47 thoughts on “Piers Morgan Biography: A Controversial, but Successful, Journalism Career

  1. What a creepy, vile, amoral, self-serving chap. Even on the This Morning show his ego stinks the place out. Lord forgive me for airing such a strong opinion about another person.

  2. The schoolkids got it right, he should have stuck to Piers Puke as his professional name.

  3. Why give this toss pot any of your time what a waste of your talent there are so many people who you could have done who are far more interesting and worthy

  4. You mentioned the phone hacking scandal, yet failed to name Millie Dowler mate.

    That's pretty low Simon.

  5. If Britain were to be considered the nose of the World, Piers Morgan would be a wart on it.
    If it was another part, he would be a dingleberry.

  6. The Mirror wasn't owned by Rupert Murdoch. It was owned by Trinity Mirror and was a left-leaning rival to Murdoch owned 'The Sun'. That's quite a big error. The News of the World, The Sun, The Mirror (and the Mail and Express among others) were all awful. But not as awful as Piers.

  7. Obviously he isn't a good judge of Character – or – "plays the media for attention"
    – (Trump)

    Likely it's all a game –

  8. Haha, the Mirror is NOT owned by Rupert Murdoch. If it was my parents wouldn't buy it on occasion! (though they do pat for Sky…)

  9. Not sure about this choice of bio. Morgan is a run of the mill sleazy tabloid editors. No charisma with a face which for strange and unfanthomable reasons I have always to slap.

  10. I agree with a lot of Morgan's views. I respect that he questions political correctness and identity politics and stood up to the extremists of the gun lobby (fanatics like Ted Nugent for instance) during his time in the US.

    But his arrogance- constantly interrupting guests, is insufferable. On more than one occasion he has also shown profound hypocrisy- once complaining about his right to privacy when he had been a tabloid editor! Lambasting Tommy Robinson for 'insulting the Koran' when he himself has criticised Islamist doctrine.

    Still, he says things that too few other public figures in the UK are prepared to say.

    So I really can't make my mind up on Piers Morgan.

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