Pete Buttigieg Vs. Andrew Yang Policies (Funny, Informative) Election 2020

Pete Buttigieg Vs. Andrew Yang Policies (Funny, Informative) Election 2020

you know the most compelling thing for us is that the more people hear our message the more they seem to be responding Iowans want guarantees what will you do they want to know exactly what you're gonna do I don't think we ought to have that all kind of figured out on day one but you don't have like a lot of super specific policy ideas look I think we're all anybody in this race or conversation is gonna be a hell of a lot more specific and policy oriented than say the current president no if you go to my website yawning 2020 i com you'll see I have 76 policies like ban robocalling get a psychologist in the White House or give student loans and pay NCAA athletes because it is wrong to exploit young people that are making millions of dollars for an institution meanwhile you're paying the athletic director and the coach hundreds of thousand dollars and millions of dollars what kind of message is that for our young people that it's okay for us to exploit young people for their gifts that are taking risks for their bodies I've seen you on Fox News you're going and speaking to the other side of the aisle I was a little surprised at I'm the only one who's been on Fox so far because there are so many viewers who may never hear what our party has to say at all if we're never going on those channels and explaining what we believe I've been on Fox four times five I can't even keep track which each election in many ways produces somebody who's the reverse of what we just had and you could argue that it doesn't get more different from this president than a laid-back intellectual young gay mayor from the Midwest who likes math and I say that because people have told me that the opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian man who likes math I'm deeply concerned about the way our campaigns are funded big-money donors and lobbyists have way too much influence on the way laws are made and policies are created it is messed up how broken are our way of financing election is and so I will say that I've raised hundreds of thousands from Americans around the country and our average online donations only $19 so my fans are even cheaper than Bernie's and that's the way it should be ideally but here's how we fix it I would overturn citizens united and try and get corporate money out of politics but that's still not going to be enough so here's how we really fix it as president I will put a hundred democracy in the hands of every American adult that you can only give to a political candidate or campaign and if you don't use it that year than it disappears so it's use it or lose it and this by the numbers would enable us to wash out all the corporate money because then if I get 10,000 real human beings behind me that's a million dollars it's not that I go to the people and then I have to run someplace else for the money and as a human being I hate calling rich people for money if there's something that I can do to stop that and if you get a Congress together and say why are we all doing something we all hate it's insane it's bad for our country so we we passed this democracy dollars bill and it's a huge win for the American people and we can retake our democracy so thank you for that question

42 thoughts on “Pete Buttigieg Vs. Andrew Yang Policies (Funny, Informative) Election 2020

  1. That's a good video Pete just proves to everyone that he is a cookie-cutter politician bullshiting 90% of his way through interviews !

  2. How is it that the college kids needs to be paid when their college are paid in full with scholarships?

  3. Bernie: fixing to have a heart attack. Pete: doesn't have ideas and is pretty wishy-washy. Biden: Obama's VP,a creeper and potential pedophile. Yang, here's the facts and here's my ideas to solve the problem

  4. He is the greatest gift to the Republican Pary and Conservative values. If this man will not get nominated, then the true racist, corrupt face of the Democratic be finally exposed. He is the BEST they have but if he loses to some dirtbag like Biden or Kamal, then we can all agree the LIberals are the most racist and corrupted party who are willing to stab each other the back because of skin color.

  5. Yang is the only person that is actually proposing solutions to solve things while other candidates just sounds like wishful thinking and not talking about how to solve problems.

  6. Pete can't handle making the town he is mayor of a decent place. I personally know South Bend and it is a town that has needed help but hasn't found it with Pete. He hasn't shown me that he can handle a small midwest city, much less a country. Yang may not have experience like being a mayor but Yang appears to have succeeded at the things he has tackled in life. Pete only succeeded in getting elected and I am still waiting for him to show up for his job of being a mayor and fixing a broken town. He slapped his name on "showy" projects like downtown street projects and a laser show. I don't see his name anywhere taking credit for the crime, from burglaries on up to homicides. Career politician who seems to be more worried about legacy and the next office than actually doing something that would help those who need it.

  7. Yang is the better candidate. He clearly has policy ideas. Buttigieg is just running same old propaganda platform.

  8. Pete literally has no policy. Look on his website and there’s no section for policy meanwhile yang has like 96 and I think that’s one of the reasons why he’s attracting so many different kinds of people.. he’s got a little something for everybody. Nobody is getting shafted. If Bernie wins, the right is getting shafted and if trump wins the left is getting shafted. If yang wins then nobody gets shafted. And if they feel slightly shafted then yang will unshaft them

  9. I like the ideas yang is coming up with but people do realize that the 100 democracy dollars is just a tax refund with the stipulation that you can only use it on funding campaigns, otherwise we're not giving you a tax refund and we will keep this 100 dollars. Plus to give everyone 100 dollars to use means you need to tax everyone 100 more dollars for every eligible voter and I guarantee there are more eligible voters than taxed individuals which means working Americans will be forced to fund campaigns choices made by non-working voter eligible Americans. This should be an opt in service if it's ever passed with the stipulation that you must be employed and have been taxed that 100 dollars before the election cycle and after the previous election cycle. It should also be required for the government to hold this money without using it for the 4 year cycle because otherwise they will see a larger revenue from citizens and spend it on some other program, only to then just raise the debt when an election cycle rolls around and they're forced to give the single use tax money back to the workers who payed it.

  10. I support Yang, but college athletes are already paid tens of thousands of dollars by getting fee tuition. And, if you forgive student loans, who is going to pay the debt? I paid off my $45K in student loans. Who is going to pay me back for that?

  11. They aren’t taking advantage of NCAA athletes okay. Should I get played for putting my body on the line for playing underage rugby no. I do it cos I love the game. If you are playing for money you shouldn’t be playing at all. Also the money makers for college have scholarships which in a way is what they are getting in return but I think the NCAA should allow students to receive sponsorships and have jobs but to be paid by the school to me undermines the great thing about college sports. It’s an amateur game so they play for the love of the sport not the money

  12. You better believe that we will have open borders and even a greater influx of illegals trying to get in this country and get their free money. And he has no stand with China and the trade agreements. Be very careful who you vote for.

  13. He is promising the sun and the moon. What happens if he gets elected and can't congressional approval for all his promises, especially the UBI??????

  14. I want Bernie for president and these guys in the cabinet. Yang is brilliant and Buttigieg is compassionate.

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