32 thoughts on “Part 1: Should we question the decisions of the governing body?!

  1. You don't have to question the bible, if you don't like what it says read a bit further and it will tell you the exact opposite

  2. I think you should question why anyone would listen to 8 old men who tell you how to live your life !

  3. Question I even question my mama what's in the soup. She say chicken and rice.. yeah if someone doesn't want to be questioned you have to side eye them

  4. Ha haaaaaaaaaa , dat jesus fish line, hilarious, but rite, FACT and good points that I didn't make the correlation to, to add that up. F.O.H. WIT da brainwash/fake authority


  6. Hell yes question their asses the Shepered the flock of God book says it all no more secrets it's all B.S. the G.B.& the elders need to go straight to HELL.

  7. If the Ancient Bereans , Questioned what they were told by the Apostle Paul , Modern 21 century Christian should be on GOOGLE , YAHOO and Every other search engine they can find !! You Damn Well Better Believe the Bereans . . . if transported to our time . . . would be Questioning and Challenging these Charlatans Left & Right !!! :):):)

  8. the FIRST Decision that all 8 Gov Body Members made was… to Partake of the Emblems at the Memorial… LONG AFTER the WT President "closed Heaven" in 1935 and ended the Heavenly Hope for ALL… except themselves – as for Bible info… did you know it was Jesus that asked the Disciples to gather weapons before the expected arrest in Gethsemane ? Jesus said the 2 swords "would be enough" – Galatians 1 has the def of "The Good News" – ALL about Jesus… nothing to do with Paradise Earth… or God's Channel
    Paul even describes his own persecution of Christians for their Faith in Christ…

  9. This video is total blasphemy! You know the Governing Body is the voice of God on Earth, in other worlds “The Mouth of God”. And I’m not talking about “The Mouth” like Sauron’s Mouth in Lord of the Rings. I’m talking about what ever the Governing Body Says you should take it as Moises listening to Yahweh at Mount Sion.

    Sure they make mistakes every once in a while, but come, with global warming and all, God’s Holly Spirit doesn’t reach humans as it used to back in the day. And besides, it’s all about the New Light. And yes, the light seems to turn on and off and go back and forth sometimes; but who says the Governing Body can’t have a ‘New Light Dimmer’?

    The fact is, you can’t question God, you can’t question the Governing Body. So whether it’s bribing your kids to get baptized by not allowing them to get their driving license, not wearing Gay-Designed Tight Pants, not humping your Pillow at Night, not masturbating because it would turn you homosexual, knowing that you can beat the crap outta your wife as long as you don’t smoke, accept the over-lapping generations, never talk about Beth-Sarim or saying alive ‘till 1975, ignore the fact that they were part of the UN for 10 years, and that they invested in Tobacco and Weapons Manufacture companies, don’t grow your beard, accept only blood fractions donated by worldly people, don’t go to the university, don’t play sports or music, don’t celebrate anything but your anniversary and the yearly Memorial, and above all do not speak negative about the Governing Body, you are OK…

    Unless you didn’t do enough and Jehovah decides to burn your ass in Armageddon anyways.

  10. 0:15 have you really really blah blah blah… “did God really say “You must not eat from any tree in the garden?”” I see some familiar exploitation!!!

  11. Think of it this way ….what causes people to question authority ?…..Hypocrisy and unfair rules that are not equally applied …..the Point ……they did this to themselves….. They encourage you to leave your last religion if they do the same thing …..so F em !

  12. Thanks Jay! My house is flooded and a mess and I needed something to take my mind off of it and I knew I could count on one of ur videos to do that. Mission accomplished! For awhile anyway

  13. I said this to a Jehovah's Witness a few weeks ago and he couldn't answer that question. He was really stumped when I said it that way. I bet he is thinking about this now. Hopefully he will start questioning everything now. Great video!

  14. I was just thinking, questions can be used for clarification or used to mock. Either way, the question would best be answered by actions. If a person can't produce honest answers to the questions, by their actions, wether on video or in person they put rules in place to protect their hypocritical actions, and then it just becomes a war of words.

  15. Good Damn Logic, hands down. It's like a person just telling you they are a brain surgeon without any credentials, just their word, and they are going to perform brain surgery on you, from their basement. But you can't ask any obvious questions about your logical concerns 🤔

  16. Didn't Jesus also say not to follow man, so why listen to some men who stated they aren't inspired and infallible? They are like my ex was- do as I say not as I do! They think they are above Christ, much like the Pope does. Great video, jay… And isn't it amazing how some scriptures pop into our heads, lol.

  17. Based upon a book the Watchtower published in 1965, the Governing Body should WANT us to question them. The title of this book was: “Make Sure of All Things: Hold Fast to What is Fine”.

    So, it would be hypocritical of them if they didn’t want us to question them – or “Make Sure” of them!

  18. Let’s see, listening to the Governing Body we get:
    1- Don’t take a life saving Blood Transfusion
    2- Don’t go to College so you can support yourself and your family
    3- Shun your Family & Friends who no longer worship the Watchtower Corporation
    4- Abstain from Websites showing Child Molestation Crimes committed within the Organization
    5- Serve Jehovah by following the Watchtower (which is a Publishing & Real Estate Corporation)
    6- Give us money for the World-Wide Work (and to pay Child Molestation Lawsuits)
    7- Believe our Predictions about the End of this “System of Things” – even though we’re a false prophet and none of our Predictions ever came true

    So, the answer to the question: Should we question the decisions of the Governing Body, is a resounding – ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Thats blind trust ai t no 8 monkeys in suits whom are sinners just like all of us, dont place your trust in man first and second theyr bible has been distorted by themselves to theyr convinence. To run theyr money machine making money theyr corporations especially the printing buss.

  20. If your not a true Jehovah then why even ask? There was no flood right? Your not trying to be a follower of Christ, Jesus said to sin no more meaning it is possible to refrain from non stop continuous sin.

  21. The governing body’s logic: we’re not perfect and we make mistakes, and our teachings might be wrong sometimes but we’re still going to disfellowship you if you question us. It also bothers me when the gb say in their magazines “the governing body don’t want to control you, the governing body give you true freedom in the cult” um no not being able to even wear the clothes you want that’s what’s called control you absolute imbeciles watchtower

  22. I'm sorry my friend cut off your ear…🤣👍
    You make a VERY good point in this video and I hope people get it. It's completely illogical for people to follow the GB.

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