna take the cake now!

  4. there is a reason why i keep myself away from google images if there's a new female character on a video game
    btw great remix 👍

  5. Welcome to the comments
    Here u are going to find
    19,9% about the remix
    5% about pokemon
    0,1% this commentary
    75% Nessa is damn hot

  6. I kinda like the idea they have seperate gym themes. Cause I really wanna see some punk inspired music or at least riffs in some parts of this game as well as a lot of other types of music. I mean seriously the entirety of the UK has a lot of different kinds of musical styles you can incorporate throughout history. I think this theme fits Nessa well and I would personally still really like to see a dark type or like electric type gym leader who maybe has a punk style theme XD just cause it's my favorite music genre. I'd like to see it show up at least once somewhere… XD

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