Pokémon HeartGold / SoulSilver - All Mythical Pokémon Events

Pokémon HeartGold / SoulSilver – All Mythical Pokémon Events

25 thoughts on “Pokémon HeartGold / SoulSilver – All Mythical Pokémon Events

  1. I’m so mad that a guy stole my HG cartridge and reset my game with my Celebi and all my legendaries. Fuck you Matthew you fuck neet

  2. We know that the game is played in Kanto and Johto. So how can you get pokémons from other generations (3 and 4)? through exchanges? or do they just appear wildly?

  3. I wish pokemon games still had cool event not just mystergift type in 102729191 for a meloetta like I want there to be an event for some legendary idk?

  4. Kid, who, in less than a day, defeated the entire gym sets of both Johto and Kanto, defeated the elite four, traveled through time, summons Latios, catches Latios in a Master Ball, something reserved for extremely powerful trainers.
    Steven: Geez, you didn't even give it your all. That's creepy.


  5. Ah my adventure through time (was fun) but I’m starting to think the celebi event was trying to trigger something for gen 2 (if another remake happens we might get more depth with these events) but I’m thinking also we should’ve gotten celebi through the story of the game to figure out about wat happened to Giovanni and y did he just quit? (Ofc the event tells the story) but still would make more sense during right?

  6. “Roddy, if you’re still here, then who will defeat Team Rocket?”
    Eh, wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey

  7. This was easily the best pokemon game.

    Pokemon games should be like this: fun events, wild mythical pokemon, no ivs, no evs, no smogon, hard-to-catch legendaries (in gen 4 it took like 40 ultra balls to catch a legendary, in gen 7 it takes 1 ultra balls to catch a legendary)

    Am I right?
    Pokemon is a game made for children, but there are mechanics in the game that children will never understand!
    I'm taking about evs and ivs.

    Who else preferred pokemon when nobody knew what evs and ivs were?
    Back when nobody knew what evs or ivs were, I could have have a fun battle! It's sad I can't do that anymore.

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