Palestinian Islamists launch rockets at Israel, despite ceasefire – TV7 Israel News  04.06.18

Palestinian Islamists launch rockets at Israel, despite ceasefire – TV7 Israel News 04.06.18

shalom and good evening this is tv7
Israel news broadcasting to you from Jerusalem and in today’s top stories the
United States vetoes a Kuwait drafted UN Security Council resolution condemning
Israel like US ambassador nikki Haley called a closely one-sided view that
failed to blame Hamas for recent violence Islamist Palestinians launched
four rockets from the Gaza Strip towards Israel southern communities despite an
Egyptian mediated ceasefire taking effect
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu embarks on a trip to Europe
today seeking to convince France Britain and Germany to confront Iran’s ongoing
destabilizing activities across the Middle East Palestinian Islamist fired at least four
rockets over the weekend out of the Gaza Strip towards Israel southern
communities three of the rockets were intercepted by the ayran dome
anti-rocket defense systems while the fourth failed to cross the border no
injuries or damage were reported in response to the Palestinian rocket fire
Israel’s Air Force reportedly attacked fifteen target belonging to the infamous
Hamas organization across the Gaza Strip the IDF spokespersons unit confirmed the
report adding that the Hamas terror organization is solely responsible for
all events that transpire in the Gaza Strip and emanate from it meanwhile
several fires broke out during the past several days in Israeli agricultural
fields along the past inian in clave in what Israeli authorities said were
caused by incendiary kites and balloons that were deliberately flown by
Palestinian rioters over the Gaza Strip border fence and into Israel teams of
firefighters were called to handle the fire they started to spread before
managing to control the blaze the fire incinerated approximately a third of the
Kamiya natural reserve burning some 350 dunams of vegetation throughout the week
fires broke out over 40 locations in Israel’s Gaza
periphery communities burning large swaths of farmlands Woodlands and nature
reserves now to the West Bank city of Hebron where 35 year old Palestinian man
was shot and killed after attempting to ram his vehicle into IDF soldiers that
were stationed at a checkpoint leading to the cave of the patriarch in the
ancient city the idea of released a statement in which it said a terrorist
attempted to run IDF troops with his vehicle in response the troops opened
fire killing the terrorists no idea of troops were injured the Palestinian
Health Ministry confirmed the man was killed but officials gave no further
details on the incident now to the United Nations headquarters where the
United States was forced veto Kuwait for afternoon Security Council resolutions
it sought to condemn Israel use force against Palestinian protesters along the
Gaza Strip border fence in what US Ambassador nikki Haley called a grossly
one-sided view that failed to blame Hamas for the recent violence the
resolution offered by Kuwait represents a grossly one-sided view of what has
taken place in Gaza in recent weeks anyone who cares about the peace process
should vote against it but make no mistake regardless of how
others choose to vote the United States will oppose this resolution and we will
veto it if we must the terrorist group Hamas bares primary responsible the
terrorist group Hamas bears primary responsibility for the awful living
conditions in Gaza the ambassador of Kuwait last week voiced his support for
Hamas as violence against Israel calling its rocket fire towards Israel southern
communities legitimate resistance criticize the council for failing to
adopt the condemning resolution of Israel asserting its vital necessity in
protecting the Palestinian people Vanessa Lee Adam Tameka and modulus
minute ahmad mishra al carro Alethia knows a lot o fear al hamdulillah sharp
and first thing Alette es betturtle am el Khalil mafia
and now I watch my Akuma hardihood the ruthless Ariely tarik Lama an elite
amine and humility ester hapara Imam al Majid sir let him talk about to be happy
Monica Bela allahu allah ma li chillin out of the councils 50 members 10 voted
in favor including france and only the united states voted against there were 4
abstentions however including Great Britain which trans the need to condemn
all sides responsible for the violence along the Gaza Israel border fence we
condemned Hamas but at the same time we regret that the American text does not
adequately references rails responsibilities and obligations with
regard to Gaza now to another matter Israeli officials denied reports that
understandings had been reached with Russia regarding the removal of Iranian
troops from Syria the Prime Minister’s bureau issued a statement saying that
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had told Russian President Vladimir Putin
and US Secretary of State Mike compel the Tehran had to leave Syria entirely
saying that Israel would continue to maintain full freedom of action to
prevent the Islamic Republic from entrenching itself in our terylene in
all of Syria the denial of reaching an understanding with Moscow however
contradicts a statement by Russian ambassador to the UN Vasily in Benza who
revealed over the weekend that to the best of his knowledge Ruslan and Moscow
had come to an agreement about Iran’s presence in Syria the Russian ambassador
further stated that both sides were satisfied with the agreement and that if
it had not yet taken effect it would do so in the near future
meanwhile in Damascus Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid al mualim announced in a
press conference that the syrian army is preparing to recapture the southern
territories of the war-torn country which are adjacent to the border with
israel and jordan and remain under the control of Islamist organizations the
Syrian top diplomat emphasized that while the Syrian army would use all
means necessary to reassert Assad sovereignty over the
territory the maskers will initially start by pursuing a diplomatic solution
with regard to Jerusalem’s demand for an immediate Iranian withdrawal from Syria
Syrian top diplomat stressed that there are no Iranian military forces in Syria
claiming that Israel made up the allegation in order to help the United
States to pose Iran Lisa Hunico sued irani bommana alleged Alaska Riyadh
alert had he rewired Israeli to her will and testified mineral hodgman America de
amor es la mia pizzeria mr. Sharon Iranian border home state Yama loon
illusion and what Al Mualla al arabiya Sri hamara doom
Pettyfer matanzima Wotton and Musa Dagh hysteria an akuna lie to you provide a
scary Authority the yamori al-islam irani Israeli officials rejected the
Syrian Foreign Ministers claim as an unsuccessful attempt to deceive the
international community of Iran’s clear involvement in destabilizing activities
across the Middle East in general and in Syria in particular meanwhile Israeli
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu imported a on a trip to Europe for
separate meetings with leaders of Germany France and Britain during his
meetings Netanyahu said he will discuss regional challenges with the challenges
posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran topping his agenda and the adoun
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running the thank you for joining us he praying for the Peace of Israel and the
Peace of Jerusalem amia Pinto have a good evening we will
see you again tomorrow at the same time

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  1. Ai da nação que for contra a Israel, o Deus de Moisés , o Senhor dos exércitos os vingará, bom seria que todas as nações da terra fossem a favor de Israel, Eu sou a favor de Israel Shalom Adonai

  2. Israel Jesus Christ is yr only way to true peace if God's blessed people's Do not Give their lives & souls to Jesus Christ All yr land & people's will die & be destroyed ok last warning

  3. Easy solution. Quit firing rockets at Israel. Just leave them alone. Theres not anything anyone can say .Just leave the country alone.

  4. This is extremely bad. I mean, the Iron dome blocked every one of these as usual, but every interceptor costs us around 100,000$ and we are not able to fund this for long, so we'll have to go in and 'mow the lawn' again. Every time we do that, its like 2000 dead "Palestinians" and considering they are, after all, our long lost brothers and sisters, scores of soldiers with PTSD as well. Now, these Jihad idiots know fully well what's expecting them.. They only want 72 virgins in Janna. I'm not worried about them. It's the innocent civilians who get caught in the crossfire, that I'm worried about.

  5. האחים הפלסטינים עדיין עשויים להיות בשקט, אבל המדינה שלנו אינדונזיה ואחרים בקרוב להרוס אותך, גלוי מן youtobe כי הפיזי שלך הוא חלש מאוד, רחוק הצבא שלנו אפילו האזרחים שלנו, אתה ישראל רק עניין של זמן אתה מת בו זמנית

  6. knowing how kuwait stands today, they should have been left to Saddam Hussein when he invaded it..

  7. The whole world hates Israel and the US. for the murder of innocent people. The US and Israeli citizens need to wake up and resist! You only have to compare the areas of land Israel and Palestine had in 1946 and today. How did Israel grab so much land? And more importantly by what inhuman means?

  8. The whole world hates Israel and the US. for the murder of innocent people. The US and Israeli citizens need to wake up and resist! You only have to compare the areas of land Israel and Palestine had in 1946 and today. How did Israel grab so much land? And more importantly by what inhuman means?

  9. My God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, the God of the christians is with you all the way. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Your enemies will finally see the light. We are praying for you, we love you Israel, you have praying friends.

  10. Whatever drama and propaganda of palestinians, hamas and other arab countries, nothing they can do. They cannot defeat Israel. A small country like Israel will always be a winner. They don't know how to defeat Israel. Hamas and palestinians are undisputed and always champion on eating falafel. hahahahaha

  11. SUZANN, it wasn't the Palestinian people who broke the ceasefire. It was the Terrorist Organisations' like Iran's Government, and the Turkish Government, who have sent their "advisors" to Hamas, along with arms, money, and lies about history. They convince ordinary Palestinians with money and enforced backing, to stand there while they send the rockets.

  12. FELIX, …Israel did not "…steal billions of gas dollars from Egypt…" as you put it. I understand that you are guided in this incorrect comment ( posted below ) by several Egyptian claims that the Oil/Gas Fields discovered by Israel in their territorial waters, are Egyptian property. The Egyptian Government has never made such a ridiculous claim, AND IN FACT ISRAEL is working with them to supply oil/gas by undersea pipeline DIRECT FROM THE FIELDS, to HELP EGYPT WITH BILLIONS OF DOLLARS.  What is the real reason Iran wants Israel's land ??? Do some research and you will find that Israel's Oilfields both offshore and onshore, CONTAIN MORE RESERVES THAN IRAN AND SAUDI ARABIA, with Saudi Arabia  actually assisting Egypt and Israel to develop Israel's Oilfields. You will also discover that many previous leaders of Israel, as well as many other world country leaders, WHO DID THINGS AGAINST YAHWEY'S ( God ) PLAN FOR ISRAEL, were quickly "voted out" of their position.Like what happened in THE 6 DAY WAR. ( the shortest war of all time ) IRAN WILL BE NEXT. But don't believe me, read all about it for yourself, in the KORAN and the BOOKS OF THE BIBLE, etc etc.

  13. knowing how much ''people'' support killing of unarmed civilians especially children tells us that a world war III in inevitable.

    nice job NaZIS those 20 children were absolutly hamas fighters right ? throwing rocks or healing the injured deserves a sniper shot right?

  14. Israel you go for many years on the eternal path of help and war. But no one offers you to win. Are you ready to finance the development of Operation Jericho? This is my personal private business. Please contact us. The Afghan way of eternal help, I turned into a path to victory. You trample on the site of endless wars, because you do not have the right experts. In the US, they also do not.
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  15. The fact is arabic or islamic country never support any refuges expl rohingya…but supporting many grup to distroy israel..create terorism..bless israel..those with israel.

  16. Our Living Loving Holy God Savior Lord King Jesus Christ Yeshua Himself is With Israel and will Protect ISRAEL. You will see the Countries Against Israel Fall.

    Remember Anyone who Blesses Israel is Blessed, Anyone who cures Israel will be cursed.

  17. This rocket firing dont make sense because if palestiniens want to strike isreal then why they fire at such a high trajectory just to help isreali air defences to shoot down these rockets ??? This is just an excuse coined by jewish state to destroy palestine

  18. The HAMAS Terrorists agree to a ceasefire, then break their own agreement. What do you think of them now, Palestinians ???They know full well that Israel will fire back and take out the ROCKET LAUNCHERS HAMAS HAVE ON YOUR HOUSE ROOFS !!!Sounds like you poor people really are cheap cannonfodder to them, but so long as HAMAS can try and tell the world that Israel is murdering poor, defenceless, innocent Palestinians, when you should be telling the world the actual TRUTH.

  19. These Iranian official, starting with Khamenei, are liars. Lying is second nature to them because of the muslim principle of TAQIYYA.

  20. Also known is in the trade also that the seprate meetings are all well conected to many and much there

  21. Israel just celebrated it's70th year anniversary.You would think that by this time the Palestinian would have know that Israel is there to stay. Izzy the watchman.

  22. the lies from alleh babas are fucking liers iran is in syria and there scared cause usa and isreal are at one go trump🇺🇸

  23. why arabs so hatefull against the jews?the jews wants peace,many years ago till this day,why the arabs dont wanna peace with Israel?

  24. Build and connect neglect and regret can't fight a nation that is the foundation of Allah shame such violence in such holy land the world is big enough for everyone to coexist in neighboring continents disgusting how israel treat palestine when they the occupier of the land end of the day every thing belongs to Allah and israel sophisticated weapons wont work when Allah come to judge😇

  25. how can i join the Israeli army i will fight with them any day any time with my last blood. i love Israel from biafra

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