Onus Of Investigations On Congress, SDNY As Barr Defers To Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Onus Of Investigations On Congress, SDNY As Barr Defers To Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Onus Of Investigations On Congress, SDNY As Barr Defers To Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. Bill Barr has brought dishonor to the position of Attorney General. I predict he will go down in history as a criminal co-conspirator and one of the most corrupt cops to hold the office. Shame on him.

  2. Why do we care about these Republicans who because of their enabling have allowed Trump to Destroy our Country and now taken the lives of hundreds and have unravel what so many have done to keep Isis at bay. Trump gets to take credit for what Obama has done because all he and his party have done since they came in is to destroy everything President Obama and our use to be allies have done. Well Congratulations Republicans, he has now given Isis a chance to regroup(Why don't you all try to hide that on your secret server.

  3. Balance of Power means nothing to this White House. It is amazing how they think their guilt doesn't show to the Nation.

  4. Thamks Rachel ๐ŸŒž
    Get out their clips of transparency!!! During the campaign.
    What a joke!!
    Cover up!
    Stop investigations.
    Guilty behavior.
    No answers, to know the TRUE. TRANSPARENCY. ???!!!
    they don't have a sincere answer.

  5. Well we know that Republicans and trump are doing what they do best lying to American people and covering up criminal activity and corruption schemes.

  6. When will we see plosey in trumps meeting to see plosey
    do her thing why havenโ€™t seen
    It already we should see it to
    Make up ower mines to hoo
    Started it hoo it write

  7. Can you imagine if instead of Bill C a Republican President had been caught up in the Lewinsky scandal with the original supporting cast? Can you imagine what House GOP Rep's and Senators along with the Right Wing Media would have done to Linda Tripp? The current GOP CAN"T BE TRUSTED with the identity of WhistleBlowers who are protected under law. The most damning testimony against Trump has been provided by career Civil Servants whose independence is beyond question. My question is where are the Whistleblowers at Main Justice? The DOJ's refusal to investigate credible claims of corruption brought by the head of the CIA and the State Department IG were decisions made by Political Appointees and not career prosecutors. Where is the DOJ IG in this? How is this not Obstruction Of Justice? Its like Barr is determined to keep protecting Trump at any cost, reputation be damned. He isn't even concerned about how bad this looks anymore. I guess he's to far down the rabbit hole to care. Gee I wonder if somewhere there is a Pee Tape with Billy B's name on it? He's corrupted and of his actions stink of "kompromat". This dude makes John Mitchell look like a Choirboy.

  8. I wish youtube would time stamp when these are posted. When multiple videos come out on the same day, it's hard to figure out which came when

  9. Its daft, there are absolutely no grounds for impeachment, but the fake news and Shifty Schiff are trying real hard despite having been proven to be a bunch of liars after the Mueller witch-hunt.

  10. Everyone needs to ask themselves why would an American president want to bring down his own government? Does this president despise how the government works? Does he want more control? Does he admire Putin's way of governing? It's for sure he acts as though he would be the only ONE who could lead this government in the right direction. Well, so far he has had his way. Farmers suffering, infrastructure going to pot, jobs diminishing, allies find our country a JOKE, dictators enjoying the show, enablers getting their pound of gold, children murdered in schools, defense contractors in their glory, Ivanka, Donald Jr. Eric, Melania and Trump building their businesses. Downgrading and insulting our military leaders, our representatives, the law, the constitution, the media, using foul language on national TV, racist remarks, calling our cities slums. This guy is lock stepping to Putin's dream of causing our nation's downfall. WAKE UP AMERICA! REMOVE HIM FROM OFFICE.

  11. Rachael Madow doesn't just deserve an award, other reporters should inspire themselves to earn, " The Rachel Madow Award. " which of course would be awarded annually to the most outstanding investigative reporter in the world. Along with a large sum of money in which she endows to The Endowment For the Rachel Madow Award winning, out of all the billions of dollars she will make from her books, and endorsements , and speeches she gives at universities after she has sadly past on. Of course, it won't be so sadly for me, because I will certainly be passing on long before she does, and I will be overjoyed to finally get to meat her up in heaven.

  12. Barr is a criminal. Has been his entire career. Covering up Iran-Contra for Republicans in the past, and now being an active member in Trump's campaign of treason and abuse of power.

  13. I really would like to know what Trump talked to Putin about in his 2 hour "closed door" eye to eye with him at Helsinki
    and I would love to know what Trump discussed with Erdogan on the telephone. Ian sure those combined conversations would be the basis for a further impeachment or a criminal trial for treason??

  14. well kinda silly expecting barr to investigate himself lol time will tell ,maybe he get his 15 minutes of fame and adoration when they walk him into prison an everyone clapping ๐Ÿ™‚ he says he doesn't care what history has to say about him cause he be ded , my hope is he isn't putting it off ๐Ÿ™‚ the world be a better place if it was him gone not MR. Cummings

  15. If Trump and his stooges will not be held accountable the division of the people will not be healed.
    With the given circumstances impeachment is an obligation to those who swore an oath to protect the Constitution.

  16. Thanx to Rachel Iยดm german and my english… mhh … but I claerly understand ech thought, cuase youยดve warm voice, a logical mind and on top it is just fun to listen … heard you also on the podcast and enjoyd it!!!

  17. Barr will be lucky if he get work as a guide down Pennsylvania Avenue after this so called administration goes ends and folks it will end !

  18. When our Nation survives the Trump/ Putin Administration, we will be stronger and wiser. I'm desperately trying to keep a positive attitude but I must be honest Trump and creeps trying to set Armageddon in motion makes it really hard.

  19. Look how desperate democrats are hoping desperately hoping they can get a little bet of people to go for this hoax so disgusting all of AMERICA nose the democrats where involved in criminal activity in Ukraine and other contrarys whot democrats under obama where involved in was giving financial aid to poor and war touring contrarys and then sciming billions of dollars of the top WATCH whot happens next win the helicopter rides start arrested will be massive and sudden turmp 2020baby

  20. I hope that when Congress moves forward with impeachment, Barrs also get his own going and perhaps Pompeo's as well. These are smart people, imagine what else they have gotten away prior this. I how karma get backs to them soon.

  21. Well, Watergate had a criminal event and Lewinsky had a blue dress. Couldn't they subpoena Kush's phone OR NSA the files OR phones of associates from Dorchester schools for deaf kids wanting to be adopted?

  22. This is beyond utter insanity! This has to be stopped! Impeaching just trump isn't enough. Wow. Just freakin' wow.

  23. We get to listen to this for 5 more years. Trump will win again I fear. Maybe we should just give up and try to fix what we can.

  24. DOJ Black angel global Criminal organisation Trump/Putin Wilbur Lector Ross Moscow Mitch & Mrs McConnell Steve Mnuchin VA Murders Veterans millions will die each year corrupt

  25. Barr needs to be impeached, period. He is so supremely corrupt itโ€™s pathetic. Talk about having no back boned coward, he too will be thrown right under the bus.

  26. Wow. I was one who was questioning Schiff's thinking here. I should've realized that he knows a whole lot more about this than I do. See… that's what happens when you have competent and ethical representatives.

  27. SDNY arrested paedophile Epstein and raided his New York house. Yet his "removal", dead or alive was arranged and, although Barr promised an investigation, the overwhelming amount of evidence and testimony has quietly disappeared and other known perpetrators remain free.
    Barr has also quietly dropped all the ongoing investigations linked to the Meuller investigation. If Congress cannot arrest or impeach him, there is little hope for justice or democracy in America.

  28. Barr should be impeached as well. The Democrats should have NEVER allowed him to be confirmed.

    Dems need to STOP giving the benefit of the doubt to these kinds of people.

  29. After the do nothing by dems Mueller investigation and report that showed 10 clear obstruction. What would barr have to fear from the do nothing Speaker who was standing by as trump's corruption, crimes, obstruction, collusion just kept coming.

  30. for trump barr and company…. that's what you get with Crackerjacks!!!!๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  31. Why would Barr want to investigate Trump when they were in it together in wanting to investigate the DNC. 2016 or not, they wanted to cast a doubt on votersโ€™ mind on DNC for 2020 electio.

  32. This is not a "trial". It is an "investigation". Repubs have NO RIGHT to demand to question the whistle blowers. Nevertheless, the Dems have invited them to do so. Barr et al are nothing but a bunch of filthy, rotten LIARS!!!

  33. I'm thankful the inquiry interviews are held in private. I want them to find out everything they can, legally, legitimately, following the letter of the law to a T! This way, if/when they're able to start the actual impeachment process, no one can say "each witness just said what's the 1 before them had said." This way, when each person says the exact same thing, it'll be pretty much irrefutable because it will be the TRUTH! It won't be shared stories people agreed upon just to bring down President Chump! The difference between "us" and "them" – we want it done right! We want the laws followed! We want what's done in the darkness to be brought out into the light, not simply shoved to the bottom of the bag so no one finds it!

  34. Wondering how all Republicans and 60 million voters are completely corrupt and all Dems are squeaky clean?? Impossible! Barr's investigations soon to come.Lotta crow on your menu.

  35. Barr needs to be impeached for obstruction, then Pence for noncompliance of a subpoena before removing tRump from office for TRE45ON

  36. You are not imagining things, J.J. Abrams and company did in fact model the character Rey in the new Stars Wars trilogy to harass you and cajole you into finding a "New Order" conspiracy that doesn't exist. However, Hollywood has a major problem with pedophilia. It's out of control.

  37. God, please have your Armenian cops interrogate J.J. Abrams for crimes against nature, specifically, for covert abuse of Rachel Maddow.

  38. And in the Kavanaugh hearing republicans brought in a professional expert to grill Christine Blasyford, and republicans dismissed the attorney when it was Kavanaugh tu4n to use republicans used softball questions How are you feeling. It got softer from there for Kavanaugh.

  39. Bill Barstool and traffic court Giuliani sure are quite ! Time to show them the door including President BoneSpurs .

  40. Listening to the revelations today by the WH …one has to wonder about the Trump's playbook. … I ask again … what happens if Trump , Barr and Pompeo decide they aren't going anywhere even if the President is impeached and found guilty ?????…. This is where this is headed ! …..Isn't the DOJ the one with the power to direct enforcement by the FBI to arrest, charge or remove???? If Barr is in charge of DOJ and is an ally of the President, based on their refusal to act when criminal referral was made to them …… I have to ask also……does the House/Senate have any power at all to direct the execution of warrants / removal ????? Just wondering …Anyone ???? I recall once some Police officers were supposed to be present in court in a traffic case and because they weren't , the Judge issued warrants for them ( not subphoenas ) as she was fed up of the officers ignoring their responsibilities . Maybe the House should do the same to deal with people who feel they can ignore subphoenas !…. If the house doesn't have this power , then that says a lot about the system's weaknesses.

  41. Let's not forget that the surveillance cameras outside of Epstein's jail cell were "not in working order" when he "committed suicide".

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