Penis On Social Media & The KKK

Penis On Social Media & The KKK

what's up welcome back to stay with Sunday ooh save us say what say what you know that I like it Boober um yeah so today I feel like uh some people out today so I want to say thank you to Kenya I want to say thank you to Kenya for this mug by the like Kenya subscribers so shoutouts to you for this video don't know I Emily oh and for those of you that just rolled your eyes y'all are probably cancers and aquarius's but don't I don't talk about it I don't talk about it I don't wanna talk about it I don't want a sacrifice let's go ahead and get started I got three stories let's go Kim Kardashian is um okay so basically on this season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians Kim expresses that she wants to learn how to braid little North's hair in episode they show Kim paying $2,500 for a bucket like a hair braiding lesson this is hilarious because Kim frou-frou you paid $25 for that shit you could have called your man's Lana Anthony you know she's not doing shit she's probably in some movie playing somebody's like ho ass best friend but she other than that she ain't was shit you could have called her over and she could have taught you how to braise some damn hair on I am happy about this though because I know North has had a headache ever since she was born cuz I'm mama Keys pulling her hair putting them tight-ass high buns and shit pulling that girl's brain cells oh she's hurting so Kim I'm happy for you I'm glad that your husband is back at the house and that you finally see color so there's a white woman by the name of Tommy Lehren Tommy Lauren whatever the fuck I don't care doesn't matter on Wednesday she got invited to The Daily Show to do an interview with Trevor Noah she talks about black lives matter she talked about the KKK she talked about race talk a whole lot about color and even in the interview she said I don't see color of a bitch that's the whole entire fucking reason why you're here walking in this bitch look like an apple store during her interview she compared the black lives matter movement to the fucking KKK now here's the thing the KKK is an organization that advocates for white supremacy and the killing them niggas and their friends they only want white people here that's the only way no ketchup no tomatoes no lettuce just mayonnaise that's it the black lives matter movement is a movement that is dedicated to uplifting and advocating freedom and justice for black people the KKK is goal is to literally purified America again by extinguishing blacks and my friends and black rights literally the only thing that black wines matter wants you all to do is to leave us the fuck alone and stop stealing our natural protective hairstyles nowhere in that did we ever talk about getting rid of white people taking rid of you're getting rid of your rights we just want to be treated the same as you we want to be treated with the same amount of justice walk around with the same amount of freedom as you the KKK wants to get rid of us um yeah so Tommy girl be quiet the last moment I'm gonna talk about before I go is this sweat dance challenge this is just another challenge I'm starting on social media in order to expose ourselves for DMS the purpose of it was to show you dick in some sweat pants and some people took it as a joke a lot of people say it as a joke actually like just far as stuffing random shit toasters TVs and like mattresses into there into the front of their pants and you know and because there's so many challenges and they happen so often and they're so creative I figured let me make a short list of challenges that I would like to see on social media I say we do the the lighting challenge I want to see a whole bunch of fat asses and some leggings just get to put on the leggings with the Ivy Park on the butt leg day I just need to make sure that you know leg day it's working out for you um I would like to see a show me your degree challenge and this last one is specifically for white people and it's my personal favorite and is the personal space challenge let me know how that goes well I'm done here um hope you guys like this video ro Johanna que muchos your subscribe until your friends to subscribe and share the videos and juggling some ocean you know you can send this link over and put on your Facebook and it'll be on my facebook you can retweet this you know there's many ways to share and really this is the best way to share without getting an infection litmus is going on is real we upload in every day so I will see you tomorrow

42 thoughts on “Penis On Social Media & The KKK

  1. LEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. "Show me your degree" challenge would be perfect…. I predict a sea of Trump University graduates rushing to this challenge lmao

  3. rolls eyes and scoffs
    "and for those of you who rolled your eyes your probably cancers or Aquariuses."

    me: Im a Cancer

  4. I'm confused how the #personal space challenge would work, My hand are too full, I always got my Starbucks in one hand and the other is usually just hanging out touching your hair or something. Plus I'm still confused about what ashy means so I got no time for challenges.

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