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  1. A panic attack over statins? High chlosterol meds/ Panic attack. If you have a panic attack, you are in a fetal position. You cannot talk.

  2. Just so yall know… the inner voice is USUALLY put there by parents or caretakers and how they raise you. Just saying

  3. I've had bad panic attacks. Dan Harris' on TV was not bad at all – he handled it well. I, on the other hand, become non-functional – drained and scared.

  4. I didn’t watch this until now because I thought someone caught it without him knowing. I feel relieved. Lol. You never know what the hell is going to show up on YouTube. 🙃😌

  5. I wonder if the shoe was on the other foot and either Eckart Tolle or Deepak Chopra wrote a book about Dan Harris attempting to rip him apart and throw him for a loop with their words, like Harris did to both of them plus others who’ve been in the self-help industry for decades, putting down their looks, calling them nut jobs, cons, etc. etc. I’ll tell you what, his sorry and narcissist butt wouldn’t be able to take it in return. Surprising is Harris didn’t really learn a thing from his panic attack on national television, certainly not compassion, empathy and tolerance anyways!

  6. man, he did great. about 99.99% of all people wouldn't be able to even get in front of a camera like that at all let alone have one single awkward moment.

  7. One of the most puzzling and terrifying moments I’ll never forget is one evening my 14 year old son and I were coming home from church when I had a panic attack like no other. I’d had panic attacks before…..suddenly losing the love of my life in an accident. He was 40 years old. At the time, our 3 boys were 16, 14 and 3 years old. I began having panic attacks immediately. In addition to suffering gut wrenching grief, the terror and unspeakable pressure of raising my children alone was overwhelming. I would wake up (on the rare occasions I could even get to sleep) with a sensation like my heart was beating itself to death and I had only seconds to live. If that wasn’t bad enough, my 16 year old, who was already a serious discipline problem before his dad died, began an onslaught of emotional and violent physical abuse that followed threats of how he was going to kill us. That continued non-stop until the day I kicked him out of my house. The lives of my other 2 children and I had a more peaceful life. But, he broke into my home numerous times, stole things, destroyed possessions and terrorized me with threats like : “You’ll never know when or where I will kill you. You might wake up to see me stabbing you in the face with a butcher knife or an axe!” The “fight or flight” reflex was nearly always in gear. I moved out-of-state with my youngest son a few years later. Even though my son and I were calmer, more at peace and felt safe, the panic attacks returned when I lost my job and my home. That brings you back up to the panic attack I described initially. I felt it coming on as we were driving home. I suddenly felt like someone was stabbing me in my chest. I stopped on the side of the road and sat there in the car with my 14 year old son. We both were scared to death. I could hardly breathe. I felt like I was about to die right there. My son said “Mom, I’m driving to the hospital!” I told him no….just let me sit here for a couple minutes. He obviously didn’t want to just wait. I did a step-by-step checklist to determine if I was having a heart attack. Neither my son nor I knew CPR at the time…..we both do, now. The pain subsided some, so we went the rest of the way home. The next morning I called a friend who was a cardiac sonography tech. She told me to get to my doctor immediately…..don’t bother making an appointment…..just go right now. I was considered an “emergent case”. The doctor hooked me up to an EKG. She couldn’t see any evidence of damage or abnormalities but, sent me to a cardiologist. He couldn’t find anything wrong either. But, after telling him what was going on in my life and losing my husband, he said that our bodies can react in response to emotional and psychological stressors that are absolutely frightening. I’m grateful I learned what happened to me, but it was terrifying anyway, to say the least.

  8. You should see the thing standing there looking down at me at 3 in the morning during one of my night terrors. My sleep doctor insists it's a physiological malfunction in the brain but I wonder sometimes. It's accompanied with a very distinct feeling of indescribable anxiety and fear. When I try to recall that feeling…intstant panic attack.

  9. My panic attacks take me out of time, out of the world. It's indescribable. I am removed from my own perspective and it's like watching from a third person perspective. They're very strange.

  10. Self destructive thoughts, yes but even worse is being a target of those using remote neural monitoring and v2k (voice to skull) technology. Check it out

  11. Thats what he calls a panic attack? [email protected]@K me I must be mental. Mine was Id suddenly be unable to physically breath, gasping for air, thinking I was about to die of suffocation. I've had severe ones that last up to an hour and I couldn't walk or breathe in the high street. That was embarassing.

    Once a policeman had to drive me home, he thought I was having an asthma attack so bought me an inhaler. Ive had PTSD ones as well after a trauma, I would suddenly be screaming and wailing in the street for ages after being triggered. Thats embarassing too. I was cured though by a tapping session.

  12. He needs to start taking pre and probiotics. Which GMO food kills. Your gut is your second brain take care of it.

  13. I had a brain bleed in 2011. One of many problems I have is panic attacks also known as anxiety attacks. Every day…every night…you Sir handled your self really well. I only wish I was that good at realizing what is wrong with me…I have ended up in the er from it. Yes it has been that bad. Can incapacitate me real quick. Some times takes hours to come down from it. Then I am on edge for days after a bad attack.

  14. Man its like I could literally hear what was going on inside his head at that moment. Honestly it's kinda why I don't smoke bud anymore.

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