21 thoughts on “Official 2018 Made by Google Event Recap Video

  1. pixel 2 xl的屏幕真的是坑爹了,3的刘海屏又这么大,4能不能让人难以点,至今觉得最好的是一代pixel😒

  2. If Google is the water of an ocean, 'Pixel' is a gold fish in it and I am a new country fish entered in to this ocean, searching for unlimited possibilities; as I use Google almost regularly like billions of them around the world, so confused, I think I missed this friend for such a long time and happy to find one of the best to move with. 'God Of Our Godhead Loves Everyone'

  3. IS THE GOOGLE CELL PHONE LIGHT??? IS IT LIGHT. BUT ITS TOO. MUCH MONEY I AM A senior citizen can't you do any better in the price Department I now have the Samsung Galaxy Android Buy Boost Mobile I have everything unlimited for $30 a month which is incredible the only thing is it is very heavy it's the j-7 and I also have the S3 which is really old but it's many which I love

  4. Still waiting for the accessibility purchase of Google accessoires in Belgium. Chromecast second version and Chromecast audio are not good enough. At least try to give us the Google pixel 4 & 4 XL next year… Pretty please… (Had to buy my mini from France). #ThestruggleIsReal.

  5. It's funny how people are making fun of the Pixel 3XL's notch, When the Huawei P20 Pro, Oneplus 6 and G7 have almost the same sized notch.

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