43 thoughts on “Ohio Electioneering: Election Off. Recommends Vote for Sherrod Brown "I'm a Democrat, I'll admit it"

  1. I’m probably alone in this, despite being very conservative….but this did not feel as much like electioneering as some of the other videos. Should she have done it? No. However the interviewer the directly asked her opinion of who to vote for. Most people won’t be asking that, she seemed like she was trying to be helpful (despite knowing she shouldn’t) rather than malicious.

  2. No way the dems Swept California or overturned Mcsally in Arizona.
    The mail-in votes alone were way off & I bet PV could uncover the Biggest voting Scandal of all time in these states.

  3. I’m Subscribed to this app and I have NOT receive any more new video since the elections finished. Just wondering.

  4. Did you know that since 1982, the Republican Party had been legally prohibited from contesting elections due to suspected vote fraud, because of a legal agreement called the Consent Decree the GOP made with the Democrat Party? Please do more undercover voter fraud work .

  5. I'm a democrat. I'll admit it. Kind of rolls off the tongue like saying I'm a not that bright and immoral…

  6. Once more, proof that the left are completely for dirty tactics. If a conservative was giving out "advice" you can bet it would be plastered all over the MSM. I don't lean any direction, just toward truth and honesty. Thanks for another dose of reality team veritas. Hopefully it will make some honest officials start to question what is going on in Florida and push for a supreme court intervention. I hope you and yours are protected, and know at least one ohioan is good with your work. God bless.

  7. 100% elections fraud in the State of Arizona. We call for an entirely NEW honest election to be overseen by the National Guard with polls and counts. ID and birth certificates must be required! No absentee votes. If we do not act now the curruption will continue. The US Constitution is hanging by a thread. If Americans cannot rely on safe and honest elections this Republic is damned.
    White House
    202 456 1414
    Governor Doug Ducey
    602 542 4331
    Secretary of State
    602 542 5025
    Senator Jeff Flake
    602 840 1891
    Attorney General
    602 542 5025
    Patriots Make Voting Fair Again!

  8. Google/YouTube is trying to hide these video from trending… wonder why? Could be that google had a top executive in Hillary Clinton’s campaign cabinet. Could be that they were found guilty of hiding top negative search results for Hillary Clinton, the only collusion that took place in the 2016 election

  9. A seemingly small infraction but one caught for real after all. A shame there wasn't one made with the interesting Florida county where the wonder of democratic votes teleporting thru time and space took place.

  10. I love Project Veritas and all the work they do! Idk tho for some reason I feel like he baited her into this. Yeah she is in the wrong for sure but he basically lined her up to say that. But still good video.

  11. We need you more than ever with the blatant election fraud in Georgia, Florida, and Arizona! Help before they steal those too!

  12. It's shameful but nothing will happen to these criminal creatures except becoming heroes for the lawless Demonrats

  13. I worked the polls in Indiana and was told when I volunteered that we could say NOTHING!!!! These people KNOW!!!

  14. Can you imagine what the liberals would do it you posted "electioneering" by a conservative poll worker?

  15. What about Unions? I had UFCW call me 3 times, and everytime they kept telling me to vote for democrats. Finally I said I was voting for who I want, and said Hirono does nothing for Hawaii. The guy told me that if I vote Republican, Union might nott help when needed. Like when have you helped??? My co worker lost her job cause she went to help a customer who fell, saying her leaving her register was not protocol. Like wtf.

  16. I live in northwest Indiana too bad you all weren't here checking out how the feds are now looking into the corruption here only county in the state still hasn't turned in their votes

  17. Of the media was as fair and unbiased as they claim to be they'd be all over Project Veritas's videos.. the media are nothing more than an extended branch of the democratic party and they disgusting shills.
    As a Vegas local I would give anything to be a fly on the wall with the Vegas Massacre investigation and how corrupt and terrible Sheriff Lombardo is… the Vegas mafia is alive and well and our police department is apart of it. It's sad to see what a bit of power and greed can do to a person .

  18. I wonder why there's no more subscribers to this channel. Project Veritas is the most reliable news source EVER! That & Buzzfeed. The rest is just shit & fake news.

  19. Bro. You're being censored on YouTube hardcore. I can't find your videos by searching the content at all. I can't even find you by typing in 'project' or 'project veritas'. I had to type in the full channel name to get to your page.

  20. I would change your name every month just saying. Without anyone noticing. Once you get big enough, youre easier to spot and root out.

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