38 thoughts on “Pete Buttigieg delivers speech on foreign policy and national security

  1. God he is retarded. He is either retarded and doesn't know what words mean, or he's smart and absolutely bullshitting us. Probably the later, Mr. Rhodes Scholar.

  2. Nothing on China? How is he going to avoid America’s largest existential threat like that? Does he not know? Or is he too afraid to ruffle China’s feather? Either way he doesn’t get my vote

  3. intelligent what a refreshing change. Go Pete go. Even if you dont win in 2020. (hope u do) There's always 2024

  4. Vote Tulsi Gabbard 2020. This guy will not raise minimum wage, tax corporations, end the wars, fix health care, etc. he is the 2020 Obama. Wolf in sheep's clothing. Do not fall for this!

  5. He thinks telling everyone he's a queer will get elected.   PeeWee will need a little more than a husband to even get to the debates.   The US does not care who he sleeps with??? Buttpluge thinks he will get the sympathy vote because he was trapped in his closet for years.  Coming out does not make you presidential.   It makes you look like a low self esteem….unable to stand up for you own rights  much less our country's…….The world will laugh at us!!

  6. Imagine how much money you would pay to watch Pete debate Trump. Now, just go donate that much to PeteForPresident and watch it become a reality. You're welcome ; )

  7. Why is it that anyone that degrees with him has to be called names homophobic biggot Russia trolls the list gos on why cant you just disagree with that lifestyle

  8. I’m not a Democrat. I LIKE THIS GUY. He’s thoughtful. All I want is someone thoughtful. Using democratic strategies under a thoughtful president will reveal whether these policies help or not, and help guide us on our way to a prosperous future.

    You don’t have to agree with every policy to see that this guy is more than ideal for the presidency of the United States. How do I help this man

  9. Are Pete and Beto dating now? Guess that cow that Beto likes will need to take a back seat with its hooves.

  10. The history and personality mean something. To me him being part of the public life asking for special treatment because of their sexuality does not fit a president.

  11. Wake up you moron democrats. Only 1 will be nominated out of 23 running for president, at least 20 has zero chance. Run for SENATE seats. Take the Senate back. Everything goes thru this present Republican Senate. Treasonous Trump will lose against any Dem.

  12. Iraq terrorists are better than those people, Iraq terrorists never took over the state and federal governments, they never overtook the USA, those gang criminals did.

  13. Twerp could gag a maggot . Leftist – Socialust in drag . 🤮 all you Dumbacrats send your hard earned money to him / her and watch the “ thrill” drift away . Go for it ! 🖕🏽💩

  14. Wow, I had almost forgot what presidential sounded like, it having been replaced by the random screeching of a baboon for the last 2 years.

  15. I keep my fingers crossed that this man is chosen as the Democratic candidate and is then elected as President in 2020.

  16. Presidential. Every time I hear this man, I'm more convinced that he is the best hope for our country. Brilliant, unflappable, and he served in the military.

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