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  1. Launching June 4, Extra Politics is an 8-episode mini-series (weekly on Mondays) exploring the United States political system from a game design perspective.
    In this series, we skip past policy and get to the core rules that govern the US political system, everything from running for office to moving legislation forward. By putting these rules under the microscope, we hope to better understand the actions of the players and the outcomes.

    Whether you want to be a more informed voter, a more engaged citizen, or are even considering running for office yourself, level up your political literacy with Extra Politics this summer!

    Extra Politics is created by guest writer Luke Peterschmidt (@LPeterschmidt), guest artist Joe Maslov (@super_jogurt), and narrator Daniel Floyd (@DanFloydPlus). Thanks for watching!

  2. So I understand now why people in the west are so hype about so many minor issue yet not talking about the bigger problem at all.

  3. It's worth noting that even an extreme partisan can be a marginal voter. If there's a significant chance they won't vote, they're marginal. Convicing swing votes and energizing your base are both ways of appealing to marginal votes.

  4. Can we have an Extra Credits political party that specializes in education and art, and call it the Extra Party

  5. Well that's an interesting thought, "I't snot that I disagree with you, but if I look like I do, I can make you waste time trying to double down on it, basically making you tread water while i move forward."

  6. There was never a movement to grant African Americans the right to vote. There was a war over slavery, after which freed blacks were simultaneously made citizens and given voting rights; there were illegal laws that restricted blacks' ability to vote, which civil rights activists did change; but ever since Reconstruction, blacks had federal voting rights, and there was not a special movement to grant them this.

  7. When you first said that this series is going to explain politics with game concepts. I thought it was a rather stupid and strange idea but after watching the video now i think it was a great idea it was very easy to understand and a great way for more people to learn how the political world works.

  8. This is the most long winded and dull way to explain median voter theorem ever.

    You have five people on a school board voting on how long to make the student's lunch break.
    A wants it to last 3 hours.
    B wants it to last 1 hour
    C wants it to last 45 minutes.
    D and E want no lunch break at all.

    Everyone agrees that lunch goes for 45 minutes.

    I didn't need red herrings about civil rights.
    I didn't need a game analogy
    In fact I don't even need to explain why the solution is what it is.

  9. For all of those who asked for it – the tabletop game based on this series is now on Kickstarter. Check it out! http://kck.st/2wbtCQY

  10. Welp, this is the last series with Dan hosting i guess. So let me say it clear, thank you dan, for all these years you explain a brief histories, sci fi, games.. and other stuff, it’s been a good run with you. I’m certainly going to miss you, and your helium voice 🙂 some times i came home from school and watch a new video from EC, and i remember how exited i was to watch it, hearing your voice explaining the War of Rome and carthage, sengoku jidai, and justinian and theodora.. just brighten my day up with some knowledge of what is the past, and what became the past.. now i felt very sad hearing you leaving EC.. so for the last time, thank you dan. We’ll miss you 🙂

  11. Absolutely amazing breakdown and outstanding video quality. People like you are collectively educating those that need.

  12. marginal votes doesn't work in our specific contest and due to the ammount of people that don't vote. turning out the base is more effective. i really feel this should have been covered.

  13. > "Liberates" Iraq
    > 60% Of Population Protests American Created Gov. 40% votes for a Shiite Insurgent Leader.
    GG Ameriga

  14. This angle works surprisingly well. It's a common strategy of the far right to stomp the grass to scare the snake. Trumps election strategy basically boiled down to making objectionable statements to lure the democrats into useless battles. In return, he refused to really engage when attacked at fronts that weren't important to him. His win scenario was to win by the votes of people frustrated with the political establishment. Policy was just a diversion in that strategy.

    By the way, it may very well be that the "free" points aren't so free after all. Because of the economics you detailed, both parties just concede those points. As long as the party system remains bipolar, the risk outshines the potential reward. In a system of many parties, it's much more bearable to lose voters to parties which have some goals which align to yours.

  15. I think the whole philosophy of politics as a game explains well why the Republicans chose Donald Trump as the presidential candidate for 2016. You can tell in 2016 there was some unease from the Republican party about making Trump the nominee, but they did so anyway. Why? They realized that Donald Trump had the best chance of winning "the game" (I just lost The Game) against Hillary or Bernie, so they went with him. It worked. I look forward to hearing more game comparisons from Extra Credits.

  16. In Denmark, and Europe as a whole, politicians are focusing more on the refuge and immigrant crisis, and the people are starting to fear more about what trouble they would begin to cause, and that Europe would become a Islamic continent, even tho the numbers are laughably small.
    But, with the recent terror croups like ISIS, people are more focused on the bad side of Islam, even tho their much less then a per mille of their people.
    And besides, what would happen if the northern part of the globe became uninhabitable? We would of cause expect everyone would take us in, because… why not.
    I personally think we become way to critical about muslims. Because in all sense, their just people with other believes then us. Try to think of being in their shoes. What would you do?

  17. 'Its not a 'sit down and shut up. You lost.' Kind of democracy'
    Well its FPTP so im afraid it mostly is. My country is bass ackwards that way too.

  18. I never understood the polarized opinions between political parties until you guys mentioned the 'make your opponent waste their actions' analogy, now it makes 100% sense. I've got a feeling that this is going to be one of the best series on your channel.

  19. Thanks for this series! I've always felt politics were less accessible. Everyone gets so upset and argues over stuff they have so little control over. But this series is helping me see how the system works a little clearer. Thanks again, hope to see more of these!

  20. In canada multiple parties and as such we have fewer give me votes. Just look at the recent Ontario election.

  21. I remember a Simpsons episode, when there was an election and Simpsons were undecided, then everyone rushed to convince them one way, or another.

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