Persona 5 - Unused Bad Ending, Events and Intros!? ( Major Spoilers )

Persona 5 – Unused Bad Ending, Events and Intros!? ( Major Spoilers )

man that was a weird mission I didn't think we'd get intel on exactly where the thief would be I've never seen anything quite like it myself having us split into two thin squadrons take one designated path get into position then wait pretty bizarre if you ask me in that casino – do you think it was some kind of illusion keep your voice down not supposed to be discussing this we could say he stole the guards gun and committed suicide during his imprisonment how about that man Futaba did a great job I never thought tapping his phone would be such a success still he's going to come kill you and make it look like a suicide huh what's your move then what a reliable thing for you to say Futaba and the others are on the move already I'm sure they're there by now we all came up with this operation together I'm sure it'll work as I would have expected from our leader all that's left is to see it through not that way you're surrounded inside he should be around here search the area hey wait a sec is that the police why is our plane leaked worry about that later is there a rowdy continue give me a sec you'll be able to walk along the wall I think you speak well wishes our only chance the enemy's focused on Joker right now he did smash through the window quite dramatically it'd be great if you could draw their attention a little longer can you do it counting on you there's no time to hesitate

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  1. hi, im here from the future.
    i think some of these scenes—-:
    0:00 – 0:29
    2:49 – 3:42
    3:53 – 4:11
    —- will be used in the Royal Version (AKA Persona 5 Remake) , because some of these scenes have dub but not translated, so this would be a great scene , also the scenes are full scripted and with animations (but the cameras are a little glitchy

  2. for the cutscene at 3:53 it roughly translates into
    "OK, let's meet at the hideout" and "Joker! Let's get started! Make a Flashy signal!"
    Edit I forgot one more line "He's over there!"

  3. “Not dying”

    “I don’t want to die”

    “Is there any other way?”

    “I don’t want to get killed”

    Sounds more and more scared, I love it XD

  4. Okay, can someone explain something to me?

    You see how the text fades in as the voice plays? Well, when I play the game on PS3, it isn't like that at all. All the text just appears at once. But when I play the game on RPCS3, the text is always like that by default. I figured it was alterable in one of the settings, but I can't find any setting that toggles it. Is there any way to change that setting? Because it's really annoying to me.

  5. These scenes must have been scrapped SO LATE in development – they have the English dub audio and 100% working scripts and animations. Probably last-minute decision.

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