50 thoughts on “Perfect Small Business You Can Start

  1. I just saw this video as an ad. It made me get the free book and now I am interested. Thank you Phil!

  2. hi phil… i am a single mom… and i have so desperately searching for a way to make some income and with tears i cannot find anything … at this point i am not looking to become a millionaire my time is so limited … i just want to make enough for my family… i cannot afford to invest anything… help….

  3. A strong case for why real estate investing is the simplest path to long-term wealth!

  4. After listening to the requirements, a backyard hydroponics farmer would probably work out, probably costing no more than $5 per large plant. And you can sell the produce for some nice money.

  5. Awesome vid, in terms of ONLY holding rental properties (no flipping or rehab),Can you guys explain the benefit of multiple LLCs reporting to a holding LLC, are there any other benefits other than simplifying your tax return. I have seen multiple LLCs reporting to an S corp, (not sure the benefit of that one either).
    also, do you have to pay any employment taxes or any other taxes on your singles LLCs in addition to the holding LLCs,

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