Paradise Papers: The True Story Behind The Secret Nine-Month Investigation (HBO)

Paradise Papers: The True Story Behind The Secret Nine-Month Investigation (HBO)

[Applause] over the weekend a massive new document' league showed how the global elite hides its wealth and uncovered previously unknown financial connections between some of the world's most powerful people reported business links between a member of the Trump administration and members of mr. Putin's inner circle the leak contained millions of confidential files from a Bermuda based law firm called Appleby and it was revealed by the same group of journalists that broke the Panama papers story last spring this latest project might be the most expansive work of investigative journalism in history the product of nearly a year of round-the-clock work by a global network of close to 400 reporters vice news was with them as they worked in secret what we're doing is systematically going down looking at Trump looking at Kushner looking at all the cabinet appointees looking for hits these extraordinary stories about offshore secrecy about a sort of political scandal unfolding in real time involving Russia somewhere in those fires they're mine to be The Smoking Gun new at 11:00 a huge data leak tonight is showing how the world's rich hide their cash million files were leaked from one of the world's most secretive offshore companies but the panel members we had 11.5 million documents in biggest financial League rankings are causing shockwaves around the world humans will lead to the German newspaper suddeutsche Zeitung the leader came to süddeutsche Zeitung when i source calling himself John Doe contacted my colleague questioned and we pretty soon realized that this is something atomic biggest data leak in history involving world leaders Hitler Saudi Arabia Syrian President Bashar al-assad hiding billions of dollars in offshore accounts all of it reportedly funneled through a law firm in Panama we have a new project now it's codenamed Athena the new leak is is again in the offshore world we received data from a big law firm whoever be we can't comment on how we receive the documents we told nobody about that it's just a small circle of persons here to touch each item who know about the nature of the link and they were supposed not to talk the new leak contains several millions of documents emails PDFs Word documents it's also database files now we have two stator and it's not machine readable so that means we can't search within it and we had to figure out ways how to make it machine readable part of the problem is that we're dealing with all the files virtual images on PDFs there are weeks of work could that go into getting everything out of the files getting data out of the files getting text out of the files somewhere in those files they mine to be the smoking gun we have already found several heads of states heads of government members of the Trump cabinet several interesting Russians people very near to President Vladimir Putin so this new data offers a wide range of interesting stories we also realized that it's going to be too big for the two of us so dota came to us because we have the technical capabilities to tackle a leak this large ACLJ the mission is to uncover those urgent stories of public interest that go beyond what any particular one journalist or media organization can accomplish on his or her own we focus on the parallel economy that uses the secrecy of tax havens tax havens provide an extreme level of secrecy where you can go and create a company and it would be impossible for anybody no matter how powerful the prosecutor can be to obtain that information the majority of the people we find are incredibly rich and incredibly powerful we already have found that this very early stage at least two cabinet members from the Trump administration the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and also Wilbur Ross with the Secretary of Commerce if your economic mantra is to put America first then I think it's fair to be asking why you're doing so much business offshore people deserve to know the ICR J model is that we coordinate and publish all at the same time even if we have someone screaming from the rooftops in a particular country we hold them back as much as possible and say no wait until we all agree now that we're sending out the logins bringing onboard hundreds of journalists and giving them access to this really sensitive information that very much feels like posting an open invite to a house party when your parents are away on Facebook like you know who will come and you trust 90% of them but you're always wondering is someone gonna slip through the cracks or will the crazy boyfriend of someone you know come along and just wreck the house could you please all switch off your cell phones for the whole meeting because otherwise the electronics will go mad and due to security reasons so please switch off your cell phones welcome to Munich and welcome to studio chats item the first rule was that we don't talk about what we are doing that we don't talk to our friends our families to our colleagues the second was that we share everything that we find out so let's start today this meeting of this project in this spirit of cooperation and then I'm sure that we will have a second success good luck we are few nails we have contracts with bank accounts we have huge databases and as apple peeve is the offshore provider that works in various jurisdictions they have 10 offices all around the world here's just some where they're active it's Bermuda Cayman Islands currency Jersey Mauritius Seychelles and Isle of Man my personal favorite for me personally it's kind of amazing because there are a few of us here who have been working on these types of issues for years you know really in obscurity and now to see like a room full of a hundred reporters were all intensely interested in writing about this stuff and digging into it you know is pretty amazing there's so much in there I keep getting distracted you see the name that you recognize so then you go off down a little trail but that's why this is really great because somewhere in this room there might be someone who can actually put that little piece in the jigsaw puzzle for you this is my second project working with ACLJ where I was working on the Panama papers in in Iceland and the Icelandic Prime Minister was linked to an offshore company and we decided to get this first impressions he can't get us out of someone and asked give it the Scots he could need to answer the question so he walked out of the interview and a few days later redesigned as a prime minister this is what journalism should be about to inform the public so the public can react and this is good for any democracy this is where we actually decide more or less when we're going to publish so it's very important that you all take part in this and we all know that in August it's a dead time to publish in Europe because pretty much everyone takes a break it's always bad time in Lebanon we don't know if we're having neck cells in the summer so yes it's definitely preferable if we do with after September also the New York Times votes for the first half of October that's it we would have preferred the beginning of July because the Germans normally try to be ambitious the next possible date would be the first half of November can we settle on the fifth I take you to the kind of most secret bunker I'm not quite sure why we call it a secret bunker because it's actually on the fourth floor and it's quite a nice view which you'll see hello hi can I introduce you to Henry Nick Juliette we're like a little lettuce sell it before the revolution kind of working in secret we're dealing with people's private data here so in order to protect them to protect the people whose data is here in our hands we work in a locked room we use passwords whose encrypted communication that storage we're communicating with other genders all across the globe and that's why these projects is successful because it ones swaps information and we share we have a thing called the iHub which is like a facebook for investigative journalists which you can only access with two-factor authentication when we doing Snowden all these windows had to be we didn't have any sunlight we have any natural life we were told that intelligence agencies from foreign powers who were perched in these flats behind us I don't know you should think about investigative journalism and we think about Woodward and Bernstein you think about meeting deep throat and the car park at 2:00 in the morning is making a cigarette I think we've gone from Woodward and Bernstein to geeks looking at vast datasets searching away until the early hours it's the age of the leak this is just an email from Jesse Drucker who's working for New York Times one of the search terms we're looking at appeared in Panama papers and there are 3,000 966 hips and so we're now supposed to divvy up a thousand hits dream the New York Times the BBC at the Guardian in the IC IJ the New York Times of the New Kids on the Block stranger that seems they didn't do Panama papers or at least they did they were they were a bit like the US and the Second World War they were a little bit late that we've done most of the research and they sort of came in at the end this time they're in on the project from the very beginning I mean if you you've probably noticed most of the documents that I've seen so far have been pretty humdrum legal documents what's life at a lawfully exactly but it's not like masa I'd imagine Hilton carafe to those domes no thank you it just seems mind-numbing so these are the top clients in Cayman but there are lists there for like and Bermuda and vbi the problem is even if you get a hit so much of the stuff is so prosaic yeah but that doesn't matter the fact that it's prosaic they never say oh we're gonna steal money open-mike you yeah he's here we don't see ourselves as the opposition we see ourselves as doing scrutiny of every administration Donald Trump may choose to you know continue to try to cast the New York Times as public enemy number one generally speaking reporters are not personalities who are easily intimidated nor do they like to be intimidated so that I think just makes people resolute about doing their job and doing it well I was taking a look at corporate aircraft the ownership of planes which I find interesting because it you often discover that interesting characters like a lot of Russian oligarchs wind up using the services of companies like Apple beat there's a little bit of a you know president of the Christmas tree kind of aspect to mucking around in a database like this and seeing what you can find we've been looking at the relationships between people associated with the Trump campaign and Russians and there are a lot of tantalizing leads what we're doing is systematically going down looking at Trump looking at Kushner looking at all the cabinet appointees looking at all the Trump related entities looking at all the entities or who are related Trump business partners and things like that looking for hits an ongoing story that I have been looking at is who are Kushner's partners because a lot of the money behind the Kushner developments or Kushner investments is a mystery we don't really know who his investors are just typing in the last name you get four hundred some-odd hits and you have to sift through every one I will honestly say that I'm still a little bit of a loss as to how to deal with some of those really kind of gigantic search results maybe there's some ways our heads together there's no way to make that work so and I mean there's no question that at a certain point some of the stuff will come here and you'll come up with a storyline that makes sense but that hasn't happened so far I'll put in a couple of weeks there'll be more meat on the bones so this is a program called Ling curious which is a way of showing relationships between people and companies in our data why don't we start with Rex Tillerson there is he has two connections if you click on the Mareb upstream services company all of these connections are shown all of the directors and shareholders are there it's a joint venture for oil and gas exploration in Yemen these are some of the Yemen state companies like the Yemen gas company that these are joint ventures between oil majors in the Yemeni State he was a director of this company the Mareb upstream services company from March 1997 to March 1998 even though it operates in Yemen it's incorporated in Bermuda which is not related to any of the companies or the operations but as zero corporate tax rate I actually think we probably have a better story with Wilbur Ross because with Tillerson there's just that one connection which is for a fairly short period of time everyone knew he was there with Ross there's at least a dozen companies in the data that we see him as a director I'd shareholder of lettuce that like first of all obviously seen if we what documents we knew documents we may have but also studying you know going outside of the data and and connect you know just building a very robust file this is not an abstract world of corporate structures and numbers there are real consequences for real people the main victim is the middle class they are paying for the infrastructure they are paying for the schools and paying for transportation and the richest people in our society have found a way to skirt a whole bunch of taxis that the rest of the citizens cannot possibly avoid there aren't that many opportunities to really pull back the veil on the business activities of the country's most wealthy people I see IJ does not have an office in New York City their headquarters are in Washington DC so I work in a co-working space it's a small group of people who generally know each other mostly reporters but I can't talk about what I'm doing in their presence hence why I'm on the roof right now in my former life as a freelancer I would talk an awful lot about my work with my friends my family and I've all of a sudden gone very quiet which I think might be a slight relief for him the story that I'm most excited about personally right now is about Democrat billionaire investor and founder of Renaissance Technologies hedge fund James Simon thanks a lot for being Iles glad to be here James Simon's is the founder of Renaissance Technologies which is probably the world's best performing hedge fund it uses very complex and secret algorithms to mint billionaires left and right they've actually patented a new way of trading really quickly James Simon's has a trust fund that's sitting out in Bermuda that pretty much nobody knows about this offshore trust is called the Lord Jim Trust in 2009 the Lord Jim trust was worth seven billion dollars which is just a staggering sum to be tucked away offshore Spencer has just done an incredible job this is the iHub on Renaissance and you know this is all new territory for me accounting you know and you know whether a pot of cash is accounted for or not accounted for you know but anyway we have to be very careful because we don't wanna be long I'm gonna just take a look and see what Bloomberg shows us on the net worth of assignments from Renaissance so he is the world's 64th richest person with a net worth of fifteen point seven billion dollars this Lord Jim Trust is probably worth about fifteen or sixteen billion dollars now at least if Bloomberg or orbs fortune anybody had ever gotten wind of the existence of this thing it would have been a huge story I find it you know amazing that a pot of money fifteen billion dollars large there's absolutely no trace of it in any filing any anything as appalling as the wealth gap can be in the world actually it's even more appalling than we think because there's all these assets offshore and the impunity that people use this and do this and abuse it is is you know should make your blood boil I thought it would be helpful for some of the stories that we were you know sort of mutually interested in to talk a bit about you know what our intentions are today so it seems like what we clearly have is you know Wilbur Ross is a significant shareholder in this company that's making tens of millions of dollars a year as he sits in office as Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross is private equity firm WL Ross & Co is connected to more than 50 offshore companies in the data we were able to trace personal investments by Ross through four of those companies to a shipping firm called navigator holdings when the top clients of navigator is a Russian energy company called C bore whose key owners are two prominent Russian oligarchs Leonid Mickelson and Gennady timchenko and kiriyama love who's Vladimir Putin's son-in-law Wilbur Ross still has a financial stake in navigator holdings and you know it adds up when the people who are in charge of Commerce and International Economics have connections to offshore business dealings it tells you a lot about the kind of economic advice that Donald Trump is likely to be getting the way sasha has crafted now is like pretty pretty much dead on Ross does have this fairly interesting to say the least the relationship with some wealthy Russians who are very well-connected in in Moscow I pulled these earnings calls from navigator holdings and the CEO is talking about how they're making all this money because Russia is exporting so much gas to Europe and they're saying by the way and we're making this money in direct combat with US exports Jessie anything you wanted to mention I've been working with Spencer on this you're an ilknur story about investments that appear to be bankrolled by either VTB which is a big Russian bank or Gazprom invest holding he sort of raises questions about his connection to the government and what role if any the government has in the investments that he's making here in the US I mean it seems like if you're doing Millner on the multinational story again I was like just just you're doing those two feels very challenging I mean I think just you know keep plugging away at it for the next couple buds there'll be something good there's kind of a urban flow to story ideas jesse is also working with Simon Bowers who's on our team they've uncovered particular multinational tax avoidance schemes I have ten year old twin boys at a very small house they're jumping over every square inch of that house and driving me crazy so I've moved out into the yard there's some peace and quiet but of course they follow immediately you know they want to know what goes on in the woodshed the sweeping narrative is that this offed your law firm caters to all sorts of clients wanting any range of services one particular type of client is a big multinational who wants to structure their Affairs so that more of its profits arrive in low tax offshore jurisdictions from a storytelling perspective we want great amounts of detail also with a household name attached because you know we want to engage with the readers and tell them it's about big companies you've heard of its Facebook is there Apple is there mic is there I never know what to say Naik will Nike or sneakers Jesus do you say sneakers or trainers I don't know do you know what trainers are people think of Nikes as a company one corporation in fact it's a group of companies it's probably over a hundred companies that will include all sorts of strange partnerships the jewel in the crown of Mike's intellectual property is his solution as what everyone knows the swoosh is owned by someone right for many years it was owned by a company in Bermuda called Naik International Limited and in 2014 it was switched and is owned by a Dutch parlor ship that doesn't seem to have a tax residence anywhere in the world if you're buying a night shoot why should you care whether the intellectual property charged the bit of the shoe that you paid for that actually has the swoosh on it whether that money eventually goes to Bermuda or whether it goes to the US the answer is because there's not pretend otherwise tax is about paying for schools hospitals roads police around the world if your structure is cynically doing that and has no other purpose you know that's that's gonna be an uncomfortable conversation for the tax director to have with with the corporate reputation director I don't see this as a crusade but actually I think the best kind of reporting looks at how it's a systemic issue I'm more sober approach to it is to say you know we understand why they're doing it but what are we going to do about it now and that's that's what I'm hoping people are gonna start asking and down to business that Luke do you want to just give this five minutes now yeah I mean I just just a couple of thoughts one hours kind of reviewing the Twitter stuff it is very good I think it's almost the best story genuinely is Russian state funds which we used to buy a big stake in Twitter we have money from VTB which is a Russian state bank is basically the Kremlin going into a Russian American called yuri milner and then we have euro Milner investing in Jared Kushner Jared Krishna is an interesting story in the data jared is kind of right out there and potentially you could be our best story but at the moment we can't prove that is Russian state money going to fish no but it's the money may be getting somewhere else and no this is easy it's it's not like kind of Vladimir gives money to year he gives money to Jared it's a puzzle we have a political story which it is as big as any story I've ever come across involving Donald Trump and the Russians and Trump's associates note if you're an American reporter and you annoy power you annoy the White House what's gonna happen Donald Trump's gonna tweet at you there was in Russia everybody understands what can happen to journalists who criticize power and in particular who exposed corruption every day you know my D is different I don't wake up at the same time and I don't get out of my home at the same time they usually take different routes so one day I come to my office with car another day I come with Metro the day after tomorrow I took a metro than a bus and then I walk in two days I take a car to another metro station you know I have like hundreds of words if powerful people want to kill you they will kill you and there is nothing you can do the only thing you can is to try to become a difficult target if you turn your head you will see six portraits of our reporters from Nagaraju who were killed during a chicken he is considered to be the father of investigative reporters in Russia he did stories about secret services and about the corruption within the secret services and he was poisoned federalism in Russia is still for my regret is not very safe professional way up ilana Tigers totem done we do it with level ficus1 oh it's not rumbled over to Pilate well then what is that you sit you will tell you saturate mmm okay press the some facts combined it's a tax evasion me watching sometimes we see names and even interesting names but we don't have any information about companies so basically just the fact that somebody owned a company in nothing else and its problem you see all this Sabourin bilborough's connections it's the Russian problem it's not the biggest Russian problem I should say that Kyosho model of the son of Allah demon puddings doing business with Ross who is now the secretary of whatever in the years means nothing unfortunately the scale of problems in Russia is so big that we are focused mostly on the state of koneko Joey what could cost refugees should report it yeah is kaput historic at our most pristine the right now yeah yeah Colonel Kent who knows new OPM's kuranda if the panache boom is it's not a be sunny story the Buddha said pretty much consistency bear that stirs most as minutes we met at the Bootle can a kid in a DJ not the bush or a minister pardon which social names panama Cuchillo blade misses this story mean shweta more just Korea was to come near rocker your words will be even better the others for me my colleagues in in Western Europe and in the ass for them any business where the sanction person is bad and it's okay I live in a country which is sanctioned right and that is why our point of view is different I think there's an understanding that there are Russian oligarchs out there who have investments outside of Russia but were basically wealthy or whore billionaires essentially at the pleasure of Vladimir Putin and what this story shows is that to some degree yuri milner is in that camp – yuri milner who's a big Silicon Valley investor made big investments in Twitter and Facebook and those investments were bankrolled by the Russian state they're very interesting and significant memos from Applebee that lay out some of the relationships between V T V which is the big state-owned Russian bank and one of the investment vehicles that you're at Milner used DST is the name of Milner's venture capital firm DST invests about 380 million dollars in Twitter about half of that came from V TV the big state-owned Russian bank the connection between the Russian state and Facebook is a little more complicated Yuri Milner is firm invested in Facebook through a number of different vehicles one of those vehicles was owned by a British Virgin Islands firm called Canton Canton was getting tons of funding from gas from invest holding the state-owned financial institution and Canton has numerous connections to an Uzbek Russian oligarch named Alice share loose mon off who is a huge investor for yuri milner and has been for years yuri milner is since sold his stakes and those companies but it sort of illustrates in the kind of long arm of the Kremlin extending into Silicon Valley in a way that none of us knew before yuri milner is also an investor in a real estate technology company called cadre cadre is a company that was founded and remains part owned by Jared Kushner the bottom line is Jared Kushner has an investor in his firm who has significant financial ties to the Kremlin that none of us knew about before now we know so I made the trip down here from New York to meet with Sasha and put the finishing touches on the Wilbur Ross story he's been great to collaborate with he's a damn good researcher and he discovered the Navigator Seymour relationship to begin with the main thing is can we call it Ross's private equity firm now that he's resigned in his Commerce Secretary yeah I think the context is clear as we say later that he just this year stepped aside from write the firm but it's the fact that it's been long been right the majority shareholder his company the WL Ross group was the leading shareholder and he still has a stake in navigator Holdings and that actually raises some important questions about his duties as Commerce Secretary if he does anything that has a direct and predictable effect on his own financial interests that is a conflict of interest he knows that he has these holdings it seems likely that he was not expecting it to become a public issue especially since it never came up during his confirmation process he disclosed the fact that he that he has an underlying investment in navigator in his ethics disclosures but this is you know a couple of lines on a 57 page document that I think apparently went overlooked you never know what the response is gonna be until the story comes out but what I do think is important about this story is that it shows a business relationship between a cabinet member in the Trump administration and Putin's son-in-law it is another example the highest ranking example of a trump administration official who's making money through business connections to Russia so I guess the thing now is to that we talked about earlier is just trying to reach out to the people left like me Ross a navigator receipt or I think a lot of people are gonna be very unhappy with Apple B I mean if you can just picture what kind of you know response they're gonna get from clients that they have to tell them that you know all of their records have been in the hands of a consortium of investigative reporters for the past year the main point of the visit to Bermuda is really the visit to Applebee's officers Bermuda is the beating heart of Applebee and its global operations what law DNA palm trees blue sea yeah I think this qualifies as paradise it will take words from the screen that I've now been reading for 12 months or so and will give those people and those buildings a life the Australians the Danish and then the Japanese also came on board tomorrow I will have in hand printed copy of the questions to Appleby so that the person asking the questions can hand that over if they're invited to it's now been well over a week more like ten days I would say since I CIJ first contacted Appleby we have a list of questions and I think at that point they would have certainly become aware that they'd been a leak of their information and that journalists were trawling over it we're still waiting to hear substantive responses to any of those questions so the Tuesday visit really is an effort to get some kind of response the cat is well and truly out of the bag as soon as we go to their front door [Applause] morning ma'am we're with the international consortium for investigative journalist I'll give you those two that's me and my colleague thanks for my shirt feel like I've read these for Draenei job I am thinking of the cedar room that's where that view happens – okay thanks very much I hope they're thinking who is the best place person who can answer it's my CIJ legitimate questions ok I don't know if that's actually what's happening yeah but we've certainly been sitting here a lot longer than we thought so when I unfortunately there's no one here to talk to you right now can I keep your business cards so what I will do is have them reach out via email someone who can't speak we think there's liquor in here at this time create and if you'd like we'll leave this with you I suspect you've got a cocaine take I don't know what that is so I can take that ok it's just a copy of the letter we sent to Apple ok well then they should have a thing thank you very much indeed and sort of reconvene use it worse thank you I feel pleased that we were able to get inside have a pleasant interaction let them know that out that we're here if they're available to speak to us and I look forward to receiving answers to their questions this is an industry that not only us but many people across the world have said is broken and is facilitating growing inequality and injustice if I rapidly I would have reasons to be worried about what's about to come out now the cats out of the bag if you will I mean you know the Appleby knows what's going on and now we're sending these you know requests for comment letters out to the Russian oligarchs who control sea boar and Sasha's contacting a navigator and also be sending some comment letters to a couple of other Trump administration officials we've thought about it how we approach these guys right and so we don't want to alarm them and because there's a fear that they would preempt us we're gonna try to reach a little bit Ross and you know normally has to kind of an easy thing to do to reach out to the media person for a cabinet official but we have Director of Public Affairs vacant just doesn't inspire confidence and the press Secretary's position is also vacant yeah hi this is Mike McIntyre at the New York Times I was trying to send email make sure it gets to secretary Ross involving his personal investments so it's kind of important hi mr. Goss halter my name is Mike Forsythe I am a reporter within New York Times and I'm working on a story about James Simon's it's a story about offshore trusts and so hope to hear from you sometime today in the afternoon if you've got a few seconds to talk to me thanks a lot okay we finally cleared the hurdle of figuring out who would even send it to ya we're almost there we're hours away from pushing the button it's been quite a long investigation a year is the long stretch of time for a journalist when you use the kind of daily churn and flow of news when a migrating downstairs to the second floor where will sit with services with a duty editor and will be will be checking the stories to make sure that everything is absolutely kind of accurate there hasn't been intimidation but we have had a lot of legal threats yuri milner flew from california to london and we met him had quite a civilized chat I thought he flew home and while he was on his plane and we got a very let's say a less than friendly legal letter from his lawyers there was investment from the Russian state into twitter twitter didn't know about it at miller says it was period commercial Russian spies I think we can say that use Facebook and Twitter subvert the 2016 US presidential election now there's no suggestion that UML levers involved in any of that that's not true but I think what it does show in my view is that that there was certainly an interest it may just have been a commercial interest from fairly powerful forces in Moscow to get into the tech game early on and this wasn't known until we got this leak and I think it should be now the investigation is really over we're in the homestretch looking at the presentation issues the page design and the digital design we have Cheryl Shamel off with putin's son-in-law and over here is landed Mickelson he's an oligarch they both are taking Putin on a tour of a seaboard facility and see Boris the Russian company that does business with Ross's firm so how long is the story this goes over to a third page there was so much sensitivity with that story we just couldn't make it fit on two pages we're just tweaking the language a little bit the kind of head against the possibility however remote that he can say that he somehow divested some of it since then one word that you can't back up or one thing that strays into hyperbole or you know some assertion that you can't support that that can undermine the whole thing is just like kind of the inevitable little last-minute things that have to be checked and fixed and comments URI Miller came in here for a pretty lengthy interview where he gave kind of an interesting presentations he came into the office with a series of clear plastic cups that he laid out a table one was marked Facebook one was marked alleged Russian government funds one I think was marked loose went off and he then he pulled out a large bag of green M&Ms and then poured the mms from one cup to the next to kind of demonstrate how you can't really show that this dollar from this entity end up them two ended up in this investment the point that he was making I think cuts in two different directions do you can argue that in fact it's all just one big pot of money and of course the state money is there we're just wrapping a bow you know on all our stories Simons did get back to us and what he told us is that his portion of the Lord Jim Trust had it a few years ago been transferred to a charitable foundation in Bermuda so an offshore trust became an offshore charity there's no website for this charity there was as far as we know no press release announcing the formation of what is one of the world's largest foundations just popped up in Bermuda and now we're gonna tell the world about it Trump isn't eeeh we're hoping that North Korea doesn't launch any missiles in the next few hours largely for the sake of our project now we're about to see what it all amounts to I think it's gonna get some attention thank you yeah real good finish yeah too late to pull back now in a major leak we're learning how the world's wealthiest are reportedly hiding their fortunes in offshore accounts 13 million documents mostly from an offshore law firm called Appleby they are known as that paradise papers another top trump administration official is now under scrutiny for his relations with Russia Ross continued to control a major stake in the shipping company documents reveal evidence of a Russian stake in the ownership of Facebook and Twitter this leak is going to be making news for a while this cache of material from this one law firm is just that is the records of one law firm there are hundreds of firms that do this type of work the documents give us a glimpse of where the world's financial elite stash their cash the big conclusion Smith is the only suckers pay tax which people don't pay tax big corporations don't pay tax it just needs the rest of us have to pay tax and we have a mortos we live in a Gilded Age I mean Boyd and we live in a Gilded Age and this is a ground zero for that it is across the front page above the fold of just about every newspaper there is this morning in each country you're effective of the ocean good if we can build that hospital or this school with public money then business they decided that they don't want to pay taxes like everybody else does the paradise papers released by international news outlets also point Nike and the Queen of England these are secrets that are of immense public interest we have held an accountable to account and now it's up to citizens and democratic institutions to take the next step other part of Congress should investigate if he fails to provide a convincing and compelling explanation he oughta resign when you're able to take the lid off the garbage can actually see what's crawling around in there you find lots of things that may be legal but it makes you wonder how can they not be illegal you you

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  5. Easy way to stop this being illegal is stop sanctions. The Russians have to use these dodgy ways because they are prohibited from behaving legally. Their options are go buddy or do these things. Also in their eyes they are not breaking laws as they find the sanctions to be inherently illegal

  6. Smoking gounn😂😂😂 weeks years of wasted time and money……accomplished nothing, busted no one ,who cares? No one! So much young people doing nothing….


  8. VICE ??? News !! Folks GO TO 31 minutes WE GOT NOTHING !!!SUMS IT UP!! WOW GOT IT !!! THIS IS A SOCIALIST-NAZI CIA NWO EU ANTI (NATION INDEPENDENT LAW) PROJECT !!!! Only TAX reduction ??!! and International Connections!!! Always mention TRUMP BUT NO HARD CRIMES AND NEVER the CLINTONS THAT ACCEPTED 100s of MILLIONS from RUSSIA ISLAMO FASCIST STATES??!!! GREAT NO USA AND RUSSIA 3rd World WAR NO WWWIII !!! Oh How you NWO Military Industrial Complex Rogue CIA SCUM HATE THAT !!! BAN TAX !!! Let the Govt Earn its Way like We the People HAVE To..!!! in the USA Constitution the Federal Government is not empowered to ENFORCE AN INCOME TAX!!!! Further the New YORK SLIMES ie TIMES IS AN CIA PYSOP !!! same for Washington ComPOST!! and Google and Amazon !!! and the GHCQ SCAM GUARDIAN the ISLAMONAZI CROWN AGENTS !!! ICIJ the International CRIMINAL Journalist Propaganda ARM funnded by NAZI George SOROS !!! Looking for HITs ???!!! You are really SCUM !!!! LOOK FOR SERIOUS CRIMES !!!! NOT HIts !!! Its shows your political AGENDA BIAS and SMEAR….BTW the German version of the Panama Papers was a LITTLE BALANCED ie that 99% of companys are LEGAL are NOT ILLEGAL….If Uncovered serious crimes GET THOSE PROSECUTED….SECRECY is a FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT….which You NAZI COMMUNISTs HATE…. Roll On… that said Wilbur Ross James Simons and Ed Tillerson are Multinational Corporate FASCIST scum so Plunge

  9. Look up the Russian reset, and who paid and got paid to give tech to our enemies so they could build their own silicon valley…. A lot of tech companies and politicians were behind that crap…

  10. I disagree that this is such a big deal. In my eyes, it's just smart money management. Just like the "montana license plate loophole" in which most of the very expensive supercars are registered there so they dont have to pay sales tax on their vehicles. or Delaware llc's. If you have millions of dollars in the bank, and it makes sense to move your money offshore, more power to you. Rich people hardly pay money in taxes anyways, because most of their yearly income is from investing, which isnt taxed.
    What I do think should happen, is that the tax law changes, to say tax everyone that makes money 20% on whatever income they make. This would help the middle class, who currently pay most of the taxes in the us.. (up to 35%), and it would help the us get out of debt. Hell, maybe it doesnt need to be a blanket 20% on everyone, maybe the wealthy will have to pay so much in taxes that we can all go down to 15%, which would help convince millionaires and billionaires to not hide their income, because 20% sounds kind of steep to me when I'm thinking how I would see it as amillionaire, but 15% seems alot more fair, even if it's just a 5% deduction. Kind of like the .99 trick. When 2 identical items are on sale, one for 2.99, and the other for 3.00.. our brains automatically see the 2, and jump on it.. even though there is only a 1c difference.

    I think people in the middle class like me and you generally dislike the upper class because we are kind of jealous, and also because the rich are generally more often rude, and overall dicks. And maybe we even dislike them a bit because they pay less in taxes than a person in poverty, and we all think it's unfair. Who knows.

  11. The Panama papers i believe, were of true weight unlike these charades. god they even made the name so alike as to purposefully tie the two seperate entities together in the minds of the simple folk as they have done a million times before except this time they aint gonna have it. but ya never know in this game,

  12. Lev Leviev Diamond Magnate are in Cahoots thus the Settlements in Palestine. Money for Trump and his son n Law. 88 Queensway Global Criminal Enterprise. Fasby 56 according Fitts. Black Budget

  13. Truth was Cast Down in the Street. 737 Max Boeing get them. The Black Farmers and Stolen Settlement Money

  14. I can’t stand how white people talk about this money laundering scheme nonchalantly like it was any other coffee table talk-so relaxed and lacked urgency

  15. Have to think of "Sixteen Candles" when I see the Appleby spokesman in the red shorts. "Well officer before he came up missing, he was wearing a white short sleeved dress shirt, red shorts, black dress socks and shoes. No officer, he's not retarded".

  16. The dislikes are because the whole process is biased . We don't hear much about how much money leftist dictators have , like Chaves , Madouro and many others .

  17. So what was found that implicate the US POTUS or members of his cabinet with crime. So Ross and Tillerton have left the cabinet. Who else can you get rid of.

  18. We just conducted World's largest and costliest election ever in India but suprisingly Panama Leaks wasn't an issue of discussion. Not in opposition , those in power and even the media houses. Wow!

  19. You better get your asses underground and I mean quick! Tell no one where you are cuz you will turn up dead. If the people you are reporting about find out about this you are dead. They will come after you. I am telling you to hide my friends. Vice pasta Salon please.

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