'People’s vote' march: up close with anti-Brexit protesters at the 'biggest ever demo'

'People’s vote' march: up close with anti-Brexit protesters at the 'biggest ever demo'

26 thoughts on “'People’s vote' march: up close with anti-Brexit protesters at the 'biggest ever demo'

  1. All this is is political theater for the left to try to intimidate people from going out and voting.

  2. Please be assured that Turkey is next in line, although shelved at present. The talks are ongoing and eventually they will join. That will mean free movement and more cheap labour, our services, nhs and schools at breaking point. have remainers really weighed everything up?

  3. A second referendum is a way to bypass democracy and give the losers another chance to get their own way. The damage this will do to UKs citizens faith in politics and democracy is unfathomable. and that will include both leavers and remainers.

  4. Here's an idea… re-run the referendum and this time allocate a remainer to each of us silly leave voters to help hold the pencil and make sure this time we put the 'x' in the 'right' box… of course last time there weren't 'enough' remainers to go around so there would have to be a bit of doubling up!!

  5. Brexit breakdown; A bunch of Dictators from Brussels/world bank, Imf bank and the likes want control of the world and are using any means to destroy their Arch-foe freedom and the free markets, hence the pushback of peoples creation of Brexit.

  6. Its a Great FACT that the ILLEGAL WAR on terror and zero EVIDENCE of any kind of WMD'S And the MILLIONS of women & children in Iraq and Afghanistan and the middle EAST who have been murdered a there country DESTROYED its a Testament that our MAIN stream MEDIA will just report what ever THERE TOLD.
    We voted to LEAVE The European union and 4 years later we have still been told sorry NO….!!!

  7. It's interesting that remainers keep harping back to lies, and about the alleged promise on the side of the big red bus. Yet this in itself is a lie. There were never any promises on the side of the Brexit bus. Read it again and you'll see it was nothing more than a suggestion, not a promise. So how can a suggestion be a lie?

    In addition and speaking of lies, it's now estimated that of the alleged 1 million marchers in this video, around 220,000 were immigrants, i.e. not in possession of a British passport and unable to have even voted in the 2016 referendum, and that approximately another 90,000 were children under the age of 5. Plus of course we now also know that over 2.8 million of the alleged 6 million who signed the online petition to remain in the EU, were actually generated from IP addresses completely outside of the UK. Do remainers still want to talk about lies?

  8. Billy Bragg wants a “people’s assembly” aka a “Politburo”.
    He thinks it will be a place where we find concensus, I suspect it would be a place where wrong think is will be rooted out and sent to a gulag, until the whole “assembly” finds that no one disagrees with the “people”.

  9. "Experts in crowd estimation put the number at between 312,000 and 400,000." According to Full Fact Uk's Independent factchecking charity. Looks like The Guardian are off by at least 600,000. Bad Journalism.

  10. These people are idiots, they already had the "People's Vote" & they voted for Brexit! Seeing what's going on from America, it seems that politicians are trying to thwart the people's decision for Brexit. Make Britain great again and leave the European Union!

  11. Sure, everyone who wants to leave the eu are far right, fascist, racist, Nazis and are old people… Erm no

  12. Why do these people want the UK to become a small region within a superstate? Slowly but surely the EU is enacting the Werner Report and turning the union into a Federal State.

    And Freedom of Movement would be a great idea if the UK wasn’t so small and taking in a disproportionate number of EU foreign nationals. If France was to take in another 80 million people it still wouldn’t be as densely populated as the UK is today. The UK hasn’t got the land to sustain the current population growth. If you think I’m wrong then tell me: how many square miles of land will the UK lose to development over the next fifty years to support an annual influx of 250,000 people? Every Remainer should know the answer to that question.

  13. "Caroline Lucas for Prime Minister"……lol….Hilarious, I can't think of anything worse TBH….Deluded.

  14. I voted to leave but I wonder, was I right to do so?

    If you think I did wrong then watch my YouTube video and answer my question. 

    Click on FILTER, select ‘Today’ (if it is today: 03/04/19) and enter ‘Was I right to vote for Brexit?’ in the search field.

  15. So you want to pay a non County EU business so we can trade with other countries lost the plot you lot you pay your taxes and you want it to got to other countrys lost soles

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