33 thoughts on “Parkway Drive – Idols And Anchors

  1. So crazy I was in middle school saw this band and changed my life almost a decade and some change here I am today head banging all over again

  2. LOVE Parkway Drive 💯,
    Getting my little man who is 1 years old into them and death metal too!💯💕💕

  3. Ill never forget hearing then for the first time at series tour 2010. None was in the moid so i rushed through the crowd and the whole day was fucking brutal after that. Good times

  4. Listening to this song before playing sport increases your chances of being the sickest cunt in the game !

  5. lyrics
    Now your heroes have fallen.
    The seas are rising.
    So torch every banner.
    Every hope of surviving.
    This storm is breaking.
    Security has left you treading water.
    Now taste the fear.
    Taste the uncertainty.
    What will you do
    when there's nothing left for you to cling to?
    What will you do
    with your one last breath?
    Thrive in your emptiness.
    Burn all you love.
    There's no hope for the weak.
    Our heroes have died.
    No heart. No hope.
    Face to face with the abyss.
    One by one they fall away
    and wont be missed.
    Can you hear it?
    Can you hear the sound?
    As our broken idols
    come crashing down.
    Now taste the fear.
    Burn all you love.
    There's no hope for the weak.
    Our heroes have died.
    Burn all you love.
    There's no hope for the weak.
    Burn all you love.

  6. Does anybody else hear a slight delay in timing at 0:15? Seems like the snare is just off by a hair. Maybe it’s just me.

  7. God…I wish I could go back to the days of listening to this on my Ipod Classic, skateboarding on my way to Highschool. Those times were so simple and good 😢

  8. Trying to put together more on a playlist. Any body have recommendations for songs similar? Doesn't matter the band. Maybe some songs I don't know of yet out there where I can rock my fucking face off

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