46 thoughts on “Peter Andre shocked when reporter reveals she has cancer

  1. What a lovely, kind and caring man Peter Andre is. He is so sincere. Truly one in several million. God bless you Peter xxx

  2. Cancer has affected my family …….my grandfather died of a rare form of spinal cord cancer after working years in an Asbestos Plant. It was a shame watching him deteriorate physically so fast. Years later I watched my father in law do the same with colon cancer. My wife now has to have a colonoscopy every 3 years because of how bad it runs in her family.

  3. Love Peter's empathy. Hope this young lady survives . . We knock the NHS but by God how the patient and the NHS are courageous and caring. My sister is going through treatment and I am so proud of her and thank NHS. Xjenx

  4. i thought he was a wanker….how wrong i was, he,s a great dad too, i seen him cry over his kids on some pommy talk show, its all in the eyes to see if their honest

  5. How is she now hope She is well Peter is a lovely guy my Husband as Died from Cancer Not long ago They gave him Six months but he lived a year and a half

  6. Seems like a nice lady, all the best to her, Andre, he seems like a good guy, I'm sure he is – both of them ❤️

  7. God I wish there was a pill that would help my illness but there's nothing. Not one. There is no hope. I feel like death 24/7.

  8. I had two lots of cancer, my mum had breast cancer and my sister has just passed away having cancer

  9. There will never be a sure for cancer. The medical companies won't allow it, because there's more money in treatment then curing.

  10. One of the many reasons I love pete so much. A massive heart I love how he's being interviewed and then puts it aside to praise and encourage her and listen he's amazing

  11. Peter Andre is such a great guy. He's a good person, a great father, I'm sure a great partner, and a great son. He's so genuine and you can tell he really means what he says unlike some people who just say the words. He has genuine EMPATHY and I think that more than anything is what I love. I have if it's possible too much empathy. I feel for anyone who is in any kind of pain or has any illness. Whether they're friends, family or strangers I'm ALWAYS trying to find a cure for them and recommending different things to help them feel better because I know what it's like to be in pain and it tears me apart knowing someone I care about or even a stranger is in pain. Dr.s will prescribe medicine for every ailment but I'd rather try home remedies first because they work so much better and are healthy for you. Dr.s also prescribe you medication instead of trying to find out what is wrong with you. That's the most disturbing thing. They should have some kind of incentive to find out what is wrong instead of putting a band-aid on the problem.

  12. Love Peter andre he such a really down to earth guy and very loving and affectionate guy who cares about people who are dealing with a serious illness God bless you Peter I love you 🤗😘

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