I hear president yo Erica guten 7e arguing's ever so eloquently that Uganda given our history can only survive on the basis of a no party system but I hear the West telling him equally eloquently and a little bit more forcefully that we do not agree with you we do not agree with you and your safety not only requires but demands that you must reintroduce multi-party politics so he Oh Erica Gorham with Sevigny concedes and is not the only one who is conceding everywhere we are conceding ultimately all the countries now have plural party politics and that is where the commercialization of politics begins that is where her money enters into the political arena that is where we begin to eliminate ideas from politics and we now ask ourselves who is the leader and now that is the time when people get into political office for the purpose of furthering their nests because the electoral process becomes an expensive process and that is where we begin to lose our direction so as I speak today one of the greatest qualifications in African politics is the size of your pocket you know in 1995 the then Tanzanian former head of state Mali mu Canberra January was invited by his party Chamma Chamma Pindus to speak about who was to be the leader to succeed his successor Ali Hassan win he took his audience down memory lane he reminded his audience that when they led the nation from colonization the prime motivator was that they would liberate their people they were servant leaders he said speaking of Tanzania he said we met in Arusha and came up with the Arusha Declaration and in the Arusha declaration we said that in order to be a leader there must be some ideals that govern you and there must be some taboos which you must never embrace in order to be a true leader he said that in those days when you join politics and you had a lot of money the people would ask where have you gotten the money from he reminded his audience that in those days when you went to the public and you appear to have more money than you could legitimately explain the electorate would say you are a thief and they would not election but he regretted in 1995 that things had changed and that the major qualification was how much money you had and the more money you are the more attractive you are to the electorate in other words the cancer of money and the politics of money and money worms reared its ugly head after the advent of multi-party politics and I want to say that is now comfortably sitting in the bedrooms and in the sitting rooms of all political parties how can we live our selves from it and what is it you know what I'm about to say is neo-marxist but I'm not myself a Marxist and I've never been one but the Marxist had beautiful slogans one of which was the safety of the visual demands that the proletariat be kept in the most profound ignorance if I stepped it down into English it simply means that the safety of the leader demand that the people be kept in poverty and that is what happens in Africa in Europe and America during elections they go around kissing babies and appearing to be nice in Africa they go around distributing rice and maize appearing to be nice in other words the typical African politician impoverishes the people so that they may become attractive to them and in order to be attractive you must appear to have money and this is why those in the political arena in many African countries have an insatiable appetite for things primitive accumulation of things is the rule in many African countries a friend of mine once corrected me when I said that in Africa there is corruption he said no in Africa there is no corruption corruption presupposes there is some element of intelligence in theft what we see in Africa is looting and theft on an industrial scale [Applause] and what I'm saying is not new to us I never knew myself that there is any magic in the ballot box that today if I'm a Papa upon being elected as a counselor or a member of parliament suddenly my life changes dramatically in fact you younger people are now in the business of betting whether one english football team will beat the other which I discourage that is not where the jackpot lies the jackpot lies and you are being elected a member of parliament in many African countries if you are elected a member of parliament or a councillor in many African countries that is your passport to El Dorado the land of gold and the reason why that appetite is ever so sharpened the members of parliament who are here will tell you that when they want to retreat to their rural homes like they will on Friday they cannot just walk into their rural homes there will be droves of people waiting for them and when their cars are seen they say behold the mobile ATM has arrived behold and therefore when one is appointed into any public office because of the demands of the electorate and this relationship between the African Member of Parliament or the African president and the electorate is a symbiotic relationship it is symbiotic in a very perverse manner and I suspect on misusing the word symbiotic but I'll use it or misuse it nevertheless to the extent that it explains my point what happens is that it appears that the electorate has allowed the so-called leader because many of them are misleaders to remain in their positions of power and to acquire as much as they can on the underst hunting that periodically the alert will be shared with them it is some kind of Robin Hood ISM of allotted a kind and this Robin Hood kind of politics is a little bit different at least from my understanding Robin Hood robbed the rich in order to share with the poor but our latter day African Robin Hood's in the business of robbing from the poor in order to give a pittance to the very poor and this is what we are talking about today when we talk about commercialization so that if you ask any typical African politician how much does it cost for you costs you to be elected into Parliament they'll tell you it is in the millions it is in the millions and the millions they spend is perhaps 10 times more than they'll ever earn through their legitimate salaries and I ask myself if your salary in five years is going to be 1 billion Ugandan shillings why should you spend five billion Ugandan shillings to get into that office there must be something that we do not see but you see and I know what it is what it is is that getting into the office of the Member of Parliament or indeed any other political office in Africa is the guarantee that things will come so that in many African countries the politician is the major tanda preneur the politician is the gatekeeper the politician is the one who receives the guest he is the tax collector informally aside from the you array and in this regard therefore we must commercialize politics we may blame the politicians but what about the electorate the electorate also is to be blamed the electorate has insatiable tusks and hunger for things that they have not worked for they have been trained and they no longer listen to ideas my good friend no but ma who I was told was he I do not know whether he is he is yeah who will tell you not that I have talked to him this morning but he will tell you that one of the pains that one has to endure when you confront your typical African electorate is to convince the electorate that ideas count for something many times when you address the electorate and you are watching eloquent telling them when I am elected I'm going to ensure that we have good health services we are going to ensure that we have good schools we are going to ensure that we create opportunities for innovation and invention and create opportunities for young men and women they are waiting for you to finish they will tell you if we hear you we know you are going to do all those beautiful things but in the intervening period I must eat and therefore no matter how beautiful your ideas are if you don't carry money on that your ideas like the elephant before them will never fly


  1. A great son of the Land,be blessed I always cry when I hear your voice. We are all crying through you, I hope they will listen to your voice of wisdom. You are great indeed.🙏🙏🙏

  2. The Chinese leaders said the reason China is doing very well is that the Chinese chose not to follow or listen to the West on political system.

  3. It's very sad that such a message will never be wellcomed by targetted , especially kenyan leaders, God is watching and one day the mere truth of proff will find good ground in africa , that will be the beggining of second liberation .God bless proffessor, God bless kenya, God bless Africa

  4. Lumumba. Please know. There is no democracy snywhere in the world. Democracy is a lie. You may say America and thats where you will go wrong. Parties are just actors while directions come from other unelected forces. People never had a say in anything. Better Musevenis' democracy'

  5. He’s not talking about Africa politicians…. he’s talking about kenyan politicians! The primitive accumulation of pesa ya umma. All Kenyan politicians have built palaces for their families 🤷🏽‍♀️

  6. The Professor's purpose is to stir each of you in your respective communities to bring change. Older people who are set in their ways rarely change! Lumumba's impact is felt upon the younger people who will create change for a greater Africa!

  7. Well said so true so true such a gotdamn shame they doesn't care about the poor and the needy citizens who can't help themselves they should put in prison

  8. But in the intervening period I must eat and therefore, no matter how beautiful your ideas are, if you don't carry money on that day, your ideas like the elephant before them will never fly.

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