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  1. Long Live The Seawall! I love Galveston; from its kitschy seawall vendors, to the Strand, to the seaweed and brown water, to the undertow on the west-end, it is wondrous and truly Texan. How many of you remember your folks carrying a can of Varsol in the trunk to wipe off the tar from your feet? Spending all day in the water, building sand castles, getting stung by a cabbage head and going to bed sunburnt? I wouldn't take a million bucks for these treasured memories.

  2. 00:54 Wonderful to see my father's photo of the Pleasure Pier with Elliot Lawrence playing nightly! Taken from my video.

  3. i live in pensacola florida,and my son got burned not bad,but i wanted him seen by the best so we went to galveston to the shriners hospital(amazing hospital)and when were released we stayed a few days and we loved it!!!!yes the water and sand does not look like ours, we had a amazing time,fun things to do with our chidren,unlike pensacola beach.we loved pleasure pier,and seeing all the historic landmarks,and we loved the farry.we asked our children if they wanted to go back to orlando for our family vacation or back to galveston.and they all voted galveston!!!!!we loved it

  4. Always amazed at all of negative comments about Galveston and Texas in general. On behalf of all Texans, we sincerely apologize for Galveston's brackish waters, our geographical position to the Mississippi River and muddy bottoms leading to those aforementioned brackish waters. Many Texans (especially those of us here in the Eastern half of the state) too would love the mountainous and or hilly landscapes the central and Western portion of the Lone Star state enjoys or even the stunning vistas of the Western half of the US revels in. When a new Earth (mkII) and Texas are created, we'll pray to the creator for a more aesthetically pleasing Texas. As for our warm Summer, well, thats George Bush's fault, he caused Global Warming, at least according to Mr Gore.

  5. I go to Galveston twice a month. It sucks they now charge you to park on seawall. The seaweed stinks and the water is brown. Don't waste your time.

  6. As of this date 05-29-14,   Galveston, all along the upper Texas coast is Horribly choked with Seaweed, its in the water, the beach smell like shit, bugs in the seaweed,   if your planning to vacation in Galveston, you might consider Florida where the Beaches are clean, water is prettier.      You now have to pay to park on the seawall because of Greed.
    The only thing worth doing is riding your bicycle on the seawall, and even that, you have to dodge all the dog shit because people dont clean up their animals mess,  everything you do on the island to overpriced, too expensive.  Galveston is not the vacation spot it once was, its gone down hill, if you drive in the neighborhoods, dumpy old houses…
    I just speak the truth.

  7. Enjoy, just make sure to lock your vehicle, stay away from the Ghetto area, the interior of the island. I live here, so I know. The Water is nasty brown, has been seaweed on the Beaches, Go to Gulf shore Alabama, or Pensacola, its much much more prettier there.

  8. I've been to other piers around the country and I think this one is to expensive for 15 more bucks you can go to six flags and get alot more rides and roller coasters lol

  9. keep makn good vids buddy..good job mann good job.you really are a good reporter…great voice and presentation style!

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