41 thoughts on “O'Reilly: The Most Corrupt Politicians of 2018

  1. BILL, WE ARE ENGAGING THE REVOLUTION. The Congress and the Senile Senate are passing regulations they don't respect anymore. They failed their responsabilities on all accounts and we are legitimated to kill them on call. THE PRESIDENT HAS TO MAKE THE CALL OR WE THE PEOPLES, WILL MAKE IT WITHOUT HIM, EVERYBODY ON NOTICES. Gerry

  2. I agree, Graham did the right thing and I enjoyed watching him address his colleagues.
    Rich vs Poor
    Skinny vs Fat
    Sick vs Well
    Disabled vs the Able
    It all boils down to right and wrong somethings government has overlooked for a long time. Especially after the ravages of greed from the Obamas and Clintons.

  3. These Democrats are crooked as a hind dogs leg…Warren Lies all the time and still is lying.. ..And what a Winner Harris is…she is a scammer , anyone that votes for either these two are wasting their time..and VOTE…

  4. Agreed, Lindsay Graham was the politician that acted with the greatest courage in 2018. And ditto in regard to Harris and Warren. They, additionally, are both habitual and vicous liars.

  5. Dr. Ford doesn't have a doctorate. She profited for falsely accusing Kavanaugh. He should file a civil suit.

  6. Bill why cant you dress like you want to earn our Business ? You always looked like a professional on TV.

  7. The Kavanagh debacle will go down in history ad the awakening of the citizenry saying, "wait, something doesn't seem right here". And started us looking closer at the government and the media.

  8. Bill Bill Billy boy do you not know we do not fight against people but principalities. Am I the only one who knows here that the USA in scripture is identifies as the "image of the beast" who does the bidding of the beast as in chapter 13 of revelation. The beast is none other than the "papcy". You ask what the hell am I talking about. All comes from vaticana. The RCC rules all. All the gold is in the vatican all the wealth of any kind. They own the media in all forms and this is why FDR told us back in the day that what you read or see in the press is what they want you to see and read. I hope those who are awake and watching realize Babylon is a world system that controls everything earthly. So Billy boy wake up dude your way behind.

  9. Michelle Obama, she was correct in her interview with Opra when she said there was no hope.   Surely to god this could never happen.

  10. Wake up America this Omar is poison and evil she is an embarrassment to our government and Vets and survivors of 9/11.

  11. I watched O'Reilly for years, but when he started having Mary Anne Marsh on regularly I stopped. I can't stand the sight of her, always continually defending HRC. Plus I got real sick of Geraldo Rivera, but I watched his show years ago too.


  13. As a genuine Independent, I do consider all candidates regardless of party. But after the Kavanaugh fiasco, I will never again vote for a Democrat.

  14. Love Shawn but? I tired of hearing about:

    His years in construction.
    Years working in a restaurant.
    He has concealed carry.
    He thinks he has Martial Art skills.
    You get where I’m going? He brings back a lot of stories to himself.

    WAM Syndrome

    What about me.

    He also repeats same stuff carried all day. By the time he’s on air, we all know it by heart.
    You always find a different way to look at it. Glad to see you!
    “You need a tan” 🥴🥴

  15. As a true American, I posted, after I first saw this Dr. Ford female, that she was or had been hypnotized. Do believe I WAS correct.

  16. The Democrats have a ‘Go Fuck Me’ page, they are raising funds to help Any Non White families that need to be told what to believe!!!

  17. When, oh God when will Justice be served on these left wing liars, thieves and hypocrites? It seems that Trump has a corrupt Department of Justice that refuses….I repeat, refuses to hold the perpetrators of the failed coup, accountable….there is no justice in this country anymore….. justice…just for us…the little guy gets smacked daily by this corrupt government.

  18. The No Spin Man of the Year. Here i thought Lindesy Graham had turned over a new leaf, after his traitorous girlfriend coraked. The judge is still out on that one, although he has been sounding good lately, but I just want to know = WHY IS HE CALLED Lindsey Grahamnisty ??????????

  19. Yes the media is corrupt.Yes Ms.Ford is a provable liar and a fraud,a leftist polltical hack.Yes leftist are subverting the constitution. What's new?Whar are the sane Americans gonna do about it??

  20. I’m sooo sick of what this country is turning into. I went to go to Hobby Lobby the other day and it’s closed. What the heck is happening to America?? I’m terminally ill and I pay $4100 per month for my health insurance. Those people in Congress have no idea what it’s like to really live in “middle class” they make me want to puke. We are not middle class… people don’t realize how much $4100 a month is. It makes me sad watching my husband strap on his tool belt everyday feeling helpless and hopeless and all these morons are sooo worried about “fake global warming”. Good Lord.. get to work for us WE THE PEOPLE!!!!

  21. My grandmother called people like Harris and Warren, "Lyin', cheatin', no good sons-a-bitches". I think that just about covers it, don't you?

  22. Lindsey Graham is a mystery to me. He seems …currently…like a stand up guy, yet he was best buds and co mouth piece with John McCain…..a total fraud and swamp creature.

  23. Naturally, he couldn't find a single Republican for his "most corrupt politicians" list — only Democrats. Typical.

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