Pensacola Shooting: Police Give Update On Victims, White House Reacts | NBC News

Pensacola Shooting: Police Give Update On Victims, White House Reacts | NBC News

51 thoughts on “Pensacola Shooting: Police Give Update On Victims, White House Reacts | NBC News

  1. here at kingspark neo nazi virginia … wouldnt let me see thiz video because im black … they lag it and play with it having fun with black peoples time … im at the library here …

  2. Trump has NEVER acted as Consoler & Chief! Used every event to spew rhetoric. Shooters should wait till Trump is visiting their base, then when he’s directly affected he might consider stricter gun control laws.

  3. Shooters in the Navy on opposite ends of the country. This is a good story for you nbc it really helps further your handlers plan convincingly.

  4. Who said, "If you don't fire the prosecutor, you don't get the foreign aid money"? BTW…that prosecutor was fired an hour later.
    Who said, "Tell Mr. Putin, after my re-election I'll have more flexibility"?
    Who sent LETHAL weapons to Ukraine to fight the Russian while Obama sent pillows and blankets? I rest my case.

  5. When pedophile pseudo billionaires are doing everything to convince the public that they are legit, baaaahahahaha. Time to test them all with a plethysmograph.

  6. How does the sheriffs department react to a shooting in 2 minutes on a military base? Military bases have their own police. Why is it a civilian sheriff is speaking on behalf of any kind of incident on a military base? You would figure it would be the commanding officer. I say deep state false flag trying to cause tension with Saudi Arabia, and issues for President Trump. If they get the public to believe 9/11 they can get us to believe anything!

  7. Once again, why DOESN'T the military allow all soldiers to carry weapons on base. It should been stopped in 1 minute! Period!

  8. Man, oh, man. One death after the other–one incident after the other. My condolences to the affected. Thanks for the breaking news update.

  9. They disarmed military personelle on bases. They were defensless before this shooter. This was a gun free zone. Gun free zones do not work. This is an area of strict gun control. Gun control does not work. You know where you never hear about mass shootings? Police departments. Firing ranges. Gun clubs. If you want fewer shootings, arm more people.

  10. I can't watch this guy-his upper lip never moves. It drives me crazy. I think he's a cyborg-definitely not a human

  11. Another shooting incident carried out by the left in order to take our guns. The dems will stop at nothing to gain power. Even committing murder.

  12. πŸ”΄I'm only 29 but I definitely remember that some of the terr__ists from nine 11 were trained in Pensacola..
    Think about that..

  13. My fellow Americans, let's all take a moment to thank the Great American Gun Nuts who make these kind of events all about themselves and their fear that they won't get a new AR for Xmas
    You guys really make America great again at a solemn moment like this
    Thank you for your sacrifices, without you we wouldn't know about how this tragedy is effecting such an oppressed people as yourselves

  14. I'm from Pensacola, FL….and yes there was shooting incident at NAS. I live about 5 miles away from NAS. I'm not much of going to NAS and other Navy bases. My deepest condolences to the affected.

  15. See! What Americans did in ME had returned homeward – fortunately it was bullets – next round – high explosives – more drama – exciting!! be around to see and hear!!

  16. If FBI’s Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were assigned to this case all of us smelly Walmart shoppers would be blamed for this!

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