35 thoughts on “Oregon State Police called to bring Republican senators back for climate vote

  1. This whole situation is sad. As a resident of Central Oregon and having grown up in Portland The core issue here is an urban/rural divide. I have read the proposed bill and it would literally destroy the Central and Eastern Oregon farming and business communities. The gas tax alone would hit rural residents especially hard as most do not live "in-town" and there is no such thing as electric or hybrid farming equipment. The Central and Eastern Oregon economy is still struggling from the last economic crash and this bill would add another burden the business and farming community cannot absorb. The Republican representatives in Central and Eastern Oregon are doing the only thing they can do to protect their constituents as the valley Democrats have a super majority in the State Congress.

  2. That's one fascist move there dems.
    You mean the right didn't show up like the left didnt when the 911 victims came to speak?!

  3. Governor threatening to send armed men to kidnap this senator and people are mad that the senator said, "send bachelors and make sure they are heavily armed, because I will not be a political prisoner". Not actually a threat of violence, but more of a declaration of non compliance

  4. The only danger to humanity is man himself
    Thursday, January 1st, 2015 @ 23:50
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    With so much confusion in the world and amongst My Church on earth, the challenge for humanity is to be able to differentiate between right and wrong in the Eyes of God. But, for many Christians, they will be drawn away from Me by a new global form of evangelisation, which will focus exclusively on politics. Instead of being encouraged to remain loyal to Me and trusting in all that I Am, you will be pulled away from Me. You must never confuse My Word with the aspirations of a secular world. I have always made it clear to humanity, through My Father’s Book, of the dangers in doing so. A secular world serves only its own needs and men of power, ambition and selfish aspirations create the rules, which govern it.
    So much misinformation has been spread in relation to the environment, when only God can dictate how the earth behaves. Man may harm and damage the earth but he can never destroy it, for all these things are in the Hands of God. A lack of trust in God means that man believes he has control over the universe. The foolish man thinks that his actions can change God’s Laws. The wise man knows that God is All Powerful and as long as He is revered, and His Laws adhered to, then man’s survival will be secured. The survival of the earth has nothing to do with mortal man. Only God has the power to control the air that you breathe; the water you drink and the ability to sustain life. The only danger to humanity is man himself.
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  5. From OR State Representative Kim Thatcher R. Who is one of the 11 GOP Senators standing up for us….

    From Kim Thatcher.

    “Its Day 2: I am one of the 11 Republican state senators who has left the state in order to deny a quorum to the tyrannical Democrats who have a super majority and are wiling to go to great lengths to ensure passage of their extreme agenda.

    I thought you might like to know what we are up against here in Oregon. Actually, I’m not “here” in Oregon as I’ve had to leave the state since the governor has authorized the Oregon State Police to round us up and bring us back to the capital.

    Additionally, starting today, the Senate President is planning to fine each of us $500 a day for each session day we deny the super-majority Democrats a quorum.

    Reporters have stalked my home and police came to my house just this morning to pay me a visit in case I “need a ride” to the state capital. (As if THAT’S what’s keeping me away!)

    The leftist organization, Our Oregon, has made large ad buys against three of us, including myself. The Democrats are threatening community projects in our districts. I’m also a small business owner who works on public works projects so I’m sure I will feel their wrath there as well. Part of the job, I guess.

    What’s really rich, though, is that our governor, Kate Brown, orchestrated a walkout of Senate Democrats in 2001—when she was the Senate Democrat Leader—over the Republican “redistricting” plan. (By the way, I think our state is still paying the price for letting them get their way on that one.)

    Anyway, in 2001 she told the media that the democrat walkout was very “appropriate” and that, “Under certain circumstances it’s fair to say we would use all tools available to us.”

    Now In 2019: Kate Brown to media after REPUBLICANS walkout over an irreversible and extreme bill that will kill our state: “It is absolutely unacceptable that the Senate Republicans would turn their back on their constituents….They need to return and do the jobs they were elected to do.”


    And guess what… the Senate Republicans say “Under certain circumstances, it’s fair to say we will use all tools available to us.”

    BUT THIS WALKOUT IS NOT ONLY ABOUT THE CAP AND TRADE BILL (or as we “lovingly” refer to as the Cap ‘n Crunch bill).

    They passed a $2.5 Billion hidden sales tax (gross receipts tax) when we have a record amount of revenue. This tax was purportedly to help schools but will actually be going to plug the giant holes in our public pension liabilities. So we wanted PERS reform. We walked the day before the vote was scheduled on the gross receipts tax.

    We were working closely with a Democrat who bucks her party all the time but still has to be careful. Since her party agreed to do meaningful PERS reform she agreed to vote for the bill. AND the D’s agreed to kill the gun control bill and the forced vaccination bill going through at that time , AND reset the cap and trade bill AND sit down with republicans in a good faith effort to improve the bill….we promised to return and not to walk out the rest of the legislative session which is over July 1.

    We returned after five days.

    The day we came back, they passed tax bill the day before our revenue projections came out. Our state has so much revenue, in fact, that it triggered our state’s taxpayer “kicker” law where the state returns revenue to taxpayers that exceed projections by a certain percent. More on this later. The hidden sales tax has made people, understandably, angry and they are wanting to collect signatures to get it on the ballot so it can hopefully be overturned.

    So, the Democrats have decided to preemptively tilt the outcome of this potential referendum in their favor. They set the date of this election to January 2020 where there are notoriously low voter turnouts. They also granted themselves the power to circumvent the normal process for creating ballot titles by allowing themselves to write the ballot title and description (I.e. the children will suffer unless you make “corporations” pay their fair share) with verbiage that will catch the unaware.

    Now back to the kicker. It will likely be over a billion dollars, averaging over $300 per taxpayer. True to form, the Democrats want to steal this money because as you know, there’s never an end to the “good” government can do with other people’s money.

    Meanwhile, regarding the “reset” on HB 2020 the cap n crunch bill… there have been NO Republican amendments accepted. After over a hundred different amendments having been proposed by various people, the Joint Carbon Committee (that is the actual name of it, not the Joint CO2 or “Climate Change Committee , but whatever) scheduled many hearings, adopted a couple amendments and the bill flew through the committee process and across the House floor where it was scheduled to land on the Senate floor yesterday.

    After spending all day Wednesday trying to negotiate changes, it was clear they were immovable. So we left the state.

    Not only was HB 2020 coming to the Senate floor yesterday, a bill that grants driver licenses to illegals was also scheduled. Both of them contain an emergency clause which precludes a referendum by voters who want to put them on the ballot.

    As a side note, just a few years ago, the Oregon legislature passed a driver license bill that was successfully put on the ballot where it was handily rejected by voters 2:1. Every county, except Multnomah where Portland resides, rejected driver licenses for illegals.

    The D’s learned their lesson. Never again will they let a controversial bill pass that doesn’t include an emergency clause. They are afraid of the voters which oddly elected them, so go figure.

    If we stay out of Salem, other bills will die as well. The California style “clean diesel” bill (won’t be able to register and operate any diesels built prior to 2007), the vote manipulation bill for the hidden sales tax, the driver licenses for illegals bill and the bills they had previously agreed to kill: the gun control bill and the forced vaccination bill.

    I’m in ** for the moment. Gov. **** has stated that no Oregon Senate Republicans are welcome here. I believe he would back that up by using his own law enforcement to help Gov Brown get her way on the draconian agenda being forced down our throats in Oregon.

    That’s all for now.”

  6. For those who want context, the bill would tax companies for polluting the air more and more as time goes on. But this could come at the risk of cutting jobs and hurting state economy. Hence the walkout.

  7. B rilliant move by them will force the Governor to maybe have a state referendum it is called democracy not Dictatorship

  8. This is one more huge ABUSE OF POWER led by Democrats in the state of Oregon. Let us not forget Kate Brown led a walkout on senate just not that long ago. Did police get ordered to arrest her and get her back to "work" the answer is NO. As well will Oregon State Police actually hunt down the Senators and bring them in "NO" they will not. Not only is it in their best interest to not arrest them because if you are forced back to work by the whip then it is just Democratic Socialist communist party of Oregon. Our police are smarter than Kate Brown any day of the week and all week long 😉 So let us look at this from another point of view. Would it not be in the best interest of the people to see Kate Brown and others get arrested and jailed by those same police for Tyranny?

  9. Oregon State Police, for the sake of your own freedom and your family, stand down. To all Democratic tyrants, you're the ones who need to be arrested!

  10. I want those eleven Republicans to be fired and replaced immediately! People who pull shit like that don't deserve a political career. As if that's not bad enough, some local armed militia terrorist groups went and threatened the people at the Capitol. Traitors and terrorists, that's Oregon politics for you.

  11. The bill sounds weak and honestly let the American people decide their own lives. I think this government has run it's course it's Oligarchical and doesn't speak for us. We are all different and there is no reason why we should live differently.

  12. This is not new to the democrat agenda, whom did this in Wisconsin, 2011, to avoid a budget vote. That set the standard, just like when Harry Reid took the Senate 'nuclear' to advance the liberal agenda. You could say the republicans do learn from the democrats.

  13. Just take the L and if it goes bad you can always say I told you so and if it goes well then it’s chill lol just take the L

  14. I support the Republicans for preventing a regrettable bill that would cost taxpayers and rural farmers their jobs and their lives.

  15. I am willing to bet the Oregon police actually support the Republicans on this and have thrown the crazy governors request on a back burner, while they are investigating new sightings of Big Foot.

  16. Seems like most comments lean left…These Republicans are only trying to for fill the promises made to those who voted for them. It’s call representation for all you who failed your civics course.

  17. I wish they had stayed. That way, the bill would have passed, the state’s economy would have been destroyed, and all would see the degeneracy of those who put social politics over the livelihoods of its citizens.

  18. Keep it up! You are the true Patriots!!!!

    Look up the cap and trade deal 😂 it is redistribution of wealth at best! Noone has any right to fine you for things you paid for and decide to use! Honestly I'm not even close to Oregon but this is some fucked up stuff they are trying to start! None of you like $2.75/gallon gas. I promise you will hate $5.00/gal and paying for your car's exhaust fumes to boot! Read up on this, it isn't Republican vs Democrate it's good vs. evil.

  19. climate change? sure you could call it that but its an incredibly unpopular emission cap bill, comparable to policies instilled in Europe. It's working incredibly well right?

  20. Emission Credits are not a climate change thing…
    Its a indirect tax on people…
    They are doing the right thing by their constituents…

  21. The Oregon democrats are going to prison for this one. This is taxation for acts of mother nature, a inalienable right.

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