OnePlus 7T Water Resistance Update // The Aftermath!

OnePlus 7T Water Resistance Update // The Aftermath!

So a little over a couple of weeks ago I did
a water test on the OnePlus 7T I dumped this guy in water for over 30 minutes and I said
to you guys after the test I’d give you guys an update because let’s face it it could take
weeks. It could take months for water to seep inside
and do some damage. Well here we are two and a half weeks later. The first thing I noticed was that water did
get inside of this phone. I don’t know if you guys can see on the bottom
of the device, but there’s some discoloration going along the bottom of the frame. That means water seeped in through these speakers
and made its way to the bottom. The next thing I noticed was the cameras usually
sometimes you’ll get lucky and this will dry up but it’s been two and a half weeks
and the cameras on the back of the device are still very foggy. Now luckily the front facing camera has gone
unscathed there is no water damage in the front facing camera and overall the inside
of the phone seems to be dry. Now when you turn on the phone, what the heck!
okay this display was working perfectly before I started the review. Nevermind I can’t even show you the display
anymore. So what’s happening right now is the display
is flashing on and off so I’m pushing the power button and it quickly goes on and quickly
goes off. That means the display has deteriorated from
the water damage inside and if I keep doing this it’s just gonna completely shut off. Oh wait, there we go, we got functionality. Alright touch functionality is working we
can scroll right we can scroll left we can swipe up we can swipe down. I’m gonna take a picture for you guys to show
you exactly what the back camera’s look like.I don’t think that you guys can see this but
there is a lot of cloudiness baked into the camera. So this is your normal lens. This is your wide lens and this is your telephoto
lens. The next thing I want to test is call quality,
so I’m gonna call my wife and let’s see if she can hear me, okay? Andrea: Hello? Matt: Hi, can you hear me? Andrea: Ya. Matt: Do I sound muffled? Andrea: No you sound clear. Matt: Do I sound clear like do I sound like
a voice if you are unconscious a beautiful voice that you’d hear and you’d wake up to. Andrea: You mean I’d want to wake up to
this voice? No, absolutely not! Matt: Okay, but at least it’s clear correct? Andrea: Yup! Matt: Okay, you sound not so bad either. Have yourself a great day? Andrea: Alright, you too! Call quality Speaker is fine which is weird
because water did get in the speaker when I was doing the original water test so that’s
kind of interesting but overall water damage has gotten into the device and that’s kind
of unfortunate because the past two OnePlus devices, the 7 Pro , the 6T have all been
solid when it comes to being dunked into water the 7 Pro survived 36 minutes without any
water damage! In fact, I’m still using it today and it’s
running beautifully, but it looks like the 7T or maybe specific to my device only, doesn’t
have the water protection that the previous device has. Now I’m hoping one day OnePlus is gonna smarten
up and properly design these phones to withstand the water because let’s face it every flagship
phone even at the $600 price tag range is IP67 or IP68 rated. Anyways that wraps up this little update on
the OnePlus 7T kind of disappointed it didn’t survive I can no longer review the device
which is also unfortunate because I actually do really love this phone. Like for the price, this is probably one of
the best phones you can get right now. And as always, like the video if you liked
it subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys in the next video. It’s water damage.

100 thoughts on “OnePlus 7T Water Resistance Update // The Aftermath!

  1. OnePlus is all about settling. Does marketing through Youtubers like MKBHD. Way too overrated. Iphone 11 or S10e are better options. And you don't get the midrange camera with them unlike the Oneplus.

  2. Quick note you guys. This can also happen to IP certified phones.

    I tried dipping my S8 on water and after 3 months it lost its IMEI and it overheats like crazy.

  3. Can I have it? Is better than my moto x pure edition that I can only call 911 it is locked and can’t open it. I will open and dry it out

  4. not that bad considering the long exposure to water. I think, should you ever drop it into the sink, toilet or anything, turn it off immediatly and let it rest in a bowl of rice for a couple of days, you should be fine.

  5. I think ip protection is not that important, warranty will not cover water damage. And there alot of ip protect phone that can still get water damage.

  6. That's why I never trusted the Oneplus "we don't do IP certification because it's expensive but it's water tight" thing.

  7. The previous Oneplus devices weren't water resistant either. Matthew was just lucky. Most phones have some water resistance upto a point

  8. Damn, I guess the extra couple hundred dollars for water resistance and wireless charging with other devices is worth it.

  9. who is gonna let the phone into the water for 30 minutes?!! if you drop your phone into water in less than 10 seconds is out, and it is perfectly working, what else you want?

  10. I dont mind the phone being waterproof. Out of all my cellphones, I have never dropped mine in water or had it around water. I dont care how many videos I see, I will never trust certain things & the IP rating is one of them. One reason oneplus can sell a flagship phone at midrange prices, is because they dont do alot of the test that really dont make a difference & pass the savings off to the customers.

  11. If you like the phone you should not put your phone in the water damn the views I will not put my phone in the water is the views going to get me a replacement phone hell naw

  12. Matthew now you can start your drop test playlist with this phone πŸ˜‚ go on its gonna be great .

  13. Take an advice from someone who worked on a tech store for years. Submerging your water resistant phones can easily trigger your LCI (liquid contact indicator). That automatically voids your warranty. Those water resistance ratings are meant to save your phones from splashes and unexpected rains. Not to take pictures under water. Avoid pool water and salt water (worse) at all costs.

  14. Thats the problem with water damage in phones. You may initially think you've gotten lucky but corrosion rears its ugly head weeks or even months down the road.

  15. Just safe 10€/$/Β£ on accessoires when buying the new One Plus 7T (Pro) ! πŸ’°πŸ€—

    Discount also works on the new Bullets Wireless 2!😬

    And support me if you want to πŸ€—πŸ˜œ

  16. How about a week in tupperware with ( oven dried out ) rice and/or anhydrous salt ( google sells 'everything' ) ? I've used this salt before…

  17. People have been looking at water resistance the wrong way. No company protects against water damage. Not even buying Apple Care + or other brand insurance allows you to freely replace a water damaged device. No phone is water proof. Get a GoPro or an alternative for that, or a waterproof casing which works even in salt water.
    Water resistance is to protect your phone if it falls in a pool or other body of water that isn't extremely deep. It is designed to be able to survive under extreme rain and give you the time to retrieve it to a dry environment before destroying the phone. And OnePlus does that. 30minutes of constant underwater is overkill and the only intelligent people were the IP rating companies, they're making tons of money from smartphone industry because of consumer ignorance… If the phone survives under extreme rain and occasional drops that's awesome.
    Tests are conducted under a controlled environment with clear water. So dropping your phone into the sea may survive water damage, but good luck with salt after a few weeks/months. Same for swimming pools or even shower cabins where water may be of low quality depending on where you live. It may survive a drop, put your beloved iPhone, Samsung or any device with the official IP rating in those bodies of water for 20-30 minutes and you'll see what happens a few weeks later.

    Stop making your choice based on water resistance, yell at companies so that they find a solution for shatter proof glass, because from personal experience I've seen many more (flagships) devices dead because of glass breaking and screens shattering/dying than because of water damage. Focus on what matters. Water resistance is near perfect for its purpose. Companies should be focusing on battery, screen and software, among other things.

  18. It's cool but to be honest I do not care about how phone behave in glass of water. It's just not for these things. Even is rated. I use phone for many years and never had a pleasure to drop my phone to water for 30 minutes. So to me real usability of such tests is limited.

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