One Liner Current Affairs of April, 2018 | TalentSprint

One Liner Current Affairs of April, 2018 | TalentSprint

hello everyone very good evening and welcome to this live session regarding five months current affairs revision topic wise for the upcoming IBPS people mains examinations or that your GA preparation will be enhanced so very good morning a very good evening everyone shall we start with the topic wise revision are you ready yes for the IBPS examination the general awareness section needs six to seven months current affairs division okay so we'll be starting from the April month and we'll be continuing till August month recently I've covered the September month and in the November month I'll be covering the October current of s ok shall we start very good evening yes moving on to the topic wise division hope you can see my screen yes first we'll deal with the national news then International then Sports and awards and appointments yes talking very good evening yes we are going to start now going on so the first topic is under the national news the Indian Institute of Sciences Bengaluru has been added as overall best Indian University in the National Institute of institutional ranking framework 2018 and this is the third revision or ranking given by Ministry of Human Resource and development who is a minister Prakash javadekar so here what is the current affairs so I see Bangalore has ranked the top Institute in this NIR and they are a framework for 2018 who is a minister Prakash javadekar is a minister okay moving on to the next one the HRD ministry has launched the second edition of one lakh bharat abhiyan recently this was asked in IPS VSP o our abhi means examination what is a lot bharat abhiyan the iit I see Bangalore etc we'll be tying up with rural villages so that they will be developed okay yes that is called the ulna bharat abhiyan launched by Ministry of Human Resource and development moving over the next current of air that is do you smart city has become the first city in India to run on 100% renewable energy during daytime so demand EU is a union territory so it has become the first Union to tree or the first city in India to run 100% renewable energy who is the administrator for Daman do you prefer lakota patel is the administrator for Dahman do okay I've just listed out the important ones which are very important for the examination next Union Minister for railways and coal that speech Goyal has launched the autumn app what are the thumb stands for unlocking transparency by third party assessment of mined coal for coal monitoring okay what the map is for coal monitoring earlier we used to have a cool app Kolob is also for coal monitoring coal dispatching actually coal monitoring we have put the map and prop the app we know it it is for power ok so next is linguistic linguist from University of Hyderabad ASDA scored two languages called Valmiki and mala okay which are predominantly spoken in the remote regions of what is a soda has these two languages Valmiki and they may ask you Valmiki and Malheur belongs to which state our these were discovered by which linguistic scientists which universities University of these are from Telangana state what do you mean by geographical indication geographical indication means they are produced at the respective places only like Tirupati laddu okay Banaras sarees okay so they are specific to the respective regions next enterprise government has launched the ganga erythema yogena also known as ganga greenery schemes in twenty six twenty seven districts of the states so that planting trees will be done along the banks of ganga okay it was launched by the author Pradesh government okay next West Bengal government has launched scheme called a robust Lee very important scheme in order to ensure safe future for young woman this scheme was launched by the West Bengal government for the future of young woman next delay has become the first city in India to supply ultra clean Bharat Stage six bs6 feel from April 1st 2018 onwards okay from January 2019 onwards the rest other cities will be taking up okay but Delhi has become the first city to take up this BS bar at stage 6 field so that there will be emitting less nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide ok particularly when the stage increases the sulfur content decreases okay next Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu has inaugurated the first flight under huden scheme what does you know who dance transfer today – key arm nog rec facilitating the common man to take up the flights at the local prices from Delhi to Pathan court Fred the Indira Gandhi National Airport New Delhi okay this was the first road on flight next India's first high-speed electric locomotive has been flagged off by the prime minister from the midea pura electric locomotive Factory in Bihar this question was asked in recent IBPS RR BPO mains examination okay so it was flagged off from Bihar the first electric locomotive from India okay moving on to the banking or finance next the Reserve Bank of India has projected the GDP growth for 2018-19 as seven point four percent okay this is a growth rate predicted by whom Rizzo Bank of India okay what was a growth for the first quarter it is 8.2 percent from April to June 2018 clear with this this is the actual growth but this is a total fiscal growth for 2018-19 prediction by boom RBI the Central Bank of India it has also come up with the first bimonthly monetary policy so it is not required because it changes for every two months okay then next 11 banks were kept under RBS prompt corrective action when they face when they have high NPA's the 21 public sector banks out of the 21 public sector banks 11 were kept under prompt corrective action okay some RBA will suggest some measures to control these NPS these are the banks which include the eleven public sector banks of out of total twenty-one public sector banks okay next RBI has tightened reporting norms for the rly LRS scheme what is this a larger scheme liberalized the immittance scheme under which individual can transfer up to 2 4 5 lakhs dollars abroad in India okay so maximum limit to transfer the money is 2.5 Lacs dollars under LR scheme they may ask you what is the highest amount next the government has amended income tax rules that will allow transgenders to be recognized as independent category of applicants under permanent account generally we have male/female right in the pan cards now we'll be having under the independent category in the pan cards transgenders will be included as independent category in the pan cards okay partner and account number which is of how many digits how many digits is so of ten digits right alphanumeric code next Jammu and Kashmir Bank has launched special financing scheme called add-on working capital GST hard on working capital GST scheme to help the state industry cope up with delay in reimbursement of GST claims so to facilitate the GST returns add-on working capital GST was enabled by Jammu Kashmir back next quarter becomes the first bank to roll out artificial indigence run voice board called Kia ok Kotak Mahindra Bank is up for private sector bank who they quoted is a chairman right so it has come up with the first artificial boat voice boat called Kia either after that and there are many voice boards like CFR SBI like that next CD CB has celebrates foundation day witnesses foundation day of CID B it is second April 2000 sorry it was celebrated on 2nd April 2018 CB stands for small industries Development Bank of India its headquarters is at Lucknow who is a chairman Muhammad Mustafa right so it has celebrated its foundation day on 2nd April I with the launch of some ridi the virtual assistant and bankability kit ok so somebody they can ask you who has launched some ready again it is CB remember s transfer CID be next the third annual meeting of Asian infrastructure investment bank on enhancing port and core interest infrastructure has begun in Vishakhapatnam so Asian infrastructure investment bank its headquarters is it be Jing of China its president is Jin leakin okay next the Geo payments bank has begun operations from 3rd April 2018 with H's Krishnan Shri Krishna's M D and C whoa okay geo payments Mac you know who has launched it Mukesh Ambani right so it is a revolutionary product geophone and geo payments bank has come out from 3rd April 2018 which is a first payments bank in India first payments bank is it will payments bank this was asked many times many examinations next the general small finance bank that is called Jana Lakshmi Financial Services announced the commencement of its operations in April 2008 in with the theme sorry with the caption or title likho apne kahani write your own story okay next ICS a bank has become the first to enable swift cross-border payment service what do you mean by say 50 is nothing but international messaging services Society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunication it is 8 to 11 digit code so that we can message between different banks worldwide okay so in from India I see as a bank has become the first bank to ennoble strips cross-border payment services this was done in April okay next India Index services and products Limited is L an arm of the National Stock Exchange Limited has launched nifty equity savings index that will serve as benchmark for equity savings fund so is L it is an arm of NSC where is the headquarters of NSC Mumbai right who is em DNC whoa Vikram LeMay who is a chairperson Ashok Chavan arrived so it has launched its first nifty equity savings index the ISL the arm of NSE next the National Stock Exchange has announced its launch of EGH jisuk what are jisuk stands for government securities so this was launched by NSC NSE was established in the year 1992 it is a start rotary body because it has an actor it has an Act of Parliament I think this we have covered already 11 public sector banks and Bandhan Bank joins the club of topmost 50 most valuable Indian companies bundle Bank is a private sector bank okay the MD n 0 is Chandra Shekar goes and where is its headquarters in Kolkata okay next 19 crore Indian adults don't have bank account as per the World Bank World Bank states 19 crore Indians out of total 125 plus crores 19 crores doesn't have bank accounts as per they may ask you how much is the amount or how much is the value next Pradhan fund regulatory Development Authority makes bank account mobile number mandatory for NPS subscribers NPS stands for national pension system okay so anyone can join this NPS earlier it was only for government employees now anyone can join this national pension system so PF RDA is under Ministry of Labour and employment who is a minister some toes gangwar is a minister next Barclays bank has inked a deal in Pune for Lithonia for its largest office outside UK next robots greet customers at world's first personalist branch in China this was developed by construction Bank of China the second largest bank in China this has developed the first personalist Bank branch okay all are run by robots only with artificial intelligence machine learning etc okay next we have covered national banking and finance now we will move on to the appointments of April 2018 I am covering only the most important ones okay so moving on to the appointments ml3 wat so I was appointed as the pro team chair Minh of Lalit colour Academy of Arts which was established in 1954 we said quarter season noodley so Lalit kalakar means is very famous for arts like music dance drama etc so MLC Watsa was appointed as the chairman of Lalit kala Academy okay next Arun Jaitley was reappointed as the leader of Rajya Sabha he was elected for the Rajya Sabha from Gujarat constituency for Raja Sabha whole state is a constant so from Gujarat he was elected as the member of raj sabha then he was reelected as the leader of raja sabha okay next aimes professor Balram bhargava was appointed as the new ICMR chief Indian Council of medical research richard Premji and Deb Johnny goes was named as NASSCOM chairman and president for 2018-19 so Rashad Premji is for chairman of mass comm and Depp Johnny Kosh was appointed as president she's the first woman president of NASCAR National Association of software and services companies which is headquartered at noida next Hemanth Biswas Sharma was appointed as Badminton Association of India Chairman next abdel-fattah el-sissi was elected as the president of Egypt Egypt's capital is Cairo and the currency is Poland abdel fattah al-sisi was elected as the president of Egypt next going over the next appointment Bhanu Pratap sure MA VP Sharma was appointed as very important banks board Bureau Chairman next Tania Sanyal has become the first woman firefighter appointed by Airports Authority of India shows he was appointed as the first woman firefighter next senior bureaucrat Suresh Kumar assumes additional charge of Coal India Chairman and Managing Director who is appointed as CMD of Coal India eiders Suraj Kumar next Indu Malhotra the first woman lawyer elevated directly from the bar okay that is a lawyer's Association takes Hertha's first Supreme Court judge who was elevated from the directly from the bar okay first woman Chief Justice of India is Fatima bebe so till now we have eight women judges in the history of Indian Supreme Court here first woman Chief Justice of India is Fatima bebe okay next we go to the international news for April 2018 India's largest own State Bank that State Bank of India has become the first foreign bank in the UK after launching its UK subsidiary SBI UK so SBI UK Z first foreign bank subsidiary don't think there are there are no other banks in UK which are foreign but it is Indian foreign bank subsetting ok Indian foreign bank subsidiary okay so how much is a capital commitment 225 million pounds next Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines vistara so vistara is the joint partnership of Tata Sons and the Singapore Airlines so this has become the third Indian carrier to become the member of IATA ITA stands for International Air Transport Association which is headquartered at Montreal off Canada we also have International Civil Aviation Organization which is at Montreal of Canada okay next the office of the United States Trade Representative once again plays India on priority watchlist in its annual special 3-node one report on the basis of intellectual property production intellectual property rights you know it right these are trademarks copyrights so on basis of this US has placed India on priority watch lists next Haryana Government has appointed international shooter Gowri shiran has a brand ambassadors of measles and rubella vaccine these are the diseases okay which are caused by virus particularly so for this Gowri Shiro Sheeran was appointed she who is an international shooter she was appointed for Haryana Government ambassador next Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has announced the scrapping up off reservation in government jobs oh who has announced this Bangladesh Prime Minister Bangladesh capital is Dhaka and currency is taka daka taco okay next events in India now we will see most of the events occur in India at New Delhi that is the capital region of India and other set remaining places so I've categorized based on New Delhi and others so that it will be easy for you to recollect so secure India currently was held at New Delhi first international small and medium enterprises convention under the ministry of small medium enterprises who is a minister jerrod singh is a minister he was also held at new delhi 16th international energy forum ministerial meeting with the theme the future of global energy security transition technology trade and investment was held at new delhi global logistics summit this question was in many examinations global logistics summit 16th international energy forum ministerial meeting India Japan USA try party dialogue also asked in many examinations was held in New Delhi and 4114 the meeting of Parliament Indus Commission between India and Pakistan there is an Indus Water Treaty between India and Pakistan which was signed in the year 1960 World Bank was a mediator between India and Pakistan okay clear initial Karif conference was held at New Delhi Karif means you know what are the Karif crops rice groundnut means etc okay asia-pacific regional conf workshop of the United Nations Convention to combat desertification so that more land will not be converted into deserts India Brisbane and conference 2018 was held in New Delhi the title securing global supply chains through common industry partnerships towards effective implementation of UN UNSC resolution 1540 so these were the events which were held at New Delhi okay next other events suppose if any event is held at New Delhi no need to remember that if there are other events which are held at other than New Delhi please remember it so what are the other events eight regional three are forum Asia and Pacific held in Indore of Madhya Pradesh okay with the theme achieving clean water clean land and clean air through 3 R's and resource efficiency a 21st century vision for asia-pacific communities you know right Ria's reuse recycle okay and refuse Asia's largest startup ecosystem congregation huddle Kerala was held in Kerala at kovalam okay next a tradition of theater Olympics has been concluded in Mumbai Maharashtra with the team flag of friendship first regional conference of eastern states on water resources was held at Kolkata the visas our first regional conference of the eastern states generally we have eight northeastern states and for particular eastern states like Bihar Jharkhand okay Odisha Kolkata etc best Bengal sorry next events in the world moving on to the events in the world International Buddhist conference was held at Lumbini of Nepal vitamin E because Luminizer birthplace of Lord Buddha so it was held to on the UN visage day what is basic day wizard day is generally held it is the birth and death day of Lord Buddha okay so Buddha Jayanti and with the theme Lumbini Nepal the birthplace of Lord Buddha and the foundation of Buddhism and world peace next the first international conference on water environment and climate change knowledge sharing and partnership was held at cartmanland Nepal the famous biscuit Jarrah is being celebrated bhaktapur and other parts in card mundo of Nepal recently we have seen Design Festival it is a video – me of Nepal biscuit Jarrah is also observed in Napa the first informal summit between Prime Minister Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping was held in Wuhan recently there was between Russia and Indian p.m. it was held at New Delhi right in 19th Indo Russia bilateral summit this is a formal summit but this is informal summit was elder Gohan okay and informal summit between India and Russia was held at Sochi okay next the 2018 Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting was held in London United Kingdom with the theme towards a common future is very important and malaria summit was held in London it was attended by Bill Gates the head of Microsoft ok malaria is caused by female Anopheles mosquito it causes ding the same mosquito causes dengue chikungunya etc the twenty-ninth Arab League summit was held at the Iran in Saudi Arabia to promote Arab joint action and Bo forum aphasia called as summer Davos was held at boa a coastal town in southern island province of Hainan China okay with the theme open and innovative Asia for a world of greater prosperity and the 7th Moscow conference on international security was held at Moscow Russia if you study one or two times will trip if you repeat them one or two times you can easily remember this current of s next we shall see the rankings based on India particularly and who has topped the list so according to the data provided by Indian cellular Association India has replaced Vietnam to become the second largest producer of mobile phones so China has topped it earlier it was Vietnam in the second place now India is in second place third is Vietnam and India was ranked 130 out of 186 countries and recently released index of freedom 2018 which measures the degree of economic freedom in the countries which was stopped by so hong kong is first in the economic freedom india was ranked one 30th in economic freedom meaning recently his day value was also released it India was one 30th right next according to the World Press Freedom Index by reporters with broad without borders India was placed 138 out of 180 so first is Norway in press freedom and 138 is India the Press Freedom Index given by reporters without borders they may ask you this report is given by okay PDF will be provided don't worry according to recently released migration and development brief by World Bank India attained proposition in recipient of remittance without about with with about sixty nine billion in 2017 so India is first in remittances received by received from inner eyes so NRS are sending more money to India so that India is at first place in terms of remittances next moving on to the Science and Technology Baba coverage babaca watch a next-generation bulletproof jacket was developed by bark Bhabha Atomic Research Centre is based in Mumbai the Indian Space Research Organisation has successfully launched ionises one eye a navigation satellite from IRL stands for Indian regional navigation satellite system the Indian GPS satellites the name given for Indian GPS is navigational Indian constellation okay the National Aeronautics and Space Administration that is nASA has launched tests test stands for transiting exoplanet survey satellite what do you mean by exoplanets after we have neptune we have some exoplanets okay so those are called exoplanet which are similar to the planets in the solar system so to discover those exoplanet this test was sent by NASA NASA headquarters is it Washington DC next scientists discovered a giant mosquito with the wingspan of 11.15 centimeters in China's Sichuan province these are the some of the science and technology news moving on to the defense news for the April 2018 harima Shakti so hurry Maha Shakti Shakti means generally it is related to India only right so harima Shakti is a bilateral training exercise between India and Malaysia so remember ma stands for Malaysia in hurry mo next modulation multinational counterterrorism exercise called peace mission peace mission is related to Sangha cooperation organization which is a grouping of eight nations recently it was conducted at Ural Mountains at in Russia India and Pakistan has participated for the first time after they may have become members of SCO okay unless he was headquarters is at Beijing of China next indigenously developed light combat aircraft ages has successfully testified there be air-to-air beyond visual range missile LCA Tejas is developed by HL Hindustan Aeronautics Limited is a lightweight indigenously developed an Indian Air Force has carried out one of his biggest biggest combat X's named Gurgaon Shakti coggan Shakti means generally deserved IAF excise to show the mighty strength of Indian Air Force next desert tiger 5 desert Tiger 5 is joint military exercise between UAE and Malaysia hi mouth Shakti is between India and Malaysia desert Tiger 5 is between you and Malaysia and Indian Coast Guard and South Africa South Korea Coast Guard has conducted a joint exercise named sahibul yoke between India and South Korea's Coast Guard's South Korea's capitalists he all and its currencies 1 wo n which is also the currency of North Korea NASA successfully conducted advanced supersonic parachute inflation research experiment ok – that will help its space exploration to land on Mars so they may ask you aspire ease of NASA and it is aimed to land on the red planet that is Mars which is a fourth planet from Sun and China's chung-yong one has entered the atmosphere and fell in the South Pacific Ocean and fell in the South Pacific Ocean okay so tian yong yong belongs to China which has fell in this South Pacific Ocean and Pakistan has successfully testified its missile called a barber barber is a founder of Mughal Empire in India so barber is a submarine-launched cruise missile which is of Pakistan okay and Gowri is also a missile this is off also Pakistan only recently this was a current of s and CNN later his row has lost it contact with the most powerful communication satellite called G sad 6a so they may ask you which satellite was launched which has lost its communication with his row it is jihad 6a next Sagar Kovich the two-day coastal exercise was conducted from the Kerala coast to assess the loopholes in the coastal security ok Sagar Kovich babaca watch is bulletproof jackets Sagar couches coastal security excise so next moving on to the awards for the April 2018 Egypt e'en photojournalist mohammad abu zaid known as shark wan has won the Kunis Coast Guillermo can oppress freedom oh okay he's a jailed Egypt e'en photo journalist so he was given this press freedom price of UNESCO UNESCO headquarters desert Paris of France asha bhosle the famous singer has received the pc Chandrapur oscar award the science city auditorium in maharashtra okay next bengal de campo grande panchayat has backed the center's award for the best gram panchayat in the country so this is off West Bengal it is right it has taken the best GP award next Karan Johar has become the first-ever Bollywood film maker to get a place at the famous Madame Tussauds it is in London it is also there India also okay so best our first our Bollywood director next Pulitzer Prize it is generally given in journalism and also TV or films etc so New York Times and New Yorker have won the Pulitzer Prize for public service category an American rapper he's known as Kendrick Lamar has won the first non classical or jazz artist to win the Pulitzer Prize for his album called a DM and damn in the music category Kendrick Lamar has won the Pulitzer Prize in the music category next 65th national film awards were announced for 2017 who is a best actress Sridevi for mom Reedy scene Best Actor for Nagar Kiptyn and Dadasaheb Phalke Award we note Khanna best feature film village rock stir this was recently first Indian Oscar entry sorry only Indian Oscar entry for 2019 Oscar Awards okay it is an Asami's film directed by ramadas it has won many awards and Best Actor BJ Raj for Veronica Milam these are the National Film Awards 2017 65th national film awards given by Government of India that's moving on to sports so Commonwealth Games were held at Gold Coast 2018 were held at Gold Coast Australia right and 2022 will be held at brimming gum of England right and who has won the first goal for India Mira by channel or Mira by chandi's Sangeeta Sano has won the gold in the weightlifting category sheets recently she has also won the Rajiv KL Ratna award along with Virat Kohli right well these two people have won the raj kalra Nevada next Indian contingent has 166 medals and taking third place first is Australia second is England and third is India with 66 cold twenty silver and twenty bronze totally 66 medals were won by India next Kerala has lifted this Santos trophy Santos trophies related to football beating defending champions and 32 time winners Bengal so care larsa's Bengal and Kerala has won the Santos Trophy for football at the salt lake stadium so they may ask you vary salt lake stadium it is in Kerala next Miami open tennis men's singles John Isner and Solana stiffens has won the women's singles next the last one important days we will see what are those important days World Autism day is very important empowering women and girls with autism is a theme next National Maritime Day April 5th Indian shipping an ocean of opportunity and World Health Day is very important April 7th universal health coverage everyone and everywhere is the theme of world health rate is observed on April 7th April 3rd in this genuine mala Bagh Massacre just happened at Amritsar in Punjab world liver day is April 14th world hemophilia days on April 17 sharing knowledge makes a stronger world heritage day the theme is heritage for generations this is observed by international council for monuments and sites which is based at Paris of France and civil services day is observed national civil services day and we have the Lambada Shastri National Academy of Administration which is at Mussoorie all the civil service ins servants will be trained for first some months at lbs na new India and shaping the futures of the theme and very important is world Earth Day which is observed on April 22nd April 22nd is World Earth Day March 22nd is World Water Day and June 5th is World Environment Day so what is the theme of World Earth Day and plastic pollution world today is in plastic pollution world anyone Monday's beat plastic pollution ok national panchalas day because the 73rd and 74th amendment related to panchalas was paused in 1993 on April 24th next World Malaria day the ready to beat malaria as a theme next World Intellectual Property Day powering change women innovation and creativity World Intellectual Property Organization is headquartered at Geneva off Switzerland an International Dance Day and International Jazz day are also very important ok yes so successfully we have completed the revision go through once again or twice or thrice so that you will remember and recollect very much perfectly okay so all the best from my side I'll meet you again on next Monday ok on 22nd October 2018 with may month revision ok so that you will not miss any question from the IBPS peu mains examination or you will score at least 25 to 30 plus marks in the general awareness section or you will attempt more than 25 plus questions or 30 plus questions okay so thank you so much for joining take very good care of yourselves I'll meet you next time bye

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