41 thoughts on “Paul Weyrich – "I don't want everybody to vote" (Goo Goo)

  1. disgusting mother fuckers. stupid god damn ignorant uneducated uninformed fucking dipshit feeble minded simpleton mother fuckers.

  2. The right's goal is an oligarchy, pure and simple. They do not want a well-functioning democracy despite the blood shed by our soldiers around the world and throughout our history in favor of democracy and against fascism, corporatism, militarism, monarchy, and other forms of mass slavery. It is a betrayal not just of America's founding value but all who served to secure that core value.

  3. Churches pay no taxes. If they want to get into politics they must pay the price of admission like everyone else. These anti-intellectual, anti-spiritual "Christians" don't even follow Christ. They hold Jesus up like a shield as they cry for more war ("bomb them back to the stone age!), more guns, and more harassment of gays, Arabs, Blacks, atheists, free spirits, and intellectuals. Their aim is not to make America better for all of us, it is to get more money and power for themselves at the top and nothing for anyone else. Then they invoke the name of Christ and get well-meaning people to follow them. The modern day Pharisees.

  4. Transparency, getting dark money out of politics and education are important to counter this class warfare bullshit

  5. And nothing has changed in 2019: http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/01/mitch-mcconnell-making-election-day-a-holiday-is-undemocratic-power-grab.html

  6. I'm British and have never heard of this guy.   Please tell me this is not serious, but some kind of parody.

  7. ALEC is the one producing the voter disenfranchisement legislation Republicans then introduce to state legislatures

  8. ALEC is responsible for writing a lot of the Voter Disenfranchisement legislation that state Republican Party controlled Legislatures are introducing that limit minorities and the poor from voting, which coupled with Gerrymandering is how they are locking in a permanent control over numerous states despite receiving a minority of votes. From there they introduce more legislature benefiting their donors, cut taxes for the rich, roll back environmental and industrial regulations, cut school and healthcare funding, and Gerrymander Congress. ALEC and Americans for Prosperity and others in the Koch network are now advocating for the 17th Amendment to be repealed. The right to vote for your states Senate representatives. This would revert it to Legislature appointment. Think about that for a second: a Legislature that does not represent you is Gerrymandering Congress and appointing the Senate – what elective role do you then play?

  9. Do a search on "why a pure democracy doesnt work". this video may sound extreme, but there is some truth to it. again, its related to the fundamental reason for why pure democracies dont work and never have.

  10. Democrats have got to get off their lazy asses like the racist white nationalist do and VOTE! None of this would be an issue of Democrats turned out at the polls. So no matter how much Republicans cheat, lie and commit fraud it wouldn't be enough to change election results if Democrats consistently VOTED!

  11. "In 1996, Weyrich was diagnosed with a spinal injury known as arachnoiditis, resulting from a 1996 fall on black ice. From 2001 until his death in 2008, his injury left him in a wheelchair and in chronic pain. Complications from that fall required a bilateral, below the knee amputation of his legs in July 2005."


    Divine retribution?

  12. Shouldn't he have called it the GooGo syndrome? Maybe he still had the brain of an infant and regularly spoke goo goo.

  13. So tell everyone to Vote no matter what. If you're in an environment where you can't promote voting Liberal, then don't worry, because you can still just do the basic PSA and tell people to vote, just generically, because its their civic duty. And you know what…that's all we need, and the right-wingers know it. If most people overall are voting, it will always be better for Progressive Politics. That's why, for example, Georgia just threw another 107,000 people off the voter rolls. That's why we all have to make certain we are registered, and that we can stand up to any challenge to our going to vote.

    We also need to get rid of the electoral college, get each state to set its election practices and rules so that we can all vote by mail (or dropping our ballot into a reasonably close by drop box), that our given time to vote is at least two weeks after we get our voting guides in the mail (or from a local library or post office), that indeed there are voter election guides to explain each thing we're voting on, that we are all using paper ballots, not rigged machines, and that each ballot is secure and is counted by hand, not rigged machines.

    And whatever you do, do not let them make you use some placebo "provisional ballot", which they mostly will never count. If we can retake our Democracy's beating heart (the election and the vote itself) back from right-wing supporting companies and their "proprietary software", we will reclaim the country that is of, by and for the people…in the true majority.

  14. This is why you see Republicans engaging an election fraud voter suppression because they know the more of us vote the chance they win go way down that because they run on crazy ideas and they only represent the 1% and most of us know this the only ones that believe them are the same ones that believe the Adam and Eve story even though there's a big hole in the story Cain kills Abel and get kick out of the garden goes to the next town and gets married wait a minute I thought Adam and Eve were the first two people on the planet how is there another town with people in it already but these dumbasses believe Adam and Eve were the first two people on the planet now you can see why they believe the Republican because they're dumb

  15. Traitors to American democracy! These right wing nuts have to be defeated at all costs! This is a war for democracy! Fight like it!

  16. Trump is surrounded by members of a group this guy co-founded called the Council for National Policy or CNP. Google it + Jennifer Cohn, who compiled research on it with citations & links provided. Nevermind, here: https://extranewsfeed.com/americas-taliban-the-council-for-national-policy-to-which-kellyanne-bannon-the-devos-family-7465f1754ca4

    Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Wayne LaPierre, DeVos, Pence, Mercers are all members. Members are known for ties with Russia, wanting a close relationship with Russia, and voting machine technology.

    "29. The CNP has extended its tendrils not only to Russia, but also to America’s largest voting machine vendors.

    30. As of 2010, the two largest voting machine vendors in the United States were Election Systems & Software (ES&S) & Diebold Election Systems (later renamed Premier Election Systems)."

    Effin creepy. Pass it on.

  17. What a dangerous man. And wouldn't you know it, that's the sentiment carrying the Administration today. We are screwed, if we don't change course.

  18. These are the Right – Wing marching orders. At least this time it is not being hidden. Its right there in plain sight. Wake – up America. Look at what his type are doing to us. Their lack of ideas & slanted views win when we do not vote.

  19. This guy basically admits their policies are not supported by a majority of Americans and the only way they stay in power is voter suppression.

  20. He's commenting on the fact that many millions of Americans don't care about politics, can't name their own congressman, and do not pay attention to public policy debates. Why should we want these people to vote? Mass voting is the reason why today's political debates and discussions take place at a 4th grade level of english and focus on sideshow drama rather than policy. Ironically, this is partly why Mr. Trump is now Mr. President.

    The left will guilt people into voting, even when those people really don't give a damn about politics, because the left knows that their emotional arguments are appealing. Who wouldn't want free healthcare? Free college?

    The left tells people that it's their patriotic duty to vote, but they never seem to tell people it's their patriotic duty to stay informed, read about the issues, and search for the truth yourself. The "VOTE OR DIE" campaign from the retards at MTV comes to mind as an example of this tactic.

  21. Because of the wonderful meme Republicans love of "THEYRE ALL THE SAME" – Any time somebody, usually 18-35 says that, punch them in the face with facts. WHEN will the young tire of being ruled by white people older then 60; who ALWAYS VOTE? "They're all the same" BECAUSE YOU DON'T CARE ENOUGH TO VOTE EVERY YEAR. The OLD do. Democrats forced to compromise to get anything passed in ANY state; because only HALF of all people eligible to vote, bother to. Because it only takes 41 senators or state senators to Filibuster. We could save this country; restore tax rates to the 1% that could pay down the debt. But we won't; because old white people won't let you….because its cool to say 'they're all the same' and vote for Fringe Green Party; the best thing that ever happened to Republicans is 3rd party left…it gave them 2000 and probably 2016. UNITE or live under the rule of dying angry bitter white people who fucking hate you, because you don't hate 'fags', Mexicans, Muslims, etc.

  22. For 40 years, ALEC has been enabling corporations to lead politicians around by the nose – even going so far as writing legislation for them.

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