34 thoughts on “Please Vote for Me: How Chinese third-graders do democracy

  1. As a former student in China. (Only two years ago) This does not happen in all school. I finish Ele. School in China which is from Grade 1 to 6. There was something similar but never like this.
    (But the parents have a VERY HIGH expectation of their kids. Literally, they expect their kid to be like the president of China, etc. Well, in China they push the kids almost 10 times more than what the teachers and parents do in America. I can say this because I been in school both in China and in America. I am currently in School in America.)
    I hope Chinese parents let their kids follow their dreams.

  2. My teacher forced me to watch this and this video is sh*t, why am i doing this?? I wonder what are my other friends thinking of this video. UGHHH!!

  3. Parents and teachers are putting these kids under so much stress, poor Cheng Cheng is already pounding baiju and gulping down a bucket of instant noodles for dinner at 16:39. He's going to have an ulcer by 6th grade.

  4. The very first election in Chinese schools??!! Come on now… I suppose this is the first ever documentary coming out of China?

    Quite an interesting watching experience though. Those parents were… not the best parents.

  5. Loved this doco. Wonderful children being children, but learning about each other and how politics can work. Awesome teacher. I was a bit afraid Chen Chen was an evil genius at first, but he really did learn through the whole process. And no doubt Xiaofan has realised being emotional doesn't mean you're a weak class monitor. Gorgeous.

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