22 thoughts on “Part 1: Kevin Shipp, CIA Officer Exposes the Shadow Government

  1. My liberal professors got gangstalked by shadow government everyday. What did they do? recruit students to overthrown and joined revolution. My deaf professor, some of english professors got gangstalked for life. I know shadow government is real. but my liberal proferssors don't know anything about it. Things you shouldn't do that angers shadow gov. 1. spread sex and sleep with dozens of strangers. 2. join organization take downs. 3. don't overthrown shadow gov. 4. Censor whatever left wing creates quality of life. 5. don't join the illuminati. There's always dangerous shadow gov taking them down. Dirty satrical religion.

  2. Wow, oh okay so this is weird. I have seen this vdeio with more than a million views. (Seriously)

  3. “We will talk about that”
    “We will talk about that”
    …. okay please start talking about it 🙄

  4. Part 1: Kevin Shipp, CIA Officer Exposes the Shadow Government.

  5. He speaks of well know knowledge.
    What truly bothers me concerning Kevin is he repeatedly says " dangers to myself " anyone who knows about lying tactics is you repeat a statement over and over and it becomes truth.
    Also, democide is the number one killer of it's own citizens.
    It's like this guy went through the internet and parroted everything everyone else has said.
    Think about it…if he sas truly in danger he would be in exile like real whistle blowers.

  6. First let's look at the fact that there is no legitimate government in America. It's all fraud, racketeering, extortion, etc. The "president" is the administrator of the bankruptcy of 1789, 1859, 1929, 1999…

  7. I am watching a movie right now, it is called Kevin's Ship. It is the follow-up to the hollywood blockbuster "Battleship".

  8. Awesome "Joined together in matrix but not the same " , they even do not know what other is doing so ayt any point of time a person may be influenced by two different forces in that Matrix and they may not know its happening …highly unlikely but possible .

    I was waiting for this line

    Thanks for confirming

  9. I'm certainly not fighting against this. Fuck that lol. I'm man enough to admit that I value my life over all others. This is interesting though and I'll definitely keep up to date.

  10. Hopfully we The people and the ACLU can fight for the evidence shown by criminal investigations that 911 was set up and malcom howard was not lying about building 7 and that the Patriot act II is not going to meddle with evidence without proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is not a conspiracy and is very real. Faith Purnell daily utah chronicles 2004 is no joke and edward snowdon proofed Purnell right. Peace. DHSS 3.0 gpa. Rico is a crime. O and Gary Doe lied about radnet. 2headed fish out of north pacific ocean.little brothers will be watching. Peace.

  11. I salute you Kevin, you are a very brave man, thank you for making the people aware of what is going, thank you again.

  12. – As an Ivy Leaguer and pretty accomplished businessman, I was frankly clueless (much like nearly 90% of US citizens) for roughly 40 years of the TRUE GOVERNMENT of this great country!!! For the last few years I did much research and pretty much every disgusting detail I have discovered was explained concisely in this great video!!! Thx Kevin for doing such a great job in summarizing the UGLY BIG PICTURE…

    – Sadly, every country's government and wealth structure be it a democratic, capitalistic, communist, what have you, is universally the same whereby the corrupt government leaders and elitist businessmen at the top (i.e Illuminati, CFR, Bilderberger's etc) absolutely controls everything and their enforcers (i.e. CIA, MIC, etc).

    – No matter how good intended a politician may have started out, their acts or ambitions for any positive change will be futile because simply the powers that be and the entrenched elite are way too powerful to allow for any change and they have all the power, influence and resources on their side. President Trump is the First President that frankly just doesn't give a F*** and slowly he is trying tear down Shadow Gov't one prick at a time (e.g. John Brennan). But the media (btw, who owns and controls the media???) portrays and magnifies all his shortcomings because they absolutely FEAR him!!! But sadly, most of the clueless citizens see him as an idiot and a clown but unbeknownst to them, he's the best shot we got at real change!!!

    – So are we totally powerless and are willing to be content of being manipulated and let these Jerk**s play us without a fight?? I say "F** NO!!!"'… The time is NOW and for the first time in 50 years we have President who is focused on "tearing down this F***ing wall" but WE as individuals can help the cause by trying to spread the word and raise awareness one person at a time and in time we just may have a chance!!! Just start by showing this video to one friend, two, then three or more and make sure they themselves spread the word because the ONLY way we can ever topple this worldwide corruption is to hopefully UNITE AS ONE and fight back!!! Make it your lifetime goal to try help implement change because you want your children and grandchildren to live in a better society not controlled by the Greedy & Corrupt… and since America is the leader of the world, other countries will inherently fall in suit which will once and for all destroy the WORLD ELITISTS!!!

    – Be brave and follow in the footsteps of JFK, Ed Snowden, Kevin Shipp, and the numerous other whistleblowers and true patriots who have put their LIVES AT STAKE in their seek for JUSTICE & CHANGE!!!

  13. stop crakin jokes..this shits serious. but you are funny.. light hearted I guess that's refreshing

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