28 thoughts on “People Guess Who's a Sex Worker from a Group of Strangers | Lineup | Cut

  1. They should put everyone in white t-shirts and pants and have people guess who's clothes matches to which person

  2. The bitch that got her ass slapped at in the beginning is so fucking fine, and so is the Asian woman in red dress.

  3. I guess these are all actors and playing roles I've seen them in other episodes the dominatrix woman was in truth or drink and she had an ex who was a woman

  4. the blond girl, i knew she was into some heavy stuff, just the look she gave everybody and her energy… she looks like a funny and cute girl but on the inside she has got fantasies hell yeah… i can read those girls pretty easy just by their facial expressions. exactly my type of girl

  5. Escorts do not have sex with the customer. That’s a lie. She is not an escort she is just a whore. An escort is a real and legal job and sex is illegal for an actual escort

  6. I knew the old lady, the blond and the large black woman were sex workers. They just had that feeling. I can’t tell with guys tho

  7. used to think Ilah was very attractive but the more I see her the less I find her attractive. her personality and attitude is just blah. She a little conceited and full of her self but tries to come off as some innocent sweet girl and always presents her underhanded comments with a smile which also comes off a bit condescending.

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