47 thoughts on “Outspoken conservative Ben Shapiro says political correctness breeds insanity

  1. List of countries throughout history that don’t or didn’t have freedom of speech:
    North Korea
    Soviet Union
    Nazi Germany
    Imperial Japan
    Fascist Italy
    And more
    You know what these countries all have in common other than having no free speech? They all had highly authoritarian governments who ended up being responsible for the deaths of countless innocent lives.

  2. All of so called "political correctness" is mostly teaching people behavioral disorders most psychotherapists try to get their patients to unlearn, so yes obviously. And that's no trivial thing, that's malicious abuse. Teaching young people disfunctional behavior that will make them suffer and fail is vile.

  3. Leftists want a protected, child-like, infantile, existence where they have complete freedom, with no accountability, no responsibility, and everyone else is forced to take care of them.

  4. Scum journalists. They are all the same. Lowlifes. Devils. Lying, shit-stirring, corporate whore-bastards.

  5. Gender dysphoria is characterized by "having a delusion that you are not what your genitalia indicates"; is this garbage fake news media group really going to deny that? I guess they don't care about their ratings very much, dumb millennial ran media groups. lol

  6. If you cannot listen to another person's point of view then I must conclude you cannot defend your position successfully.When you take it to a violent level,I know you cannot win an intellectual argument.

  7. Yes to 'BASIC' rights that we can ALL agree on — We're all in the same boat, like it or not, and as Americans our survival into the future depends on our unity as a sovereign nation NOW — RIGHT NOW, not when it's too late. 5/2019

  8. Damn I wish i had knows he had been here in my state I would have loved to have gone to a full lecture by this genius.

  9. Shapiro isn't a conservative, he's a Trotskyite and jewish racial supremacist that advocates world revolution.

  10. The only way 90% college campuses are systematically destroying our freedom of speech is if the democratic funded left is behind the whole damn thing…. Do you research!!!

  11. You should have asked him of the DSM-5 from him. The fact that you didn't ask him and still used it as an "It is important to note.." thing means you knew what his answer was gonna be and didn't want his answer to come out on your video because that would have been enough to end the video there.

  12. Wow, 3:20 is an absolute lie. The DSM completely changed it's definition of this for PARTISAN left wing babies that were crying that transgenderism is a REAL MENTAL DISORDER. For over 50 years it was a MENTAL DISORDER. Gender identity DISORDER, and then the left forced them to change it. This 'news' site can't get a single fact straight, what a laughable group of children running this. Ontop of that, people with gender identity disorder (EVERYONE that thinks they're transgender, which DOES NOT EXIST, you CANNOT change your biological gender.) have a 41% higher suicide rate than your AVERAGE human. 41% higher, and it goes UP after they get surgeries to pretend like they're the other gender. Disgusting people with disgusting mentalities that are in denial that they need mental help.

  13. 1:54 EYYY Steven Crowder! My man! And they literally told the press about the violence the antifa members were going to enact and the press did NOTHING.

  14. Antifa is not stopping fascism they are spreading fascism and Antifa members that Wanted to cause harm are terrorists.

  15. all that violence because that man has an opinion?? that's crazy, are we going back to the dark ages?

  16. Watching this makes me lose hope for America. But Ben brings hope in which he is saying things that no body has the balls to say as publicly as he does. And that’s factual not emotionally based like most of America.

  17. You ever notice how it’s some of the most “privileged” people (by their own standards) who are the most offended. White college kids. I’m sitting here as a Dominican-Trinidadian bisexual girl, and Ben Shapiro might be one of the smartest and well balanced people I’ve ever seen. The world doesn’t need to cater to you because you’ve been raised sheltered and can’t handle other opinions.

  18. The far left obviously doesn’t want free speech. It’s astounding how ignorant and downright stupid these college kids are. Imagine, to think that the basis of how this country was founded, the Constitution is irrelevant today. God help us. I hope that one kid who doesn’t believe in the Constitution is more the exception than the rule, but I fear that isn’t the case.

  19. “Are you aware that letting him speak is the first amendment”. “I don’t care” 😂😂😂 freaking liberals man can’t have a disagreement without calling back the whole constitution

  20. Yes let's let terrorists, or um protesters have freedom of speech and let's let them murder people. This is logic right, well that what the yelling psychotic people with knives said

  21. This may possibly be one of the best politically-correct news stories of the decade that ABC has published.

  22. Let me tell you one another politically incorrect statement " Israel has occupied Palestine " , oh but this anti semitism .

  23. He should have asked the "reporter" why he feels he and ABC News has a mostly white audience and why is ABC news watched in prisons and KKK members houses. And are they ashamed of their self for making shows that the KKK watch ?
    And has he stopped doing crack and beating his wife ?
    We can ask misleading bullshit questions too.

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