Piers Morgan says Sanders' call to let felons vote is 'utter lunacy'

Piers Morgan says Sanders' call to let felons vote is 'utter lunacy'

50 thoughts on “Piers Morgan says Sanders' call to let felons vote is 'utter lunacy'

  1. remember when we all thought insufferable liberals were people like Piers. What the hell happened to those days.

  2. Piers Morgan is fairly conservative, as long as we're not talking about the 2nd Amendment. Then he's as left as left gets.

  3. I can't believe we're having this discussion however has anybody thought about how this would happen are they going to take voting machines inside the prisons? Do they know the corruption in the Federal Bureau of Prisons all they would have to do is give a little money to the top brass in their guards Etc and it would turn the entire voting system into basically a fear tactic or a cheap buy. A little money on their commissary if they're never getting out what does it matter they're in prison there's laws established (usually by the prisoner's)

  4. Should the Boston marathon bomber have the right to be fed by the state? should they have a right to a fair and free trial?

  5. Guys. I think Piers Morgan is converting to our side. It seems the left has fallen so far off the deep end that even morally obtuse and ridiculous people like Piers Morgan are distancing themselves from such ridiculousness.

    I have a feeling that with time, Piers Morgans thought process May shift gradually bit by bit to the right.

  6. No felon should ever be allowed to vote. They were convicted of crimes which, in essence, took away the rights of others. As a consequence, the rights of the felons were taken away by a court of law. Such people, especially murderers, should never get their rights back.

  7. What I find amazing is for once I finally agree with Pierce Morgan that it's absolute lunacy that Bernie Sanders is supporting convicted felons in prison to vote!!! It's making me want to really hope Bernie Sanders becomes a victim of a crime now!!! Maybe he'll change his mind!? Or won't!

  8. I disagree with sanders on this but it makes me sick that PM is given any credibility and even a voice on how America is run.

  9. Wake up, people. In response to one of the many bull** spin smears to come from the mass media machine this week:
    "Committing even a serious crime shouldn't strip people of their basic right to be a citizen and active participant in our democracy.
    I have been attacked in recent days by President Trump and others in the media for my conviction that people who are incarcerated should be given the right to vote. I make no apologies for that position.
    Our country has had a long and shameful history of voter suppression. At our founding, despite rhetoric to the contrary, only land-owning white males were given the right to participate in our democracy. Lower income people, Women, Native Americans, African-Americans, and young people were excluded.
    We have been engaged in an ongoing 243-year project to expand participation in our democracy. Thankfully, we have made much progress in that struggle. But our work is not done — not even close.
    If we are serious about calling ourselves a democracy, we must firmly establish that the right to vote is an inalienable and universal principle that applies to all American citizens 18 years and older. Period. As American citizens all of us are entitled to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and all the other freedoms enshrined in our Bill of Rights. We are also entitled to vote. Yes. Even if Trump’s former campaign manager and personal lawyer end up in jail, they should still be able to vote — regardless of who they cast their vote for.
    This is not a radical idea. Vermont and Maine allow inmates to vote and more than 30 nations — including Israel, South Africa, and Canada — also understand that voting rights for all citizens is a basic principle of democracy
    When we look at the history of why our country has banned incarcerated people from voting, we must understand that the efforts to rob citizens of their voting rights was a legacy of slavery and continuing racist attitudes post-Jim Crow. After the ratification of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, which extended civil and legal protections to formerly enslaved people, many state governments rushed to create new felonies to put black people in jail and then institute lifetime disenfranchisement as a way to protect their own privilege and power.
    Indeed, our present-day crisis of mass incarceration has become a tool of voter suppression. Today, over 4.5 million Americans — disproportionately people of color — have lost their right to vote because they have served time in jail or prison for a felony conviction.
    It goes without saying that someone who commits a serious crime must pay his or her debt to society. But punishment for a crime, or keeping dangerous people behind bars, does not cause people to lose their rights to citizenship. It should not cause them to lose their right to vote.
    This should not devolve into a debate about whether certain people are “good enough” to have the right to vote. Voting is not a privilege. It is a right. In my view, the crooks on Wall Street who caused the great recession of 2008 that hurt millions of Americans are not "good" people. But they have the right to vote, and it should never be taken away.
    The reason why this issue is so important right now is that Trump and cowardly Republican politicians all over this country are working overtime to suppress the vote. Instead of trying to increase voter turnout, they are making it harder for people to participate in the political process.
    In Florida, the Republican legislature is trying to undermine the will of 64 percent of the people who voted to reenfranchise formerly incarcerated people. In Georgia, we have a Republican governor who took office by instituting barriers to voting for people of color. In Tennessee, the Republican legislature is trying to shut down groups who do voter registration work. In New Hampshire and Iowa, the Republicans have tried to make it harder for college students to vote.
    The point here is simple. At a time when voting suppression is taking place all across the country, we must make it clear that casting a ballot for American citizens is not a privilege. It is a right. If you’re an American citizen who is 18 years or older you must be able to vote, whether you're in jail or not."
    -Bernie Sanders

  10. These people only care about power they don't care Abt citizen safety wht the hell is goin on with this beautiful country

  11. Nah, they should vote, it is a human right. And it's rather cheap to focus on serious offences and the Boston marathon bomber rather than the far greater number of people put in jail because of minor drug offenses and the like. It's also cheap to compare it to owning a gun. Obviously you cannot defend all human rights when you're locking a person up and punishing them. But that need not extend to the right to vote.

  12. Lol I laughed so hard when Piers mentioned that Dems have been claiming over and over that Trump is a criminal, but yet they also want to give all the criminals the right to vote

  13. It's quite simple: Jailbirds tend to end up where they are – behind bars – because they tend to make very poor life decisions. How the hell can we count on them to be able to make good decisions about who and what to vote for???

  14. How is a felon voting anything like owning a gun? Just because they are "rights," it doesn't make them analogous. Using the extreme of the Boston bomber voting isn't the most transparent way to argue the issue. I honestly don't know if felons should be able to vote but this reporting/commentary is awful!!!!!

  15. no the 99.5% do have the write to vote just like you have the right to vote mass rapist are republican

  16. The Demonsrats are grasping at straws…they’re looking for any new voters they can, inmates, kids 16 yrs old and undocumented people

  17. Right winger "logic": Freedom, freedom, freedom… no rights to vote, no free use of drugs, I want to impose my religion…. where are their principles?

  18. Believe me, Obama ruined the word HOPE & CHANGE. He was a rotten product that was well packaged for the American people.
    And now the effects have to be dealt with in real value. Imagine also the likes of Hillary Clinton, Bernie "the criminal vote" Sanders and Joe the Biden as the identity of the democratic party. It's terrible to think about that. And then, their fan base….. The utterly ignorant.

  19. Several other European countries permit disenfranchisement by special court order, including France and the Netherlands.

    In several other European countries, no disenfranchisements due to criminal convictions exist. European countries that allow inmates to vote include Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Sweden.

    Moreover, many European countries encourage people to vote, such as by making pre-voting in other places than the respective election locales easily accessible. This often includes possibilities for prisoners to pre-vote from the prison itself. This is the case for example in Finland.


    Inmates are allowed to vote in Israel. They do not suffer disfranchisement following release from prison after serving their sentence, parole, or probation. Neither courts nor prison authorities have the power to disqualify any person from exercising the right to vote in national elections, whatever the cause of imprisonment.


    In Germany, all convicts are allowed to vote while in prison unless the loss of the right to vote is part of the sentence; courts can only apply this sentence for specific "political" crimes (treason, high treason, electoral fraud, intimidation of voters, etc.) and for a duration of two to five years. All convicts sentenced to at least one year in prison automatically lose the right to be elected in public elections for a duration of five years, and lose all positions they held as a result of such an election.

    In Germany the law calls on prisons to encourage prisoners to vote. Only those convicted of electoral fraud and crimes undermining the "democratic order", such as treason, are barred from voting while in prison. In Germany the disenfranchisement by special court order lasts 2–5 years after which the right to vote is reinstated.


  20. Very true Pierce – democrats keep claiming people in office are "criminals" , but they are fighting for "criminals" to vote?!  Bernie is crazy.

  21. Piers has been…….I dunno waking up to the lunacy? Ever since he left CNN, he's seemed to have gained something resembling a clue. We may never agree on gun control but I don't care.

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