45 thoughts on “Over-the-top anti-Trump protesters intimidate and harass young female journalist

  1. I was attacked by 3 people like that now I carry a pistol and a wrench if the wrench doesn't do it I'll shoot people over it I was wounded and 6 months later I'm still hurt it's not going to happen again and I suggest to you carry a wrench heavy enough to break a skull

  2. The Christan thing is to respect the lady but you don't because you get paid for hurting people I don't care for people who lie Veritas shows us how bad the Demonrats can be and what you will do to get elected red is all I see I guess I will vote red to put you away

  3. These communists, I can't wait to see what happens when somone that wont put up with them happens near by…

  4. I am convinced that these radical left wing groups are a bunch of degenerate thugs and they should be designated as a domestic threat to our national security and our freedoms

  5. Great work Project Veritas, to bad you people have to be around such vile Leftist Lowlives like Crammer, and his Bots Winsor, Clayton,and other sick, lying filth, but you do important work exposing these Disgusting Leftist Extremists. One day these Punks like Clayton will run his trap to the wrong person and gets what he deserves, NOT like that Pussy Pic of him in a neck brace.
    Thank You Project Veritas and all your staff that are exposed to these Rabid Leftys!

  6. Watching that PUNK BITCH Ryan Clayton , I wished I could have been there to drop him . One left hook to the right side of his face followed immediately with a hard upper cut with my right fist under his chin . GOOD NIGHT Ryan . Oh look he's pooped himself . heh heh heh

  7. Why do people gotta be jealous of others nice things I'm sure its a consensual dungeon when did extreme nonhomosexual fornication become taboos maybe you should raise some money like Alex selling marital swings though instead

  8. Shows the true character of the left. Borderline insane and definitely disgusting. Good job leftists.

  9. Ryan Clayton seems like a mentally unbalanced lunatic lacking credibility everywhere except within his own echo chambers.

    "Bob Creamer sends his regards!" like he is some real life Game of Thrones character. Clearly Mr. Clayton fantasizes about being important. I hope you get help Ryan.

  10. Ryan Clayton is your typical leftist douche bag troll! Him and his mindless followers just spew out allegations to push lies all because they believe that the ends justifies the means. Thats what leftist do they make up lies when they don't have facts because they believe lies are ok as long as it helps them to achieve the results they want. The sad part is they believe their own lies. I've said this once and I'll say it again liberalism is a mental disability.

  11. This man needs a wagon to transport his massive balls while walking. I wish I had gotten involved long ago. Thanks James and PV

  12. Stand and Deliver My Friends. James Okeef I Pray that God will put a hedge of protection around u and your family, employess, friends, and evey thing you touch.

  13. these people are asking for a civil war. they are truly demented. Houston, we got serious problems here. solution? I'm leaning towards deportation.

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