PG&E power shutoff | 6 p.m. update

PG&E power shutoff | 6 p.m. update

92 thoughts on “PG&E power shutoff | 6 p.m. update

  1. So PG&E is telling you they must shut the power down because they can’t fix the grid and a little bit of wind could cause it to fail and start a fire. People in California get to lose millions of dollars of food. Too bad if you have pets like fish their just gonna die. Hope you’re not on an oxygen generator.

  2. How's that self protection working out for you after dark and the lights won't go on? Welcome to California! Shàlom🇺🇸

  3. People can't use their electric stoves so will grill outside — which is a fire hazard.
    PG&S sucks. My local utility, KCP&L also sucks — big ripoff.

  4. Bonds arm….two shot's…. Ten hole's! I carry it all the time! Carrying a police officer is to heavy! Shàlom🇺🇸

  5. sdg&e just get denied by the supreme court on an appeal to pass $379 million in wildfire cost to customers. Wonder if this is a tantrum in response. The tree of liberty is looking very thirsty lately…

  6. This is a Joke, ABC you are the part of the problem. You are Liars, there are not High winds or High Temperatures, You are responsible for this nonsense. This is BS

  7. Why is everyone shocked? This has been predicted for 50 years. Climate change and incompetence. Fasten your seatbelts, boys and girls, it's only going to get worse.

  8. Well, if you want to sue a company for fires then do not complain when they protect themselves from additional lawsuits. There is no way all risk can be eliminated in technology. The sooner people recognise this the sooner people will start to make decisions about what the appropriate level of technology and its applications in society is appropriate.

  9. LISTEN CAREFULLY FROM THE 3:50 MARK – "PUT THE SAFETY OF OUR CUSTOMERS AND COMMUNITY AS A LAST RESORT". Yeah, truth told right to your face. By the way, Tomorrow is the 10/11/19 which if you reverse the date = 91/11/01….See any numbers you recognize there? The elite are all about the numbers. Be alert.

  10. They make it sound like a hurricane is coming through wake up to your Democrat lying leaders California. Lies and deception stop believing fake sheep no more.wake up think for yourself.

  11. These idiots have no clue what they are about to cause. There will be riots in the street before this is over. People cannot live without power for a week without being properly prepared. I'm guessing 95% of the people are not prepared.

  12. California should have spent infrastructure money improving the grid instead of wasting BILLIONS on zero result high speed rail.
    Good job Democrats

  13. ROFL at newsom who talks about terrible management by PG&E when Calif. is in the worst filthiest mess EVER!! It's like the murderer calling someone else a murderer!! BROWN and NEWSOM are BOTH to blame for the state Calif. is in!! Calif. is being completely destroyed by the LEFTIST idiocies!! HORRIBLE policies and allowing illegal aliens in by the thousands THEN adding the homeless to that plight!!

  14. I cannot stand phony newsome! He announced week long shutdowns at the beg of summer and media were as silent as the grave. PG and E paid money to Newsome after being convicted as a felon, and 98 others. He refused to answer the reporters questions in front of the camera and now pretends to care. He wants to roll in UN agenda 2030 early and I am guessing they plan on getting rich off of the destruction they have all secretly created. Poor people with me in Ca do not have a clue where I live. Also Edison has jumped on his bandwagon and is shutting down the power too. They do not care about a one of us, they are all lying mo fo's they knew this along time ago.

  15. TV crews would definitely film Godzilla eating electrical cables if that would be the case, it smells like BS

  16. This is part of agenda 21! They want 90% people dead! I guess they hoping diabetics and people on machines will die.thats what I heard about agenda 21.

  17. Why is he wearing that funny hat Z? Is he Chinese? Get rid of drones.we are sick of being wathed.this has nothing to do with them caring.they want to control people with drones and carmax invading privacy!

  18. WELCOME TO CALIFORNIA, OWNED AND OPERATED BY PG&E. it's obvious they do as they please…they even cut power to solar panels.

  19. The New World Order controls the weather go to the NOAA you can see their installing high pressure with lasers drying up everything. There has been high pressure parked over California for 3 months this is not normal high pressure flows with the jet stream. It should be raining right now.

  20. They are in bankruptcy because they blew up a whole entire city block in San Bruno and were responsible for the Paradise fire and the fire in LA too. They literally burned a city off the map (Paradise) but nobody seems to care or notice this agenda 21 BS. They got Osama Bin Ladins brother making PG&E announcements.. FOH

  21. All I have to say is the state of CAL is one screwed up state & people think it's a great place to live. You can all stay in CAL & stay out of OREG.& Wa. You are not welcome

  22. Obviously this was planned some time ago, the general public just wasn't informed???
    Any explanation to spin this yarn exposes how corrupt this is.

  23. Interesting, this is one way to take “care” of the homeless problem – who will notice when they are “relocated”? What happened to pre-planning & doing the work before this supposed event!?

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