Owen Jones meets Jonathan Pie | 'Identity politics are used to shut down debate'

Owen Jones meets Jonathan Pie | 'Identity politics are used to shut down debate'

32 thoughts on “Owen Jones meets Jonathan Pie | 'Identity politics are used to shut down debate'

  1. The reason you have never been randomly stoped and searched isn't because your a straight white male, is because your not from a rough area. White privileged dosent exist, it's confused with class privilege.

  2. Owen is just evil. Don't mistake his subversion for stupidity. He knows exactly what he's doing.

  3. pie made a lot of sense here. i don't get some of these strange questions. the guy's a liberal and you want him to be responsible for every alt-right nut on the internet? wtf are you trying out for the bbc?

  4. I'd never sub to Owen Jones, he's just another leftist robot, spewing what he was told to.

    Jonathan Pie is awesome though.

  5. Allowing bigots to speak in the open is vital to change minds. Great changes happen through little conversations. If some speech becomes illegal or socially unacceptable those little conversations never happen and society will never change organically. If it changes by government hammer, you create so many many more problems.

  6. I know this is highly anecdotal evidence and not at all empirical, but I have literally never once heard a woman be catcalled, or heard anyone shout any kind of racial abuse to someone else across the street. Is that just me??

  7. Neither of you believe in freedom of speech.
    At 6:46, a person should have the right to say that, personally I wouldn't say it but we should have the right to. However If you do say it you are not free from all consequences, you could face social ramifications but not legal ones.

  8. Europeans don't seem to understand that banning free speech is opening the door to banning unpopular opinion and unpopular expression as we see in countries outside of the USA. I guess I can't expect much from cultures that never fought for independence and still celebrate inbred monarchs.

  9. As an American Citizen, I find it hillarious how these two are debating what people are “allowed” to say.
    The truth is that while the US is full of people on both ends of the intelligence spectrum, our founding ideals were conceived and synthesized by people vastly vastly superior in morality, courage and philosophy of human rights that the kings boot licking brits.

  10. Jonathan Pie speaks a lot of sense – the left do not challenge, they shut anything they do not agree with down! TR, Sargon etc…

  11. The problem with identity politics is that your identity does not define your experience. While it may be hard for a straight white male to understand the experience of racism, or homophobia, or sexism it may be equally hard for a black, gay woman to understand it as well if she's never experienced it, which she might not have done. Racism, sexism and homophobia are real and a great threat but that doesn't mean that your identity means everything in terms of your experience and understanding.

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